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By Lee Cousins

GENRE: Action, Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: Navy Seals are sent to rescue the crew of an oil tanker from Somali pirates, seemingly unaware that they are the bait for a top secret CIA experiment that has gone seriously wrong. Once onboard they soon face the gruesome horror unfolding and find themselves in a fight for their own survival against a hoard of flesh eating zombies.


We first encounter team leader LIEUTENANT SAM ‘LT’ NEAL after a failed rescue mission in Afghanistan resulting in the death of one of his team members. As a result of the botched mission, LT suffers post traumatic stress. On his return to active service one year later, he and his Seal Team 6 Special Missions Unit are selected to rescue the crew of the MV Liberty who have been taken hostage by Somali pirates and secure a nuclear device that the pirates have hidden aboard. The team are MACE, KELLY, SLIM and RED - a close knit group who know and trust each other well. In this mission they are joined by AGENT NASH from the CIA’s Special Operations Group and SERGEANT STEVE ‘OZ’ OSBORNE from the British SBS who is on secondment to the Seals. He and Agent Nash despise each other from the get go. The Seals board the vessel in a breathtaking act of courage and stealthily assault the ship killing several pirates and capturing the leader MOHAMMED ABDULLAH. They are professional and efficient – they have done this sort of thing many times. Before they can even attempt to rescue any hostages the team discover the bomb but find it is no nuclear device but some kind of chemical weapon. It is from this point that things start to go wrong. It quickly becomes apparent that they have been lured onto the ship under false pretences and what seemed a straight forward operation begins to fall apart. During their search for the missing crew they are attacked by a hoard of chemically altered beings – zombie-like creatures of prodigious strength. After realising that these monsters are what is left of the crew suspicions begin to grow about certain members of the team. They then discover that the ship has been deliberately set on a specific course that they cannot change. They are trapped on the ship with no way of communicating with the outside world or with any viable means of escape. When essential equipment gets lost and the captured pirate leader Abdullah escapes the team are forced to separate and find themselves spread across the ship, alone and isolated in the darkness their skills are put to the ultimate test. Their only hope of staying alive is to fight off the flesh eating zombies until reinforcements arrive and try to figure out what has happened on the doomed ship. Following the death of several team members, LT and the last few remaining characters finally rendezvous together. Exhausted and stretched to the limit, it is here that they make a discovery that leads them to uncover the truth about the entire mission and discover a gut-wrenching betrayal. Finally, with a chopper en-route, they are forced to fight against the odds to get off the ship before it crashes taking all evidence of the failed experiment to the bottom of the sea.

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