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By Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

GENRE: Romance, Thriller
LOGLINE: Picture K Camp Blessings in ensues Julia Roberts Pretty Women. A successful working man cares to marry the perfect lady, which does he welcome a Heartless Killer at the life of a hot fashion model. Thriller/Romance.


Nature of Men is a riveting tale of sex, greed & fashion. Taj is an Executive at successful magazine cooperation, and he has no time to waste on Marrying his first love. Unlike his friend who persuades him to look at the front page of a Special Edition Cover Girl Magazine, and there she is, Spacey top model Patricia Goodwin, a rebel sweetheart. Taj takes a liking to Patricia & together they take time to find each other’s sweet spot. At the same time Taj is dealing with his deceitful ex, mending an obscure relationship, Patricia gets an obscure visit from Sweets, who just finished off one of her partner connections. Taj falls hard for Patricia & he picks up a grudge for Sweets, but he’s not the only one. Patricia waltz' a bit and her life turns upside down on a new page running errands before her time ends. Feeling that Sweet’s grasp is tightening, Patricia cries for help & Taj answers, but he is not the only one.


NATURE OF A MAN by Allen Wayne Ray J.R. Fade in; EXT. CALIFORNIA COUNTRYSIDE- SUNRISE A Harley moves down a long road on the California countryside. THEY COME TO A CROSSROAD & the title appears. A beautiful women-riding hitch wildly screams woo as SHE MAKES THE DECISION TO KEEP STRAIT ON. EXT.CALIFORNIA COUNTRYSIDE- SUNRISE THE COUPLE KEEPS STRAIT. The Harley moves down a long road on the California country side. She takes a photo of the American life in it’s greatest moment on the back of the Harley Davidson. THE HANDSOME MAN WATCHES. EXT. LA- SUNRISE THE HANDSOME MAN COMES TO A CROSSROADS, controls the Harley & goes strait. The couple passes the LA county line. The women dances like she’s in a juke joint in Clarksdale, Mississippi. SHE TAKES HER TIME. EXT. LA- SUNRISE THE COUPLE MOVES THROUGH THE ROUGH LIFE on the streets of LA. She poses for another hot picture, she’s stunning as she smiles big. Somebody honks & SHE KEEPS HER HEAD STRAIT. EXT. LA- SUNRISE The handsome man pushes through the mean streets. THE COUPLE MOVES through the Red Light district. Appearing on the sidewalk walking STRAIT AHEAD ARE TWO BLACK PEOPLE. EXT. LA- SUNRISE The couple drives past them. THE BLACK COUPLE ARE ARGUING. The boy comes to A holt at a corner & puts his hands up high. THE GIRL LOOKS BACK & HE CONTINUES TO STROLL. EXT. SIDEWALK- DAY A young man & a young lady walk up the sidewalk. A CAR PULLS OVER, BLOCKING THEIR PATH. Out jump four grown men & they hold their ground. ONE MAN SUBDUES THE GIRL & the other two rush the young man & face off. PLAYER HATER: (Serious) Ty you want to be A pimp Huh? You think you can just come and tread on my fun. Don’t you know You fucking my game up. You’re nothing. TY: Man chill out. I didn't choose the game chose me. Your ass just need to stop hating. Let‘s go Ebony. PLAYER HATER: Oh’ yeah is that right. Jump this fool. You know what its’ about. EBONY: (Yelling) Leave him alone, ya’ll stop; get off of him! PLAYER HATER: You don’t look so lucky to me. You aren't shit bitch & neither is he. TY: Listen calm down Sweets, and get the hell out of my business! Ext. SIDEWALK- Day THE TWO MEN JUMP THE YOUNG MAN knocking him to the ground, kicking him, while he’s down. They HIT HIM FROM THE BACK. Attention turns to the girl as she squirms trying to fight. The girl gets threatened & feels stuck. EXT. SIDEWALK-DAY Sweets connects eyes with her, LOOKING FOR A SIGN OF WEAKNESS. She spits in the Sweet’s face & laughs at his ass. SWEETS SLAPS HER UP AND HER NOSE LOSELY BEGINS TO BLEED. SWEETS: You don’t like me do you? EBONY: (Sarcastically) I love a big strong man like you. SWEETS: Listen baby, you want to come and be a part of my circus? You can ride with a real player. TY: Let go of me punk. Stop! SWEETS: (Serious) Let me ask you one more time, so you want to be a pimp Huh? TY: You don’t understand, this is my passion. Everybody else just jealous. SWEETS: We’ll see how much she bleed then super fly. EXT. SIDEWALK- DAY Ty tries to get free but the two men continue to beat him down. TY LOOKS UP at Sweets & Ebony as she fights the battle on her own. TY HOLDS HIS HEAD UP & GETS PUNCHED BACK DOWN. EXT. CURB SIDE- DAY EBONY KICKS, FIGHTS & SQUIRMS trying to get away. Ebony spits in Sweet’s