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Steven Blasini

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Visual Effects Artist, Visual Effects Supervisor, Musician and Actor

Los Angeles, California

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About Steven

Steven has dreamed of a career in Visual Effects since the age of 7. His older brother Tony seeded and fed his yearning by taking him to see most of the effects laden films of the time. Determined to bring his dream to life using any and all tools at his disposal, young Steven shot Super 8 movies with "visual effects" created using cardboard, Styrofoam and any other piece of cool looking "junk" he could find. Back then there were no Computer Generated effects and living in New York there was no access to the field. So through trial and error (and a bit of fate sprinkled in) he set himself up in the computer industry where he started his own successful computer consulting firm. Jurassic Park then came along and bridged the worlds of Computers and Visual Effects creating the "backdoor" he needed.

In 1998, after the unexpected demise of his 17 year marriage, he sold his computer business, packed his minivan with everything he owned and drove cross country to establish a new life in the Dream City of Los Angeles. Two months later he landed a job as an animator in a small independent film studio where he advanced in short time to Visual Effects Supervisor and Department Head.

In 2000 he met the woman of his dreams, married her in 2001 and together they founded a rapidly growing Visual Effects and Graphics Design company, BFX Imageworks. So the dream he had at the age of 7 came true some 30 years later. Never give up. Hold on tight to your dreams and never let them go. They DO come true!

Steven is a member of the Visual Effects Society and serves in the Awards Committee, Technical Committee and the Annual Meeting Committee. He is also a member of the Visual Effects Branch of the TV Academy.

Unique traits: Shaved head.


  • Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel

    Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel (2016)
    Film (Action and Comedy) Visual effects Surge, cinema's first out gay superhero, is back with more adventure and more celebrity guests than ever before. His nemesis, the Metal Master, is out of jail again in Big City and is willing to play it straight - well, you know what I mean, to reconcile with his estranged parents, but is also tempted to go back to crime by Augur, the enigmatic arch enemy of Omen, the sage and fabled superhero of bygone days. Augur gives Metal Master a special mission, but Surge is in hot pursuit. New friends Wendy, Marvin, and Todd join Surge in the investigation. Needing more assistance, Surge activates the Surgemobile's new artificial intelligence. Las Vegas headliner, Frank Marino, gives our hero and friends a clue to Metal Master's diabolical intentions. Their clash forces Augur to emerge from the shadows, causing Omen to step into the fray. Their epic confrontation awakens The Council, a league of retired supervillains. To battle this new threat Omen must call on her vigilant team. Find out what... Written by Surge of Power Enterprises

  • Unfallen

    Unfallen (2016)
    Film (Action, Adventure and War) Visual effects Seven year-old old twin brothers, separated during the Civil War in Tajikistan, face each other years later in a new war where one is an American soldier and the other is Taliban.

  • Monday at 11:01 A.M.

    Monday at 11:01 A.M. (2016)
    Film (Thriller) Visual effects The film is a suspense thriller about Michael, who brings his girlfriend Jenny to a beautiful yet strange mountain town where everyone seems familiar. But he begins to see and hear things that no one else can. After many hallucinations and then losing sight of Jenny, Michael is brought to the brink of insanity. He finds himself frantically questioning what is real and what it isn't.

  • The Dog Who Saved Summer

    The Dog Who Saved Summer (2015)
    Film (Family) Visual effects School's out for summer... but not at the Bannister house! When their beloved dog Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez) destroys a party planned by Belinda (Elisa Donovan), Grandma (Mindy Sterling) suggests they send him to obedience school. Things start off on the wrong paw when Zeus's owner George (Gary Valentine) runs afoul of the school's no-nonsense instructor Vernon (Martin Kove) and Zeus manages to fail every lesson. To make matters worse, Vernon's K-9 assistant, Apollo (voiced by William Zabka) makes class no dog-gone fun. With Zeus failing to improve, the Bannister children Kara and Ben (Francesca Capaldi and Cole Jensen) fear that the pound may be Zeus's next stop. Desperate to turn things around, Zeus enlists the help of a janitor, Mr. Lee (James Hong), who shares his unique training methods. Will Zeus' newfound skills help him win top dog at the school's showcase and foil a trio of bumbling thieves (Dean Cain, Patrick Muldoon, Joey "Coco" Diaz) determined to make this a bummer ...

  • The Flight Before Christmas

    The Flight Before Christmas (2015)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Romance) Visual effects After getting dumped by her boyfriend right before Christmas, a woman decides to fly home to Connecticut for the holidays. But due to bad weather, her flight is diverted to Montana and she ends up sharing the last available hotel room with a man she met on the plane.

  • Ominous

    Ominous (2015)
    TV Movie (Horror) Visual effects Michael and Rachel are devastated when their six-year-old son dies in a tragic accident. When a stranger offers to bring the boy back to life, they take the offer. However, the child who returns is not the child they once knew.

  • Eyewitness

    Eyewitness (2015)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Visual effects A mother and daughter set out on a weekend river rafting retreat, only to encounter 3 escaped convicts along the way.

  • Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story

    Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story (2015)
    TV Movie (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Visual effects Follows the abduction of 16 year old girl in California in 2013.

  • A Perfect Christmas List

    A Perfect Christmas List (2014)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Drama and Family) Visual effects As a last wish, a recently hospitalized grandmother, Evie, tasks her daughter and granddaughter, Sara, with a list of festive accomplishments to do together before Christmas, hoping that the adventure of the experience will repair their relationship. Along the way, Sara discovers an unlisted Christmas adventure of her own.

  • High School Possession

    High School Possession (2014)
    TV Movie (Horror and Thriller) Visual effects When Chloe's Parents Seperate she takes her anger out on every one else and due to her change in personality her best friend thinks she's possessed and she turns to a religious girl for an excorsism but the religious girl is out to kill Chloe because Chloe accidentally slept with the religious girls boyfriend... Will Chloe Survive Or Will She Die?

  • A Christmas Mystery

    A Christmas Mystery (2014)
    TV Movie (Drama, Mystery and Romance) Visual effects When a reporter discovers that her late mother had been receiving Christmas cards from a secret admirer, she decides to track him down. In the process, she'll discover a family secret more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

  • Christmas Under Wraps

    Christmas Under Wraps (2014)
    TV Movie (Drama and Romance) Visual effects When a doctor doesn't get the position she wanted, she ends up moving to a remote Alaskan town. She unexpectedly ends up finding love, happiness and discovers that the small town is hiding a big holiday secret.

  • Christmas in Palm Springs

    Christmas in Palm Springs (2014)
    Film (Family) Visual effects Jessica has a big presentation in Palm Springs. There are a couple of problems though: her two kids who will do anything to get mom and dad back together again - even if they have to hack mom's phone or pose as a secretary to make sure dad's in Palm Springs too. And father Joe who'll do anything to charm his way back into Jessica's life.

  • Finders Keepers

    Finders Keepers (2014)
    TV Movie (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Visual effects A divorced mother of one is thrown into turmoil when her young daughter becomes obsessed with an evil doll left behind by the previous occupants of their new home.

  • The Dog Who Saved Easter

    The Dog Who Saved Easter (2014)
    Film (Family) Visual effects It's Easter and everyone's favorite K-9 is back! The Bannisters are heading out on a family cruise and sending Zeus to doggie day care. Everything is going according to plan until the daycare's crosstown rival hires a trio of crooks to sabotage the fledgling business. Zeus will make some new friends and new enemies as he uses all his tricks to save the daycare and Easter! Written by Anonymous

  • House of Secrets

    House of Secrets (2014)
    Film Visual effects Add a Plot »

  • Hidden Away

    Hidden Away (2013)
    TV Movie (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Visual effects A woman and young daughter escape her abusive husband by faking their deaths. Eight years later she is happily living in the upscale Palm Springs with her now-17-year-old daughter. When her husband discovers they are still alive, he tracks them down and spies on them to learn all about the new life they've created until he can exact his revenge. Written by Anonymous

  • Summoned

    Summoned (2013)
    TV Movie (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Visual effects Five years ago, Laura Price and eleven other jurors found the notorious serial killer Evan Lucas guilty of capital murder, and he was sentenced to death. But now, mysterious things are beginning to happen to the jury members and tragedies claim the lives of one after the other. Laura realizes these deaths are not a coincidence as she begins to investigate the murders with the help of Detective Callendar and Detective Lyons. Soon, she will uncover a dangerous truth- like each juror before her Laura is also being SUMMONED. Written by globalreciever

  • Collision Course

    Collision Course (2013)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Visual effects Kate Parks has spent the past year on tour promoting her book, an in-depth look at the attempted cover up of her husband's death in a plane crash. Now all she wants is to return home to her daughter, 15-year-old Samantha. But when a powerful solar flare strikes her flight home, killing the pilot, knocking out the co-pilot and frying all the electronic systems on the plane, it looks like she may not get there. As panic sets in among the passengers, Kate works with flight attendant Jake to manage the growing chaos and tension on the plane as she tries to keep 30 tons of aluminum hurtling through the air at 500 miles per hour. Flying blind, Kate tries to find a way to communicate with air traffic control - one way or another, this plane is coming down. With the passengers' lives on the line, Kate will have to find a way to land safely... or never see her daughter again. Written by Anonymous - updates by TeeCee

  • All I Want for Christmas

    All I Want for Christmas (2013)
    Film (Comedy and Family) Visual effects An attractive young woman unexpectedly meets santa's helper, st nick, who grants her an extraordinary Christmas wish.

