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Jose del C. Martinez for 20 years has specialized in the art of Cinematography and Lighting. Apprenticed and inspired by some of the industries best Directors like Wes Craven (The Serpent and the Rainbow) and Sidney Lumet (Havana). Jose has worked with notorious Cinematographers like Shane Hurlbut ASC, Sergei Franklin, Igor Sunara and others, DP's Music videos like MTV Music Award Nominee Wale "White Shoes" , Chris Webby "Let's do it Again" and many more. He worked with other artist like Total, Sean Puff Daddy, BIG, Fat Joe, Mad Lion, Smif -N- Wessun and others. In TV he has worked in shows like Showtime's "The Affair", FUSE "The Road to Total Slaughter" and others.
Jose Del C. Martinez bring experience, professionalism and art to the table as a Director of photography and Gaffer.



  • Pickings

    Pickings (2016)
    Film by Usher Morgan (Action and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department A single mother and local bar owner gets bullied and pulled into a cycle of violence, murder and terror when she refuses to give in to the demands of a short-tempered mobster.

  • Twice Upon a Time

    Twice Upon a Time (2016)
    Film (short) by Paul Borghese (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department After five years, a WTC widow still mourning is now an empty nester and is persuaded by friends to try on line dating - but things are not always what they seem.

  • The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man

    The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man (2015)
    Film by James Habacker (Comedy, Fantasy and Horror) Camera and Electrical Department Mr. Choade, the director of The House of Choade, a Grand Guignol theatre, has made an evil bargain with the Medicine Man, who has promised to help him make an artistic leap. A young girl, Linda, who has just been released from a mental hospital, gets a job performing at the House of Choade and becomes embroiled in these machinations. Linda's ex-girlfriend Roxy re-connects with her and attempts to save her. This film, a dark comedy by first time director James Habacker, was shot in Manhattan and features many luminaries from the downtown performance art scene centered around the Slipper Room. Written by Slipper Room Players

  • Pamanhikan

    Pamanhikan (2015)
    Film (short) by Angelo Santos (Comedy and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Remember when your parents met your spouse's parents for the first time? For Filipinos, there is a tradition for that. It's called a 'pamanhikan' (pronounced paw-men-he-can). For Brendan and Jun, an interracial gay couple, their pamanhikan occurs over brunch. Bringing Jun's supportive mother and ignorant father together with Brendan's disapproving mother and uninvited father doesn't go according to plan when conversations on God, athletics, and gay sex lead to an argument about bridesmaids that culminates when blood and holy water are spilled.

  • Eggs and Soldiers

    Eggs and Soldiers (2015)
    Film (short) by Imelda O'Reilly (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Eggs and Soldiers - A single Irish Dad forgets the tree on Christmas Eve. Ned the older son's maturity is challenged as he risks everything to have his younger brother Marco experience a real Irish Christmas.

  • The Silverhart: Effie

    The Silverhart: Effie (2015)
    Film (short) by Effie Fradelos (Music) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Stuff

    Stuff (2015)
    Film by Suzanne Guacci (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department A married couple raising two daughters find themselves in a mid life crisis where grief and attraction threaten their domestic nucleus

  • Prego

    Prego (2015)
    Film (short) by Usher Morgan (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Prego is a short comedy film by Usher Morgan that tells the story of Emily (Katie Vincent), a young woman confronting a one-night stand (Taso Mikroulis) with the revelation that she's pregnant. Things go from bad to worse when Emily discovers that Mark is not an ideal father figure.

  • Didn't I Ask for Tea?

    Didn't I Ask for Tea? (2015)
    Film (short) by Essence Ward (Comedy and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department When an apartment falls through, Brandy must scramble to find a place. Too little money, too much advice, and a budding romance make for a humorous, if not nerve-wrecking, search. Change in the form of an evolving friendship and an evaporating potential-relationship, is proving to be quite the challenge for this Brooklynite.

  • Tainted

    Tainted (2015)
    Film (short) by Marvalee Peart (Thriller) Cinematographer A dark and mysterious young man roams the darkest corners of the East Village - until a killer finds his prey.

  • Mother of the Week

    Mother of the Week (2015)
    Film (short) by Lee Davis (Comedy and Family) Camera and Electrical Department STACEY (Jennifer Jiles), a 41-year-old career woman has it all together - with the invaluable help of her children's perfect (inside and out) nanny, MARISA (Lexi Zettle), whom the three kids love, and Stacey's husband TIM (Mark Lobene) doesn't mind looking at either. When Marisa takes a week vacation, Stacey is happy to prove herself and reassert her own role as Mom and sexy wife. Easier said than done - Stacey finds that without Marisa's help, taking care of family and work is a little more than she can handle. Written by Jennifer Jiles & Frederick Stroppell

  • The Skin

    The Skin (2015)
    Film (short) by Justin Timms (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department After the peculiar death of her father, Lena Hardesty discovers that her sister, Sarah, has acquired the same strange symptoms. With the help of a rustic local, Lena sets a plan in motion to save her sister and herself from the same fate.