face & gets backhanded. SWEETS WIPES A HANDKERCHIEF ACROSS. Sweets steps up & jerks her. EXT. CURB SIDE- DAY SWEETS CONNECTS EYES then, he slaps her up again. Ebony falls to the ground hurt. They pick Ty’s head up to see what’s going on. SWEETS PULLS OUT A SWITCH BLADE KNIFE. EXT. CURB SIDE- DAY Sweets moves in with his weapon. A CAR PULLS UP, AND LETS OFF TWO SHOTS from a gun. The four men duck & run like scared dogs. SWEETS DROPS THE SWITCH BLADE ON THE GROUND QUICK. EXT. CURB SIDE- DAY THE MEN JUMP INTO THEIR VEHICLE & drive off. Ty scoops up the knife, then stands to his feet. Ty looks to see who saved him; It’s Perry, a buddy. EBONY PICKS UP HER PURSE. PERRY: (Loud & Clear) Leave him alone or I’ll put another hole in your ass! TYRONE: (Loud & Clear) Great I almost got my ass whooped. PERRY: What you mean almost? TYRONE: (Clearly) Ebony get your stuff in his ride. EBONY: (Loud & Clear) All I want is a good man to that enjoys spending time on me. PERRY: I came at the right time then. They jump Up in, and PERRY WHIPS IT IN REVERSE, then he turns it around. TY: Thanks for sticking your neck out for me. If you weren't here, they would have stuck her ass. PERRY: No problem. TY: This Ebony, she in fashion. EBONY: Hello. Ty relaxes in the seat. EBONY CLEANS HER FACE. Perry stashes the gun beside him. TY: (Interested) Hey let me see that gun. I’m going to get one as I get me some money. PERRY: What you doing around here? You know you not from this side of LA. TY: She say she know some girls over here, so I came to check them out. EBONY: You good baby. Ty smiles & looks in the mirror. HE SEES BLOOD. Ty puts the gun in the glove box. TY: (Amp) Damn I’m bleeding. EBONY: I got something to wipe it with. EBONY RUMMAGES THROUGH HER PURSE. Ebony gives Ty a napkin to wipe His Face with. TY: You know all I want to do is run a successful business. PERRY: What kind of business are you talking about anyway? TY: I distribute women. PERRY: (Sings) Like a pimp. Ty smirks & looks at Perry, while EBONY PUTS ON MAKE-UP IN THE BACK SEAT ADJUSTING. TY: It’s much more than pimping. I got models, call girls, and hookers. EBONY: (Proudly) That‘s right; you go boy. PERRY: My man big pimping. You should be glad I saved your ass. TY: If you would’ve given me a second; I would’ve had it under control. PERRY DRIVES THROUGH WATTS. Ebony looks down & sees a hip magazine & starts reading it. TY: Our destination is right up here. EBONY: Back to my house. INT. EBONY‘S HOUSE- DAY THEY PULL UP TO THE HOUSE & two sexy girls are in the yard. They are happy to see Ebony alive. Ty moves through the crowd. The Girls are anxious to get their chance to be a model. TYRONE WALKS INSIDE. TY: Lisa do you like to work out or do you like to run shit. LISA: (Fierce) I like to run it, so can we hurry I got to get back to my other job. TY: Do you know who you talking to? LISA: Where all the cameras at Ty? TY: We’re going get to that, but I have to find out a bit more about you. LISA: Ok go ahead. TY: Are you a crack head & have you ever smoked crack? LISA: No I am not. INT. EBONY‘S HOUSE- DAY EBONY STRIPS DOWN INTO SOMETHING COMFORTABLE, before the interviews goes any further. Ty is surprised when she says she’s ready for a photo. TY GETS THE 3 GIRLS TOGETHER TO SHOOT. INT. EBONY’S HOUSE-NIGHT Ty has the girls pose close together to get the trio feeling, then TY TELLS THEM TO MOVE back & forward, so they feel comfortable, then TY LETS THEM GO WILD, before he breaks them up separately. Ty breaks them apart. TY: What’s your name? MODEL 1: Patrice Goodwin. TY: (Serious) How old are you babe? PATRICE: (Playful) It‘s rude to ask a women that. TY: In order to make you a star, I have to ask questions like this. PATRICE: (Serious) Ok it’s good. TY: (Playful) So are you a virgin? PATRICE: No, I learned when everybody was in class, while my friends & I were in the restroom. TY: (Sexy) It sounds like you were really earning those extra credits. INT. EBONY‘S HOUSE- NIGHT Patrice bites her lip like a cute little princess. As TY SNAPS A PHOTO. She bends forward showing her bosoms. Patrice’s visions her self with attitude, and then she lets it reflect on camera. She’s A PRINCESS. INT. EBONY‘S HOUSE- NIGHT TY laughs, he likes her approach. TY JOTS DOWN NOTES & her character traits. Ebony gets a chance. Ebony flashes fancy. TY LIKES EVERYTHING EBONY DOES from behind the camera. Ebony is a fantastic model. TY: Look I’m the man around here like I said I didn't choose the game the game chose me. All You have to do is a couple