  • Holiday Road Trip

    Holiday Road Trip (2013)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Visual effects Co-workers at a high-profile Pet Supplies in Washington D.C., Pat and Maya couldn't be more opposite. This becomes evident when they are assigned to travel across country in an RV with the companies most prized possession, Scoots, on a social media tour right before Christmas! Maya works in accounting... she's a driven, ambitious businesswoman looking to turn her job into a great career. He's in the design department and basically plays for a living, which is a perfect job for the little kid who never really grew up. She wears Manolos. He wears Velcro. When Maya's obscenely successful boyfriend, Davis, leaves her right before Christmas, she begrudgingly decides to volunteer on the RV tour along with Pat and Scoots! At first, the road trip is a match made in hell. But the whole idea is the brain child of the company founder Max who is Pat's Dad. Once on the road, opposites are put to the test. Pat eats nothing but junk food, but she wants to be healthy. He listens to hard rock, while ... Written by Anonymous

  • Dear Secret Santa

    Dear Secret Santa (2013)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Family and Romance) Visual effects Beverly Hills banker/workaholic JENNIFER comes home to her small Northern California town just before Christmas when her dad, TED , takes a bad fall while putting up decorations. While home, Jenny begins getting romantic Christmas cards from an unknown admirer, who turns out to be her old neighbor and the unrealized love of her life, JACK. There's just one problem- Jack died in a car accident three years ago. Written by Anonymous

  • Killer Reality

    Killer Reality (2013)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Visual effects Hayley, a producer on the hit reality show LOVE EVER AFTER, unwillingly falls for The Bachelor on this marriage elimination series. Things become complicated very quickly, especially when one of the female contestants turns up dead. That's when work becomes downright murder... Written by LM

  • All About Christmas Eve

    All About Christmas Eve (2012)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Romance) Visual effects 'Tis the Season for Evelyn Wright, literally, she is a party planner in NYC. At the last minute Eve finds out that one of her agency's top clients is throwing a HUGE Christmas event, in LA, on Christmas Eve. Eve must decide whether to take on the event or risk her career to go on a romantic vacation with her boyfriend Darren. Unbeknownst to Eve, her future all depends on whether or not she makes a plane. We see it both ways, in parallel. Written by Anonymous

  • Recalculating

    Recalculating (2012)
    Film (Short, Horror and Mystery) Visual effects A navigation system leads an unstable woman to her demise.

  • Christmas Twister

    Christmas Twister (2012)
    TV Movie (Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Visual effects In a small Texas town during the holiday season, Ethan Walker, a meteorologist and part-time professor working at the local university studying tornadoes, is woken in the middle of the night for a call about a tornado that has just hit. His team is assembling at the lab and he needs to report. His wife Addison, a TV news reporter, is also summoned to work to do a piece on the tornado for the morning news. Ethan realizes the conditions are ripe for more tornadoes. Although he and his wife have been having marriage problems, he calls her and begs her to put the warning out, but the station's slick meteorologist thinks it was an isolated incident. Addison tries to get him to change his mind, but he won't -- because it's Christmas time and he does not want to be a Scrooge with some hypothetical news. When a tornado levels the Walker's house on Christmas Eve, Ethan and his wife must come together to help save others and rescue their missing children. Written by Anonymous

  • Jersey Shore Shark Attack

    Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012)
    TV Movie (Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects A cast of characters, strikingly similar to the cast of Jersey Shore, try to survive an epidemic of sharks attacking Miami Beach.

  • Wyatt Earp's Revenge

    Wyatt Earp's Revenge (2012)
    Video (Drama and Western) Visual effects Story of a young Wyatt Earp before he became a lawman. When someone important to him is killed he sets out to find the one responsible. He is joined by some friends among whom are Bat Masterson and Doc Holliday.

  • The Jadagrace Show

    The Jadagrace Show (2012)
    Television (Family) Visual effects Multi-talented eleven year old Jadagrace, uploads a homemade music video of herself onto the internet which quickly goes viral. Her amazing talent comes to the attention of Hollywood music producer Danny P., who brings Jadagrace and her BBF Ashley out to Hollywood and promises to make her a star. Danny P. comes through getting Jadagrace her own TV variety show and she's on her way to the big time! Each week is a hilarious "show within a show" situation comedy jam packed with music, comedy and magic as Jadagrace, her cast mates and entourage deal with the everyday craziness of a showbiz life for a little kid. What better place than Las Vegas, "The City Of Entertainment" for Jadagrace to discover fresh new talent for her show. A hot Teen Pop Star, a Wacky Magician are just a few added to the mix of crazy characters. Throw in some monkeys, tigers, elephants, pigs and horses, and it's a real three ring circus of a show. Written by Anonymous

  • Lizard Man

    Lizard Man (2012)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Actor Haunted by a terrifying incident in his past, billionaire Bill Hansen seeks revenge by enlisting a team of mercenaries and a television personality to capture and exploit a dangerous lizard-like creature.

