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By Jody Neely

GENRE: Sci-fi

Crime scene cleaners by day, paranormal investigators by night! 


Based on real incidents.

Father and son dynamic duo Christian and David, and their motley crew of technicians: Luc, Zoe and new rookie, Bosco - The Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaners encounter all kinds of weird, heart-pumping, unexplained paranormal activity on the job. So they’ve expanded their business and dove head first into the strange world of paranormal investigation to see if they could figure out what the heck is going on! Their goal? Ultimate Job Satisfaction. To not only clean up one’s earthly remains, but as well any ghostly remnants still lingering, dirtying up the joint. Good luck sleeping!

Our story opens as Vera and Henry Anderson host their annual Christmas party for friends and family. For the past 8 years they have been raising their grandchildren, Callie, 10, and adorable, pesky brat and Ethan her sullen, rebellious 16 year old brother. What starts out as the usual Anderson gathering soon turns deadly when Vera, Henry and Callie are stabbed to death by an unknown killer.

The next morning, Christian receives a call from friend, and forensics expert, Gracie McKenzie and so once the police move out, Christian’s team – moves in, and does the work that no on else is willing to do. Sweep, mop, disinfect, and safely dispose of the most ghastly, revolting, sickening things left behind after the tragic triple homicide. But Grace has more in mind for the Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaners, because it is evident to her that there is more lurking in this house of the paranormal nature.

Things take a turn toward the eerie before they’ve barely begun the clean up, with unexplained noises and odd sightings just in their periphery. And what’s up with the blood red walls and creepy ceremonial tribal masks on his bedroom wall… not to mention the reptile tank… the empty one with the open lid? By the end of the night, even Christian has exceeded his limit on the fear scale. As he does a last walk through the now empty house, lights go out, the radio comes on by itself and Christian is reminded by the Radio Newscaster that the killer is still on the loose – armed and dangerous. As he makes his way through the pitch black to his truck the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and he can imagine the killer lurking, watching from the edge of the woods…

Still coping with the grief of her loss, Vera Anderson’s sister, nonetheless feels it is urgent to hire Christian and David’s team to do a full paranormal investigation and remediation. Gretchen admits that the house has an history that precedes these recent tragic deaths. Decades earlier a young girl, Anna Clemens died mysteriously in Ethan’s room. Her father was determined to block the marriage between young Anna and her true love, John, a young First’s Nations man. After John accidentally dies after a fight with Anna’s father, she is never again herself and passes away not long after. It is believed Anna’s spirit has roamed this house ever since and Gretchen wants to know what really happened to her, and ensure her deceased family doesn’t suffer a similar fate.

Christian explains that they will research the mysterious apparitions appearing around them, and attempt to make real communication with the dearly departed. Then, in true Ghostbuster style, they will eradicate and remove all paranormal activity to make the dwelling safe to be re-inhabited from a health and safety perspective and from a spiritual standpoint. Easier said than done!

As the evening of their investigation proceeds one spooky incident after another keep them on their toes (and our audience on the edge of their seats). They use all the latest high-tech gadgets, thermal heat sensors, infrared cameras, sound sensors and all their expertise to coax the spirits into the open and in the process get more than they bargained for when it appears the killer has returned and wants back in.

The final showdown occurs when Christian and his team return for the final cleaning of paranormal entities. What they expect to be a normal “fogging” of the house with highly toxic chemicals to eradicate any and all entities, soon turns deadly as they find themselves in a battle with the now “possessed” killer, who has taken one of their team members hostage. Christian and David must battle paranormal and natural elements: wind, lightening, thunder, poltergeists and the possessed killer in order to win out, save their team and neutralize the danger permanently.

A heart racing rollercoaster ride that will grab you and hold you till the final resolution.

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