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I am an independent producer in the San Francisco bay area. My company is Atomic Hollywood Productions, LLC. I have 18 projects in my inventory with 3 feature films and two TV series in active development. I started s an actor a very long time ago and worked my way into producing and writing. I have a page, Atomic Hollywood, on Facebook and a page on .


  • Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not (2016)
    Film by Mike D. Holden (Drama and Fantasy) Producer, Writer An elderly gentleman combats the effects of Dementia, he must do all he can to ensure the past and present remain his.

  • I Heard the Flowers Blooming When I Was Eighty

    I Heard the Flowers Blooming When I Was Eighty (2016)
    Film Actor

  • Lockhart

    Lockhart (2015)
    Film by Rocky Collins (Action, Adventure and Thriller) Actor Inspired by true events, a man's normal life is turned upside down when he inherits an ancient crystal artifact, and becomes THE KEY to unshackle the world from the dominance of energy slavery and the underground one world government. After intense and dangerous detective work, Jon learns that the Lockhart family has been hiding the crystal, otherwise known as THE HEART from the evil Illuminati for the last 1000 years, since the time of Robert the Bruce and the Crusades. The Crystal Heart contains a scientific code that can generate enough unlimited, clean energy to power the entire world.

  • Deadly Crush

    Deadly Crush (2015)
    Film by Dakota Aesquivel (Horror and Thriller) Actor

  • Man from Reno

    Man from Reno (2014)
    Film by Dave Boyle (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor In a small town south of San Francisco, Sheriff Paul Del Moral (Pepe Serna) is driving home through the fog when he accidentally strikes a pedestrian, a lone Japanese man. However, before an investigation can take place the man disappears from the hospital without a trace. At the same time, Japanese mystery author Aki Akahori (Ayako Fujitani) takes a trip to San Francisco in order to escape the press tour for her latest book--a potboiler in her world famous "Inspector Takabe" series. Feeling lonely and vulnerable, she begins a romantic affair with a mysterious Japanese traveler from Reno (Kazuki Kitamura). Her new lover is charismatic and charming but abruptly disappears from the hotel, leaving behind his suitcase and a trail of questions... Written by Production

  • I (Almost) Got Away with It

    I (Almost) Got Away with It (2012)
    Television by Scott Stabile (Documentary and Crime) Actor Murders, drug dealers, bank robbers or jail escapees. The stories are different, but the motive is always the same: to stay out of prison. See what pushed these fugitives to their crimes, how they changed their identities, evaded the law and - almost - got away with it. Written by Toby Padilla

  • Blood of the Father

    Blood of the Father (2010)
    Film by Alex Alamul (Drama and Mystery) Actor Susan and Michael Franklin find themselves in uncharted territory when their parents parish in a freak accident. A visit to a small town uncovers a history filled with deception and secrets. Come along and uncover the hidden secrets in this drama Written by Anonymous

  • The Confessional

    The Confessional (2009)
    Film by James Anthony Cotton (Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama and 2 More) Actor, Production manager A disturbed sculptor assumes the identity of a small town priest and designs a game of divine madness for a unsuspecting town.

  • Motherland

    Motherland (2009)
    Film by Doris Yeung (Drama) Actor After a long absence abroad, young Asian American woman Raffi Tang is called home when her estranged mother is murdered. She becomes increasingly drawn into a web of deception and incompetence while at the same time dealing with her own grief. Written by Avalon Films

  • Dream Box

    Dream Box (2009)
    Film (short) by Jacintha Charles (Drama) Actor

  • Divine Unrest

    Divine Unrest (2008)
    Film by David Dietrich (Drama and Mystery) Actor A story of a man's struggle between addiction and love. Losing sight of reality, he is left to battle the guilt and memories of his past and survive in the world he has entered.