  • Super Shark

    Super Shark (2011)
    Film (Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects An offshore drilling accident releases a giant primordial shark. When the shark flies and walks on land threatening to turn a bikini contest into a bloodbath, marine biologist Kat Carmichael arrives to destroy the shark and save beach-goers. Her efforts are stymied by corporate bad guy Roger Wade and his flunky Stewart who are only interested in their own agenda of money, money, money. With time running out for beach loving humans, Carmichael recruits heroic skipper Chuck and fearless disc jockey Dynamite Stevens to help her blast the blood thirsty shark back to a watery grave. Written by jodilyn

  • 12 Wishes of Christmas

    12 Wishes of Christmas (2011)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Fantasy) Visual effects Willing to try anything to transform her life, Laura follows her best friend's suggestion and sets up a session with a life coach, who tells Laura to make 12 wishes for a positive change in her life. But before long, Laura realizes that her wishes are sparking unforeseen circumstances and she must act quickly to get her life back and her dog before Christmas. Written by Anonymous

  • Deadline

    Deadline (2011)
    Film (Mystery and Thriller) Visual effects Kyle and Sarah are starting a life together in a renovated house in Hollywood Hills, on the same property where the original house burned-down a decade earlier with its owner vanished. Despite certain rumors about the property, the couple decides to acquire the home of their dreams. But they quickly encounter bizarre occurrences around the house. And when one of their friends disappears and the forensics expert assigned to the case is found murdered, they realize they're being targeted in a twisted cat-and-mouse game. Enter Detective Brills, a hard-boiled homicide detective who's been trying to solve the riddle of the house ever since the fire. He's more than determined to help the couple to find out what's really going on around the estate. But he too cannot stop the murderous rampage that begins to claim the couple's friends and associates, one by one. After finding human remains in the crawl space, Kyle and Sarah slowly learn about the unspeakable events that took place and realize... Written by Chris Tasara

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry (2011)
    Television (Drama and Thriller) Visual effects The scandalous lives of Liz and Michael, a cop and a lawyer who meet in a near-fatal coincidence. Drama and comedy with inevitable and powerful chemistry between a man and woman that completely alter a destined life plan.

  • The Dog Who Saved Halloween

    The Dog Who Saved Halloween (2011)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Visual effects Zeus & the Bannisters have moved into a new house, just in time for Halloween! Everything seems to be going well until they notice strange lights and sounds coming from neighbor Eli's (Lance Henriksen) house. George (Gary Valentine) takes it upon himself to find out what is going on, and enlists the help of an unlikely pair (lead by Dean Cain). After the trio and George's wife Belinda (Elisa Donovan) get trapped in the spooky house, only Zeus is left to save Halloween! Written by Anonymous

  • Hack to the Future

    Hack to the Future (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Visual effects Add a Plot »

  • Turbulent Skies

    Turbulent Skies (2010)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Visual effects A new airplane that's equipped with a new computer that can fly the plane on its own is about to have its first flight. When the son of the owner decides to upload more software, he doesn't bother to check if there are any viruses with it. And he also invites some potential investors to try it. So the plane appears to be working well but suddenly it veers off course and it can't be shut down. When the military learns of this, they fear of something happening over a populated area and decide to shoot it down along with everyone on board. The man who built the computer whose wife is among the passengers thinks if he can get on board so that he might be able to shut it down and regain control of the plane. So the military using a new plane gets him on board. But what he didn't know is that both pilots are incapacitated so there's no one who can fly the plane. Written by

  • Heat Wave

    Heat Wave (2009)
    TV Movie (Drama and Thriller) Visual effects When a sudden, unexplained rise in local temperatures threatens to turn the whole of Los Angeles county into a parched, lifeless desert, a scientist must put her theories into practice and discover both the source of the climate crisis and a solution before it's too late. Written by pvm

  • Woke Up Dead

    Woke Up Dead (2009)
    Television (Comedy and Horror) Visual effects Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) stars as Drex Greene, a down-and-out college grad who finds himself undergoing a sudden and inexplicable transformation from everyday zero to zombie hero. With his newfound zombie powers, Drex breathes new life into his dead-end job and lackluster love life with the help of his best friend, wannabe filmmaker Matt (Josh Gad) and med student Cassie (Krysten Ritter). ... Written by Anonymous

  • Silent Venom

    Silent Venom (2009)
    Video (Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects Deep in the jungle of a remote island in the Pacific lives a new breed of mutant snake. Dr. Andrea Swanson and her research assistant Jake have been studying the species in a top secret military experiment to develop the ultimate anti-toxin. But when tensions rise with the Chinese military, Admiral Bradley Wallace quickly evacuates the island. The only way home is an old, decommissioned submarine on its final voyage to its new home in Taiwan. Wallace decides to put Lt. Commander James O'Neill at the helm, a hardened pro facing forced retirement... and he is less than pleased to be "babysitting" his two new guests. But they're not alone. Andrea was ordered to bring some of the experimental snakes back to the mainland - and worse, Jake has smuggled some of the deadlier mutated snakes on board, including a giant diamondback. When a Chinese vessel attacks the sub, the vicious creatures are released from their secure containers and begin to stalk the crew members one by one. Trapped two ... Written by Anonymous