  • Lily in the Grinder

    Lily in the Grinder (2014)
    Film (short) by Michael Morgenstern (Drama, Fantasy and Music) Camera and Electrical Department Ryan struggles to find meaning in his provisional existence, exploring sex and death and the idea of 'becoming something.' This surreal film, enveloped in a classical string quartet piece, is a rumination on death, time, and the nature of existence. It posits the idea of a human life as a static, four-dimensional entity that exists at a specific moment in time and cannot be said to truly begin or end. Written by Anonymous

  • Face of Darkness: Journey to Healing

    Face of Darkness: Journey to Healing (2014)
    Film by Dearl Nelson (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department The film's objective is to raise awareness of depression in African American males, the detriment of not addressing it, as well as the benefits of treatment. We hope that by exposing the illness in an artistic fashion, the African American community will not only be enlightened, but they will learn how to recognize and seek help for themselves or loved ones. Written by Face Of Darkness

  • Safe in My Mind

    Safe in My Mind (2014)
    Film (short) by Ashley Jacoby (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department A young high school girl has an average day of high school, unknowingly she suffers from a severe anxiety disorder. This film will take you through a day of a person living with a severe anxiety disorder and take you into her thoughts through out the day. Written by Anonymous

  • Irma's Room

    Irma's Room (2014)
    Film by David Williams (Drama) Cinematographer A family dealt with turmoil tries to overcome adversity and stay clear of their abusive father.

  • A Wacky Love Story

    A Wacky Love Story (2014)
    Film (short) by Vincent Jollio Cinematographer

  • The Unusual Hit

    The Unusual Hit (2013)
    Film (short) by Stanislav Lavrik (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department An ex-convict is faced with a dilemma that could either end his career or put him back behind bars.

  • Times Like These

    Times Like These (2013)
    Film (short) by Lorena Gordon (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department The experience of Marisol, a woman whose past will shed light on an issue most women keep hidden behind closed doors.

  • A Foreign Heart of Hope

    A Foreign Heart of Hope (2013)
    Film (short) by Cristhian Andrews (Drama and Family) Camera and Electrical Department A mother of a certain age, copes with a heart disease. As her conditions worsen her doctor gives her classified medicine she's not aware of. While his intentions are merely for organ trafficking, she only has her son to save her.

  • Salam Shalom

    Salam Shalom (2013)
    Film (short) by Dima Sbeitan (Drama, Family and War) Camera and Electrical Department A family of Palestinian-American musicians are faced with having to accept their Israeli daughter-in-law, while coping with the death of their future Palestinian son-in-law.

  • The Hyperglot

    The Hyperglot (2013)
    Film (short) by Michael Urie (Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Despite an unrivaled talent for communicating, Jake has trouble talking to women. When an impossible situation presents itself, Jake ignores the signs and goes on a wild goose-chase to pursue his quest for love. Is this the end of the road for Jake, or will he finally figure out how to talk to some (without even actually speaking?) Written by Anonymous

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found (2013)
    Film (short) by James Ford-Hutchinson (Drama, Fantasy and Romance) Cinematographer Two quirky mentally off patients are both leaving their group home and confront whether or not they can confess their unrequited love to one another.

  • Miles

    Miles (2013)
    Film (short) by Stanislav Lavrik (Drama) Cinematographer A loner meets a porn star and realizes that life is not meaningless.

  • I (Eggs) You

    I (Eggs) You (2012)
    Film (short) by James Ford-Hutchinson (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Jennifer Alexander puts aside her gallery work long enough to start a culinary showdown-for her own amusement.

  • Havana

    Havana (1990)
    Film by Sydney Pollack (Drama, Romance and War) Camera and Electrical Department Cuba, December 1958: The professional gambler Jack visits Havana to organize a big Poker game. On the ship he meets Roberta and falls in love with her. Shortly after they arrive in Cuba, Roberta and her Cuban husband, the revolutionary Arturo, are arrested and tortured. Arturo is reported "shot while trying to escape," but Jack manages to get Roberta free again. He can't, however, keep her from continuing to support the revolution. Jack has to make a choice between the beautiful woman who keeps putting herself in harms way and the biggest poker game of his life; between the man he could be and the man he is. Written by Tom Zoerner <>

  • The Serpent and the Rainbow

    The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)
    Film by Wes Craven (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department In 1985, after a successful research in Amazonas, Dr. Dennis Alan from Harvard is invited by the president of a Boston pharmaceutics industry, Andrew Cassedy, to travel to Haiti to investigate the case of a man named Christophe that died in 1978 and has apparently returned to life. Andrew wants samples of the voodoo drug that was used in Christophe to be tested with the intention of producing a powerful anesthetic. Dr. Alan travels to meet Dr. Marielle Duchamp that is treating Christophe and arrives in Haiti in a period of revolution. Soon Alan is threatened by the chief of the feared Tonton Macuse Dargent Peytraud, who is a torturer and powerful witch. Alan learns that death is not the end in the beginning of his journey to hell. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • The Horse Dealer's Daughter

    The Horse Dealer's Daughter (1983)
    Film (short) by Robert Burgos Camera and Electrical Department A young woman named Mabel discovers that after the death of her parents, her family has lost all of its money. With no help from her brothers, Mabel is left to fend for herself. Only after meeting Jack Ferguson, a local doctor, does she finally regain a sense of self-worth. The Horse Dealer's Daughter is a tale of love and turmoil, based on the short story by D.H. Lawrence. Written by ram

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