  • Justin's Lot

    Justin's Lot (2008)
    Film (short) by Michelle Ortega Actor

  • A Passion

    A Passion (2001)
    TV Movie by Paul S. Parco Actor

  • Port Charles

    Port Charles (1997 - 2001)
    Television by Wendy Riche (Drama) Actor Spin-off of "General Hospital" focusing on the professional and personal lives of the first year interns at Port Charles' General Hospital. Now residents at the hospital, the doctors and their friends and families are constantly threatened by Dr. Greg Cooper who may or may not be the General Homicide killer. Cooper tries to get revenge on all of them because he was dropped from the hospital's intern program. Written by Adam-157

  • Warpath

    Warpath (2000)
    Film by Peter Maris (Action) Actor, Producer, Production manager Branded a killer and hunted by the police, a half Native American newlywed must return to the ways of his fore-fathers to discover the truth behind the disappearance of his bride.

  • Subliminal Seduction

    Subliminal Seduction (1996)
    TV Movie by Andrew Stevens (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Sound department Darrin Danver is married to Deb. He is a videogames programmer and works for Z-Games when he receives an offer for a job from CTC. He accepts the offer and moves with his wife Deb near Las Vegas. There he discovers that he is paid a lot only to develop the videogame Radical Rat Trap, which is to follow Amazing Mouse Maze. But the great family of CTC uses Videogames Cd-Rom and subliminal messages to try to control minds, his and his wife's. Written by Baldinotto da Pistoia

  • Hell's Belles

    Hell's Belles (1995)
    Film by Ed Hansen (Comedy and Sci-Fi) Actor It's near the 21st century, and the Devil wants to com out and play. He's been stuck with the same women in Hell for thousands of years and he's bored! He's ready for some mortal babes. There's only one problem, 5 "Special" women must be sacrificed before he can get to the real world. Written by Aka-HAVOK

  • Streets of Rage

    Streets of Rage (1994)
    Film by Richard Elfman (Action) Actor Melody Sails (Mimi Lesseos) is an investigative reporter on Hollywood's juvenile delenquincy, and runs across Lunar, the crimelord. With the help of a 12-year old street-kid, she will get to him, but will she down him in the climactic fight to the death, or die trying? Written by Artemis-7

  • Sirens

    Sirens (1993)
    Television (Drama) Actor The personal and professional life of three female Pittsburgh police officers.

  • Forever

    Forever (1993)
    Film by Thomas Palmer Jr. (Horror and Mystery) Producer, Production manager A director of rock videos moves into the house where William Desmond Taylor, a famous director during the silent era, was murdered. He finds some old reels of film, and as he plays the film on a projector, he is visited by the ghosts of the actors and actresses in the film. Written by

  • Civil Wars

    Civil Wars (1991)
    Television (Drama) Actor

  • The Undertaker

    The Undertaker (1988)
    Film by Franco Steffanino (Horror) Actor A deranged undertaker kills various people to keep as his friends in his seedy funeral home.

  • War Cat

    War Cat (1987)
    Film by Ray Dennis Steckler (Action and Drama) Actor, Producer, Production manager A young woman newly arrived in a small town comes up against a crazed group of survivalists who have killed a party of motorcyclists in the desert. They capture and rape her, but she escapes and makes plans to take her vengeance on them. Written by Anonymous

  • The Under Achievers

    The Under Achievers (1987)
    Film by Jackie Kong (Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Comedy about a bunch of misfits in a class together.

  • Riptide

    Riptide (1984)
    Television by Frank Lupo (Action, Thriller, Crime and Drama) Actor Three vietnam veterans (Nick Ryder, Cody Allen and Murray Bozinsky) now work as private eyes in sunny southern California. Nick and Cody are the muscles and Murray is a computer wizard of the trio and together they solve even the hardest cases. Written by Harald Mayr <>

  • One Day at a Time

    One Day at a Time (1983)
    Television by Allan Manings (Comedy) Actor This sitcom follows recently divorced mother (Ann Romano) and her two teenage daughters (Barbara and Julie) as they start a new life together in Indianapolis, They are befriended by the building superintendent (Dwayne Schneider), who treats them like family. Together, these four main characters face life's challenges together. Written by Kate Tripper

  • Modern Problems

    Modern Problems (1981)
    Film by Ken Shapiro (Comedy, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actor Air traffic controller Max Fiedler is unhappy with his career and his second marriage. An exposure to toxic waste gives him the power of telekinesis. He comes to a crossroads at a beachhouse he shares with his wife, his ex, and a voodoo priestess. Written by <>

  • Harper Valley P.T.A.