  • Fire from Below

    Fire from Below (2009)
    Film (Adventure) Visual effects Digging at a nearby cave, a careless industrialist unearths a vein of pure base Lithium and inadvertently brings it to the surface, where the Lithium combusts when coming into contact with water and begins to wreak havoc on the country side. Written by Anonymous

  • Fusion

    Fusion (2008)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Horror, Romance and 1 More) Visual effects Add a Plot »

  • Fall of Hyperion

    Fall of Hyperion (2008)
    TV Movie (Action) Visual effects Add a Plot »

  • Polar Opposities

    Polar Opposities (2008)
    TV Movie (Action and Drama) Visual effects When Earth's magnetic poles begin reversing, David Terran, the only scientist who predited the possibility of such a sci-fi disaster... See full synopsis »

  • Solar Flare

    Solar Flare (2008)
    Film (Action, Drama and Thriller) Visual effects Riley is a math genius who is fascinated by math and the universe; his mom is a woman just trying to... See full synopsis »

  • Kiss Me Deadly

    Kiss Me Deadly (2008)
    TV Movie (Action and Thriller) Visual effects Ex-spy Jacob Keane is drawn back into the shadowy world of international espionage when his former partner Marta reappears after 17 years, her memory erased, on the run from a pair of deadly, psychopathic assassins.

  • Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape

    Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape (2007)
    TV Movie (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Visual effects Emma Norman spends a wild Spring break holiday on Mintners Cove beach, California, with her female friends, Lori, who seeks a new fling and academic Stefanie. There, slick stud Greg Vlasi gives them a good time and shoots video of them on beach and yacht (possibly drugged and/or drunk). The video is doctored and released onto the internet as porn distributed by Nick Bronson in LA. Soon Emma's promising career as Minneapolis school teacher is over. Her fireman fiancé David in home small-town Prairie dumps her, even her dad's firm gets boycotted. A pervert stalks her. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Half Past Dead 2

    Half Past Dead 2 (2007)
    Video (Action and Crime) Visual effects Former WWE & WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg and hip-hop group Tha Dog Pound's Ricardo "Kurupt" Brown push life to the limit in this explosive sequel to the 2002 hit movie Half Past Dead.

  • Missionary Man

    Missionary Man (2007)
    Film (Action, Drama, Thriller and Western) Visual effects A lone biker rides into town in the aftermath of the death of his good friend J.J. Once there Ryder discovers that his friend didn't die but was murdered by a local businessman who would let nothing stand in the way of his plans to build a state of the art casino on Indian reservation land. On a mission of justice Ryder confronts and defeats Reno and his men in a tour de force show down where the one (Ryder) vanquishes the many. Written by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

  • Urban Justice

    Urban Justice (2007)
    Video (Action, Crime and Thriller) Visual effects Seagal plays a man with a dark and violent past, who seeks revenge for the murder of his son.

  • Ice Spiders

    Ice Spiders (2007)
    TV Movie (Horror) Visual effects When a young ski team training for the Olympics arrives at the remote and isolated Lost Mountain Ski Resort to focus on training, they're thrilled to find a retired Olympic skier is there to help them train. But their plans are halted when a scientist working at a nearby government lab arrives with the horrifying news that a top secret Government project has produced giant spiders and they have escaped, killing and eating everything in sight. Written by Deeww

  • Nuclear Hurricane

    Nuclear Hurricane (2007)
    TV Movie (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects A "highly sophisticated computer system" at a nuclear power plant goes crazy. To make matters worse, it develops a capacity for reason and malice while a tropical island storm is blowing into town.

  • Long Lost Son

    Long Lost Son (2006)
    TV Movie (Drama and Mystery) Visual effects Law student Kristen Sheppard drives her husband Quinn Halloran, who had hoped to start a new life together on the Florida Keys, to despair, stubbornly preparing a divorce. One of the monthly weekends he has with their 4 year-old son Mark, his sail yacht Ocean Dreamer reports losing a mast and is declared lost at sea without much hope for a survivor. Fourteen years later, now an attorney an remarried to Steve Collins, she recognizes on friends' Caribean holiday video an allegedly Canadian father John Williams and his son Matthew running a yacht, Phoenix, as Caribean Dive Adventures for tourists on the island Santa Alicia as Quinn and presumes the bright athletic boy to be their Mark. Despite flying in without a passport, she is allowed in. The Australian-born hotel owner Patrick is helpful. $400 buys her a dream day at sea with the charming hunk, who even has fond memories of his kind mother but believes she died in a fire when he was three, reason for dad to move with him to a new ... Written by KGF Vissers

  • Trapped!

    Trapped! (2006)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Visual effects A weekend vacation turns terrifying when computer scientist Samantha (Alexandra Paul) and her daughter are lured into the hands of a killer. Kidnapped and held hostage, Samantha is given a choice: she must use her expertise to help her captors carry out an unspeakable crime, or let her daughter die. Nothing is as it seems in this twisting thriller, where high-stakes and high-tech collide for an edge-of-your-seat movie experience that will keep you guessing until the very end! Written by Hollywood Yoda

  • Connors' War

    Connors' War (2006)
    Video (Action and Sci-Fi) Visual effects A blinded ex special agent is given his sight back by a special serum in order for him to stop a nuke that's hidden somewhere in the city. Things are just starting to complicate.