photo shoots, and probably little something extra, and we can make some money, so concentrate on your performance. EBONY: (Disgustingly) What-ever? TY: Show me your butt cheeks. EBONY: (Pissed off) What, if you trying to scam me, because you haven’t had any in a while, I’m going to slap a lawsuit on you, so fast you’ll be digging through a dumpster to find your next meal. TY: Alright, come over here & look at what I got for you two. INT. COVER GIRL- DAY All the girls did a fantastic. THEIR PHOTOS LOOK PERFECT. All of the girls are sexy. The next thing you know IT IS ON THE COVER OF COVER GIRL MAGAZINE, but the girls don’t know yet, they’ve all went their ways. INT. TAJ’S OFFICE- DAY TERRY EXITS THE RESTROOM & hands Taj a Cover Girl Magazine. Taj looks Lisa up, then he sit’s the Cover Girl Magazine down. Terry stands in front of Taj’s desk tired from waiting. TAJ PICKS HIS HEAD UP & LOOKS. TERRY: I don’t know, you can go check the scale for a ten if you want to. TAJ: Are you sure, it’s not in the back by the corner. The restroom is a mess I know. TERRY.: Are you ok? How much do you like being alone at night? TAJ: Three times a week if not more. Damn this looks good. TERRY: Not bad huh? Hey didn’t you used to like Patrice Goodwin? TAJ: I have plenty of friends that like her Gucci & Prada accessories. Where are you going with this? TERRY: Do you still like her Prada Gucci? INT. OFFICE BUILDING- DAY TAJ LOOKS UP & SMILES BIG. The boys shake hands & then their on their way downstairs to the meeting lounge; whereas, they see a couple girls & PATRICE GOODWIN ESCORTING MEN TO THE COUNTER WAITRESS FOR LUNCH SPEACIALS. THE BOYS STAND AROUND in the meeting area, nervously talking about Patrice Goodwin. TERRY: You know you still like her. You don’t have to lie. Look at you. Ha TAJ: No way Jose. Her parents give her a reason & I think about that all day. They’re probably saying how much I don’t deserve Patrice GOODWIN. Taj gets mad & looks at Patrice angrily. AN OLD COUPLE WALKS BY TOO & sets him strait. TERRY: You know you should really chill out with all that animosity & think about us. TAJ: Hell No. I’m not going through this with you, I’m going home. Later. TERRY: (Hollering) What are the guys going to think when they find out you a sucker! TAJ: (Yelling) Later! Taj walks to his car. TAJ SEES HIS GIRL, Vanessa with another boy. Taj stops her. VANESSA: (Angry) What you want boy? Can’t you see I’m out of here. I’m out. TAJ: (Confused) Hold up. Aren’t you supposed to be at a meeting in an hour? Or… VANESSA: (Cocky) Or not. Ok that’s what’s up. No hi, how are you, it’s been a few. TAJ: Ok it’s been a while, but you still have to be there for me. VANESSA: I’m walking away now. Taj & Vanessa square up. TAJ THINKS ABOUT HOW SICK LOVE IS. Vanessa thinks of money. TAJ: I’ll still beat the pussy up. VANESSA: (Fierce) Ohh. VANESSA SNATCHES HER KEY FROM HER SATCHEL & inserts them into her Lexus door & leaves. TAJ: (Yelling) You’ll be right back. You just mad! TAJ: (Solo) You see I’m good. Taj walks inside his apartment. TAJ CALLS UP HIS CREW & they come over to play poker. TAJ: I’m so good now that I’m off work. I think it’s sad that I have to whoop ass at this table tonight. TERRY: You’re good. GARY: (Strong) Turn your ass over! Night, night. TERRY: Ok now what? TAJ: Wait, I got it right here. TAJ COMES BACK WITH A BOTTLE OF LIQUOR, German style. Taj twists it open. GARY: Twist that shit open right now baby. Oh yeah. I’m thirsty. TAJ: (Escalate) Ahh! TAJ POURS CUPS UP OF GERMAN STYLE LIQUOR & rotates it around. They fill up & look. GARY: I love you. TAJ: I’m dying for Patrice right now. She right up there, if no better. TERRY: Stop. What happened to Vanessa huh? TAJ: Psst, please. You think I’m going to waste my time on her. GARY: You a dog, rough. [Bark] TAJ: I’m going to go call her. GARY: Rough. Growl [Bark] Taj walks in the back & calls Patrice. PATRICE SAYS FUCK & picks up the phone. TAJ: (Calmly) Hey princess. PATRICE: Taj. Hi! Taj fiddles with the CD player. TAJ PUTS A CD IN & PLAYS COOL MUSIC. Patrice smiles. TAJ: Hi. How are you doing, how’s work? I noticed you on the cover of a magazine. Cover girl, I think. PATRICE: Cool, I’m fine, it’s been a blast; at last I finally get to talk to you, awesome. LISA COMES IN THE ROOM & sits herself down. Patrice looks up & says Taj. They go crazy. TAJ: The one & only. PATRICE: So now that were acquainted, I bet you’re the one who’s always been on my mind. TAJ: What’s that?

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