    Harper Valley P.T.A. (1981)
    Television by Sherwood Schwartz (Comedy) Actor

  • True Life Stories

    True Life Stories (1981)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Miscellaneous Crew, Self

  • Galactica 1980

    Galactica 1980 (1980)
    Television by Glen A. Larson (Sci-Fi) Actor Thirty years after the events of the series "Battlestar Galactica", the fugitive starfleet finally reaches its legendary destination. But Commander Adama discovers that the planet Earth in 1980 is not technologically advanced enough to help them battle the Cylons. Indeed, by coming to Earth, the Galactica has inadvertently exposed the helpless planet to attack by the android race bent on exterminating all humanity. Therefore, teams of Colonial warriors are covertly sent to the planet to work incognito with various members of the scientific community, hoping to advance Earth's technology. Written by Anthony Bruce Gilpin <>

  • Penitentiary

    Penitentiary (1979)
    Film by Jamaa Fanaka (Crime, Drama and Sport) Actor A hitchhiker named Martel Gordone gets in a fight with two bikers over a prostitute, and one of the bikers is killed. Gordone is arrested and sent to prison, where he joins the prison's boxing team in an effort to secure an early parole and to establish his dominance over the prison's toughest gang. Written by page8701

  • CHiPs

    CHiPs (1979)
    Television by Paul Playdon (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor "CHiPS," which stood for California Highway Patrol, followed the daily beats of two state motorcycle patrolmen as they patrolled the freeway system in and around Los Angeles. Officer Jon Baker was the straight, serious officer while Frank "Ponch" Poncherello was the more free- wheeling member of the duo; both reported to Sgt. Joe Getraer, who gave out assignments and advice in handling the cases. Each episode saw a compilation of incidents, ranging from the humorous (e.g., a stranded motorist) to criminal investigations (such as hijackings) and tragic incidents (such as a fiery multi-car pile-up with multiple deaths. Other aspects of Ponch and Jon's daily work were highlighted as well; the social lives of both officers (they were both single) often provided the lighter moments. On occassion, Ponch and Jon were assisted by a female "Chippie" at first, the very beautiful Sindy Cahill; and later, the more wholesome Bonnie Clark. In 1982, Ponch got a new partner, Bobby Nelson (series star... Written by Brian Rathjen <>

  • The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

    The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1978)
    Television by Edward Stratemeyer (Family and Mystery) Actor Frank and Joe Hardy were the teenage sons of world-renowned private investigator Fenton Hardy. Snooping must have been in the Hardy blood, since Frank and Joe were always stumbling across mysterious goings-on, usually of the non-violent kind. Kidnapping, smuggling, robbery, missing persons and haunted houses were the norm in the Hardy hometown of Bayport, although their adventures often took the boys to other cities or even countries. Frank was the sensible, older brother, while Joe was impulsive and a budding pop singer. Gertrude was Frank & Joe's sometimes nagging aunt, Callie was Frank's cute girlfriend and Harry a government agent the Hardy boys occasionally worked with. Written by Marty McKee <>

  • Lady of the House

    Lady of the House (1978)
    TV Movie by Vincent Sherman (Drama) Actor A dramatization of the life of Sally Stanford, who operated a bordello in the northern California town of Sausalito, and eventually went on to be elected mayor of the town.

  • King

    King (1978)
    Television (Biography and Drama) Actor The story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stretching from his days as a Southern Baptist minister up to his assassination in Memphis in 1968.

  • The Pack

    The Pack (1977)
    Film by Robert Clouse (Horror and Thriller) Actor A horror movie about a pack of dogs who run amok on an island resort. Veteran action star (Joe Don Baker) plays the marine biologist forced to deal with the dilemma when the dogs begin to exhibit their killer instincts by hunting down and killing resort patrons. Written by Ørnås


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