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By Charles Crawford

GENRE: Mystery, Romance

An impetuous, naïve young woman, despondent over the loss of her first love to war, leaves a small vineyard village for Paris seeking adventure, fun and a new life only to become a suspect in the murder of a local crime boss.  Pilot and Episodes 1 & 2 completed with Paris Director/10% writer attached.


ACT ONE. JULIETTE is highly excited and happy to leave for Paris by train. Upon her arrival she starts work as a cocktail waitress at MURIELLE’s English Bar. There she meets two other employees, EMMA and BORIS, whom unknown to her at that time are to become involved in her life. On break Juliette confesses to Emma that she is troubled, doesn’t feel good about herself and can’t figure it out.

Later she observes Murielle putting money in her bag, making a call and leaving quite suddenly. Juliette views that as strange and Boris explains that Murielle does it quite often. He warns her that the walls have ears. She observes Boris in a different light. To her he doesn’t fit what a waiter’s image is. Instead his image is more like that of a businessman or even policeman to which he scoffs at when she mentions it

Meanwhile the gang is meeting with GIGOT where they appear to be planning something in the future. The next day Juliette meets with her older sister EMELIE and confesses to not having someone to share her soul with. Juliette being listless, tired and uncaring, Emelie tries to persuade her to find a boyfriend, get rid of her negativity and find bliss. “Focus on you … connect with yourself.”

ACT TWO: That evening unbeknown to her more trouble is coming her way. Gigot enters with a couple of his gang and Juliette unaware of his unsavory background serves them drinks. In the course of the evening she flirts with Gigot who of course has an attraction to this pretty young woman and flirts back. Boris warns her to be careful with Gigot, that he is basically bad news. Where upon Juliette again questions Boris actually being someone other than a waiter? Serving the last round of drinks Gigot suggests they get together and gives her his number.

Juliette and Gigot are night clubbing with her getting very drunk. Actually he spikes her drink. He takes her home and sexually takes advantage of her condition. The next morning she observes her neck and wrists red and bruised. Gigot had tied her arms and almost chocked her to death. Outraged Juliette knows she should have listened to Boris and realizes she makes mistakes with men. She always picks the wrong type.

The next morning Juliette sits gazing at the river, her mind wandering back to JOSEPH her first love and all the fun things they did together until he went away to war. She had received a phone call that Joseph was missing in action and presumed dead. She is awakened from her trance by Emelie who learns what happened with Gigot and informs Juliette of Gigot’s background suspected of human trafficking, drug sales, gun running and reputation mistreating women. Later Boris finds out what happened. The three all have the same conclusion that Gigot is an animal and should be put down. Juliette vows not to see him again.

ACT THREE: One evening Gigot picks the lock to Juliette’s apartment. He makes himself at home fixing drinks including his spiking one in anticipation of more fun when she comes home. All comfy in an easy chair with the TV on, he is stabbed in the heart by an unknown assailant. Juliette comes home to find him dead. The police detectives find it hard to believe a man she did not admit to knowing would be found in her home making himself comfy and killed with one of her kitchen knives. She is grilled at the police station, not charged but a prime suspect and told not to leave the city. Emelie and her lawyer boyfriend who got her released, Boris and Murielle are all told of this by Juliette. Even Murielle’s husband finds it out from Murielle. He falsely claims he does not know this Gigot. Secretly he does. Juliette is adamant to everyone around her. “Since I did not kill Gigot, just who did?”

To Be Continued. (Also completed as a feature version)

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