Alessandro Marafioti's Reel

One Kiss.mp3

Hello family . looking to place this song with a romance movie and posdibly score the theme with the instrumentals. I and my partner can cater to scoring and post production if needed we use digital performer 8 and mach 5 sound library. Credits upon request .

just one Kiss.mp3

Theme : love song for romannce movie available .


Short instrumental version for theme presentation . part of upcoming album project . meditterenean mixed with middle eastern folklore


One of my newest , and probably most unique and crazed compositions to date. I wrote this piece picturing a fleet of Klingon army's spacecrafts traveling to invade earth . Written to present to STAR TREK . Love to get it on Scifi major motion picture movie


Traveling in the desert i found some water , I took a drink , relaxed,and kept going

Electronic 2.m4a

Instrumental with new wave and techno elements


Action theme arrangement with string section crescendo climaxing to the first and second violin

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