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By Sundae Jahant-Osborn

GENRE: Comedy, Family

STAYCATION (family comedy)

“Home Alone” meets "National Lampoons Vacation"

When a trailer-park family inherits a posh LA home and struggles to fit in with snobby neighbors , a desperate lie about a bogus "luxury vacation" leaves them forced to actually take one...hiding in their basement!

(multi-award winner)


"10 days of the worst hell imaginable…quality time with the family


When a distant rich aunt leaves THE GALLAGHERS a luxurious LA mansion in her will, their trailer park way of life is flipped upside down. Saying adios to their homely home on slats, the family of four uproots their pink flamingo lawn decoration and heads for the big city.

But, when their snooty neighbors pull rank and challenge the Gallagher’s' place in the new community, they’re forced to pretend to fit in. One outrageous lie after another finally snowballs into talk of a fancy vacation abroad, which they can't possibly afford. How will they possibly keep up this charade without being outed as trailer trash?... a Staycation!

Hunkering down in the basement, trying to hide from the nosy neighbors, the Gallaghers struggle to stay in the shadows and keep the volume down. Just one tiny slip-up is all it will take to ruin their whole facade, which hasn't fooled the suspicious, militant, neighborhood-watch leader STEVE, who is hell-bent on kicking them to the curb.

STAYCATION is a fast-paced family comedy that delivers laughs on every page, with classic themes about the value of family, and the importance of just being yourself.

The project has been nominated for, and won, major international Film Fests and competitions.


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Ryan A. Clark

Great logline and terrific synopsis. Sounds like a lot of laughs! Love the fish out of water comedies.

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