  • Dante's Cove

    Dante's Cove (2005 - 2006)
    Television (Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance and 1 More) Visual effects A young couple must overcome dark, mystical forces conspiring against them.

  • Honeymoon with Mom

    Honeymoon with Mom (2006)
    Film (Comedy) Visual effects When she's dumped at the altar, a young woman takes her mother on her intended honeymoon to a remote resort. But her mother has ulterior motives -- she needs a big interview to help her magazine, and the resort owner is the perfect catch.

  • In Her Line of Fire

    In Her Line of Fire (2006)
    Film (Action and Drama) Visual effects When the Vice President's plane goes down near a remote Pacific island, he is kidnapped by rebel forces and held for ransom. It is up to his female Secret Service agent and a press secretary to infiltrate the camp and save him.

  • Black Dawn

    Black Dawn (2005)
    Video (Action) Visual effects Jonathan Cold returns, this time he goes undercover to stop a group of terrorists before they bomb Los Angeles.

  • Wild Fire

    Wild Fire (2005)
    Video (Family) Visual effects Dream Town Development real estate bosses Jack Del Rio and Sy Richards can't convince animal lover Carol Tanner to sell and relocate safari/animal retirement ranch Wild Land, which she runs with younger sister Ballad since their parents died in a plane crash. Jack hires Bradshaw and Roach to release tiger Caesar, after that fails to cause a scandal to start a forest fire and release all animals, after tying up Carol. Ballad's lover, committed Glendora, southern California fire captain Kennedy, and his jumper team try their best to control the fire. Meanwhile young sheriff Drake Donovan and Ballad drug and catch wild animals. The arson is discovered, but the fiends aren't done yet. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four (2005)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Family and Sci-Fi) Visual effects Reed Richards, a brilliant but timid and bankrupt scientist, is convinced that evolution can be triggered by clouds of cosmic energy, and has calculated that Earth is going to pass one of these clouds soon. Together with his friend and partner, the gruff yet gentle astronaut muscle-man Ben Grimm, Reed convinces his conceited MIT classmate Dr. Victor Von Doom, now CEO of his own enterprise, to allow him access to his privately-owned space station. Von Doom agrees in exchange for control over the experiment and a majority of the profits from whatever benefits it brings. He thus brings aboard Susan Storm, his shy, though assertive chief genetics researcher and a former lover of Reed's with whom she had an acrimonious break-up, and her diametrically opposed brother Johnny, the maverick and hot-headed playboy pilot. The astronauts make it home intact; however, before long they begin to mutate, developing strange and amazing powers as a result of their exposure to the cloud! Reed is able to... Written by Anthony Pereyra <>

  • Glass Trap

    Glass Trap (2005)
    Film (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Visual effects When an army of radioactive ants are unknowingly carted into a skyscraper, a group of people have to find a way out before they're eaten one by one.

  • November

    November (2005)
    Film (Short and Drama) Visual effects Every vote counts on Election Day. When the fate of a country is far too precious to leave to the masses, the secretive and powerful must organize to secure a nation's fate. An unwitting pawn in the game, the front-runner candidate soon learns of this organization's clandestine operation... and his role in it. When this man of conscience flees, the organization must pursue. Plans become clear. Enemies aligned. Allies lost. Trust destroyed. When fate itself is controlled by those who rule, futility is all that's left... and hope is its casualty. The true measure of a man is found in his convictions. When truth is something owned, men can be made. For behind every great man, is a great plan. Written by James Hollis

  • Tides of War

    Tides of War (2005)
    TV Movie (Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Visual effects In the cold, dark waters off North Korea a U.S. Navy fast attack submarine meets with a mysterious disaster - it's attacked and nearly sunk by an ominous stealth submarine resulting in the deaths of the Executive Officer and the Engineering Officer. The sub's captain, Commander Burt Habley, faces a court-martial by a Naval Board of Inquiry. He's rescued from this fate when he's chosen to lead a top secret mission back to tap a North Korean underwater communications cable. Habley must protect his boat and crew from this phantom submarine while completing a successful mission. His instincts tell him they're being followed and he begins to navigate the sub away from the original mission and into open waters drawing the phantom sub away from the U.S. fleet. This puts him at odds with his new by-the-book Executive Officer who eventually, with the help of the special missions team, takes command of the submarine and navigates back on course just as they are attacked again. Validated, Habley... Written by Anonymous

  • Chupacabra Terror

    Chupacabra Terror (2005)
    Video (Horror) Visual effects Cryptozoologist Doctor Peña ('Giancarlo Esposito') traps the legendary Chupacabra on a remote Caribbean Island to make his name in the scientific community. When he smuggles it aboard the cruise ship Regent Queen, commanded by Captain Randolph, (John Rhys-Davies), the monster breaks out of the cargo hold and makes a smorgasbord out of the passengers and crew. Navy SEALs are called in to evacuate the ship and battle the monster, but it ultimately comes down to Captain Randolph, his daughter Jenny (Chelan Simmons), and Federal Marshall Lance Thompson ('Dylan Neal') to save the day. Written by Steve Jankowski & John Shepphird

  • Blue Demon

    Blue Demon (2004)
    Video (Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects When sharks come from afar, searching for food find a beach for meat. A group of people must stop them before they head for the beach. Will they make it?

  • Art Heist

    Art Heist (2004)
    Film (Action, Crime and Thriller) Visual effects When a painting owned by one of her clients is stolen from a Barcelona museum, a New York-based artexpert is sent there to help investigate. After more paintings are stolen, she learns that she is being framed for the crimes. With the help of her estranged husband, a New York cop, they must not only solve the crimes but clear her name. Written by Anonymous

  • Hatchetman

    Hatchetman (2003)
    Video (Horror, Mystery, Thriller and Drama) Visual effects A serial killer stalks a college student and her friends.

  • Dragon Fighter

    Dragon Fighter (2003)
    Video (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects A group of scientists, working in a deep underground lab, clones and hatches a 1,000-year-old dragon, after finding its remains in a cavern in southern England. After the critter goes from one cell to full grown in 3 hours, it goes on a rampage, killing most of the scientists and escaping to the surface. Naturally, bullets don't faze it at all. Our Intrepid Hero helps kill if before it can menace all mankind. Sort of "Alien" meets "Reign of Fire". Written by fgunther

  • Epoch: Evolution

    Epoch: Evolution (2003)
    TV Movie (Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor 10 years since the the first Alien object called Torus arose, two more have risen. The first torus changed the worlds view dramatically not just political but even on a religious basis. DR. Mason Rand is on the run from religious zealots, Genesis Coalition, who fear the epidemic ramifications that will be brought on because of what DR. Rand knows. Dr. Rand has everything to loose he's already lost his wife and now his son's life is at risk. Written by Jessica Greenhood

  • Malibooty!

    Malibooty! (2003)
    Video (Comedy) Visual effects Blessed encompasses the lives of four women who are inescapably involved in a brothel at the centre of the plot. Nadine works there as a prostitute though she is married with children, Hannah keeps the appointment book, Christie is an actress who has been cast as a prostitute and must learn the ins and outs, and Josephine is a student who is forced into it for economical reasons.

  • Antibody

    Antibody (2002)
    Video (Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects After a terrorist with an implanted nuclear detonator gets shot, a team of scientists must defuse the bomb by miniaturizing themselves and going into his bloodstream. His organism's antibodies start to mass against them.

  • Landspeed

    Landspeed (2002)
    Film (Action and Drama) Visual effects Two teams are in a heated race for the money and the honor that comes with breaking the land speed world record.

  • Python 2

    Python 2 (2002)
    Video (Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects Hired for his transportation services, a former mercenary and his wife accompanying a secret convoy to a Soviet military base find it overrun by a gigantic snake and must battle the creature to get out alive.

  • Hyper Sonic

    Hyper Sonic (2002)
    Video (Action) Visual effects In order to win $25 million, Daredevil pilots enter the worlds fastest jet race.

  • Interceptor Force 2

    Interceptor Force 2 (2002)
    TV Movie (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor In the not too distant future a new team of specially trained government soldiers called an Interception Team contend with the latest hostile alien encounter. When an alien scout ship crashes in eastern Russia, Sean Lambert and his elite force are dispatched to investigate. They come face-to-face with a seemingly invincible seven-foot tall, shape shifting foe hell-bent on blowing up a Russian nuclear power plant in an effort to destroy mankind through a nuclear winter. The stakes become personal when the alien discovers it was Lambert who killed its mate four years ago (Interceptor Force). A major battle ensues as the Interceptor Team look to save the Earth from alien annihilation. Written by Matt Huston

  • Descent Into Darkness

    Descent Into Darkness (2002)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects Deep in the Mariana Sea Trench, a corporate underwater mining complex has been built - an industrial Atlantis. When an accident in a dry-dock chamber kills several miners an investigator is sent to find the cause and immediately finds out that it was not an accident. He becomes caught in the middle of a deadly conflict between the miners and the corporation, and fights to stay alive and uncover the truth. Written by Anonymous

  • Lost Voyage

    Lost Voyage (2001)
    TV Movie (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Visual effects Twenty five years ago, the SS Corona Queen disappeared in the region known as, "The Bermuda Triangle". Now, it has returned. Seven people go on board to learn the truth behind her disappearance but the ship did not return alone... Written by Christian McIntire

  • Shark Hunter

    Shark Hunter (2001)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Visual effects Years after his parents are killed by a megalodon (an enormous shark that has supposedly been extinct for millions of years), Dr. Spencer is obsessed with the idea of hunting down and killing the monster. He's assigned to investigate the destruction of an undersea research station with the crew of the Argus, a giant submarine Spencer designed himself. After a little searching the team realizes that it was indeed a megalodon that destroyed the base, and the hunt for the creature is on. Will the Argus and its crew have what it takes for Spencer to get his revenge? Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <>

  • Mindstorm

    Mindstorm (2001)
    Film (Action and Sci-Fi) Visual effects Add a Plot »

  • New Alcatraz

    New Alcatraz (2001)
    Film (Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects In the highest security prison, located in Antarctica, for the world's deadliest criminals, a mining operation unleashes a giant prehistoric snake with a voracious appetite. It is up to the prison staff, inmates, and two paleontologists to hunt down the beast, escape, or become its prey. Written by Anonymous

  • Epoch

    Epoch (2001)
    TV Movie (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects Disaster strikes as a specialised team of investigators struggle to find out the truth about a strange monolith which sends out an intercontinental signal.

  • Falcon Down

    Falcon Down (2001)
    Film (Action, Thriller and Sci-Fi) Visual effects Three years after Hank Thomas was thrown out of the air force because his best friend was killed in a military experiment/exercise led by Major Carson who caused the crash of TWA flight 800, he is approached by a group of CIA agents led by Harold Peters and Sharon Williams and Carson. They tell him that a microwave beam weapon killed his friend and those on TWA flight 800 and has now been attached to a super-sonic fighter plane called the Flacon. The falcon project has just been canceled by the military and the company that built it plans to steal it from its base at Area 51 and then sell it to the Chinese for $10 billion and that they need Hank's help to steal the plane and fly it to Alaska to have it dismantled before the company steals it. Hank and the CIA agents are secretly parachuted into Area 51 and in a gun battle get to the Falcon's hanger and steal it. But soon the Air Force is in pursuit as the plane makes its way to Alaska and events make Hank realize that the four CIA ... Written by timdalton007

  • Daybreak

    Daybreak (2000)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Visual effects People are trying to find their way out of subway tunnel after a devastating earthquake.

  • Python

    Python (2000)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects After a military plane crash near a small American town, a giant man-eating snake set off on a killing spree. The locals must find a way to eliminate the snake with the help of a scientist who knows about the snake and terminates it.

  • Deep Core

    Deep Core (2000)
    Film (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects The future of Earth is in question when a strange reaction deep beneath its surface causes a massive rupture in the planet's inner structure.

  • Escape Under Pressure

    Escape Under Pressure (2000)
    Film (Action and Thriller) Visual effects Elgin Bates, a billionaire art collector, hires a British sociopath to help him find a priceless, long-lost, storied sculpture. Bates's man unearths the sculpture in Greece, but it's taken from him by Athens customs agents and put on a tourist ship bound for a museum on Lesbos. En route, Bates's hired guns hijack the ship, start a fire fight with soldiers guarding the statue, and prepare to rendezvous with a sub in Bates's hire. On the ship are a scholar and her daredevil husband. She recognizes the statue and grabs it before the sociopath can. With the ship sinking, she and her husband are under figurative and literal pressure to find a way to escape with their lives and the statue. Written by <>

  • Interceptor Force

    Interceptor Force (1999)
    Film (Action, Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Visual effects In the near future, the government has created an elite team of soldiers specially trained in the event of a hostile alien encounter. A multi-national force of the world's best, they are known as the Interceptor Force. A covert early warning satellite network tracks an object crash landing in a town in the Pacific Northwest. Within minutes of the impact, all communication with the town is mysteriously severed. The news sources are given a false story of contamination and the area is sealed off. AWAC's and fighters patrol the perimeter. As the silence from the town continues, the Interceptor team lead by Lieutenant Sean Lambert (Gruner) is sent in to investigate. An MC 130 Talon is scrambled for Lambert and his team to make the high altitude air drop. Once inside, the team encounters an alien race capable of assuming human likeness, hiding their reptilian form. Simultaneously the government has given the team less than 24 hours to terminate this alien force before launching an air ... Written by David Ridlen

  • Storm

    Storm (1999)
    Video (Thriller) Visual effects On August 23, 1992, a black-ops research program led by General Roberts perfected a device to control the weather. It was launched from a specially outfitted plane and tested for the first time. But control of the machine was lost, and within hours a deadly hurricane had formed. It became the greatest natural disaster since the San Francisco Earthquake - Hurricane Andrew. In the wake of this catastrophe, all evidence of the program was buried. Seven years later, General Roberts has revived the top-secret project. He recruits ambitious meteorologist Ron Young, who has developed software that directs weather systems. The STORM device, now equipped with this software, has been launched into a weather front 300 miles off the California coast. Moments after the device has whipped the storm into a full-blown hurricane, Roberts orders it targeted at Mexico. The storm has grown in power to a super-hurricane, with wind speeds exceeding 400 miles per hour. A struggle on board the plane ensues, ... Written by David Ridlen


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