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My name is Alexander Köhler and I am a citizen of Johannesburg South Africa. I am a professional film and television editor. I graduated from AFDA The South African School of Motion Picture and Live Performance in the year 2013. I succeeded the award for Best Editor of the year 2013. The editing software that I obtained throughout my course is Final Cut Pro 7 and Velocity, I studied Apple Color for colour grading and iWeb to create my own website known as , I have also taken an online course on Apple After Effects as a subtle skill to have with film editing. My website is used as a tool and key factor to promote myself as a film and television editor in order to aggrandise my career. I edited an experimental film in the first term of my final year at AFDA known as Jericho. Jericho received a sliver award at the Kodak Scholarship Awards. I succeeded the award for Best Editor in the year 2013 at my university and the graduation film I edited, titled as Rift, succeeded the award for Best 3rd Year Graduation Film. I was the only editor of 2013 to edit two graduation films one been Rift and the other titled Silence & I. Silence & I was one of 5 AFDA films to be screened at the 35th Durban International Film Festival. It was also screened at the Africa in Motion Film Festival in The United Kingdom. I was the script supervisor for the Oscar Nominated Student film Kanye Kanye. In the year 2014 I did some promotional Internet videos for Get Fit TV, Zalebs TV and then I secured myself a freelance-editing job on Chopped South Africa. I worked on Chopped SA for

approximately 6 months and then I received a job offer from ANN7 African News Network for a more permanent editing position and I currently am an editor for ANN7 African News Network, .
I am very diligent, hard working and always eager to educate myself further and will ask for assistance whenever I feel ambivalent about my work. That is the only way I will be omniscient in all aspects of filmmaking. I worked as an editor for season one of the television series Chopped South Africa, produced by Susan Nell owner of SNELCO Productions.

I have learned a great deal of significant prospects about television production and it will be sure to advance my career
as a film maker. I accept that I am currently an adolescent in my career but I am willing to grow further. I am now working as a video editor for African News Network and I would like to further advance my career by attempting a new challenge in the film and television industry and therefore I have attached my curriculum vitae.
Also attached is a recommendation letter transcribed by editing lecturer Laura Van Der Merwe of AFDA Johannesburg and a second recommendation letter transcribed by news anchor and news reporter Hajra Omarjee If there is an editing position available I hope that you will take a glance at my C.V.
I have also read variety of books on film editing in order to expand my career. I have read ‘Story’ by Robert Mckee, ‘The Conversation’ by Walter Murch, ‘In The Blink of An Eye’ by Water Murch and ‘The Film Editing Handbook,’ by Normon Hollyn. These books have been a great assistance to me. Fascinating aspects of film editing skills were sponged out of those books for example Waler Murch’s strategy about cutting on the actor’s blinks during a dialogue exchanged scene because the blinks punctuate the audience thoughts and patterns. If an actor blinks because he is in a thought process so will the audience.
Please feel free to contact me to come for a job interview, however since I live in Johannesburg South Africa, I have put my Skype name in the signature in order to do an online interview if necessary.
“The way I see myself in the near future is pursuing my dreams of becoming a well-known film editor with a large variety of social connections and good inspiration

to other film-makers. After reading, 'The Monk That Sold His Ferrari,’ by Robin Sharma, ‘A New Earth,’ by Eckhart Tolle, ‘Loving What Is,’ by Byron Katie, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldeman, ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, ‘The Power of Coincidence’ by David Richo, ‘The Undiscovered Self’ by Carl Jung and ‘How To Develop Self Confidence’ by Dale Carnegie, I changed certain ways in which I perceive elements of life.
I have discovered that the human brain thinks 60 000 thoughts a day and the majority (80%) of them are negative thoughts. We as individuals need to change that, focusing only on the good elements of life. Whatever negative thought comes to my mind, I immediately take it off the projector. If something negative happens to me I accept it and deal with it rather than arguing with reality because that gets you no-where in life. Quote by Eckhart Tolle, ‘What could be more futile than to want reality to be anything than what it already is.’ I live in the present moment only, not the past or the future as what Eckhart Tolle describes in The Power of Now. If I encounter a tyrant at work or even else where, in my mind I remember how Tolle explains how to detach thyself from the ego and pain body. Therefore in my mind I say God forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing as they are unconscious of their dominative egos.
I have set goals for the future such as managing a post- production company, learning all I can within the industry, improve the South African film market and be an inspiration to other filmmakers and I am in no frenzy
to achieve these goals. Its not to say that I am indolent but my mind is focused on the destination as well as the journey that God has set for me. I have the patience to learn what I need to know in order to fulfill my dreams. I do my work with enthusiasm because, according to ‘A New Earth’, the word enthusiasm is adapted from a Greek word meaning possessed with God. Therefore, I believe when I am doing my work with enthusiasm, I am doing it with God. This particular life principle, from author Eckhart Tolle, keeps me motivated to work efficiently with love and passion. Dale Carnegie’s book explains how French Ruler Napoleon used to operate when he was in power. When it was work time Napoleon opened his imaginary draw and kept it open for as long as he needed to do and when it was time for family he would shut down the work draw and just opened the family draw for as long as he needed to. I believe this particular technique made him a successful leader of France but his ego later consumed him.
However when I encounter a pothole I apply the four paramount, but simple questions by Byron Katie 1, 'Is it true,' 2, 'Can you absolutely know that it's
true,' 3, 'How do you react when you believe the thought,'4, 'Who would be without that thought.' I apply Byron Katie's work process and therefore I make peace with matters pertaining to my editing career that I encounter. Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman assisted me in understanding the science behind the way humans portray their emotions. For example if someone randomly snaps and wraths it is because they have obtained an amygdala hijacking in their brains. This scientific assistance allows me to understand human
society a lot better and therefore improve my EQ as well as my IQ. Therefore I would appreciate if you would look at my C.V attached if there is any available position please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Chopped South Africa

    Chopped South Africa (2014)
    Television by SNELCO Editor

  • Rift

    Rift (2013)
    Film (short) by AFDA Editor

  • Silence & I

    Silence & I (2013)
    Film (short) by AFDA Editor

  • Unable Pen Pappy Is Dead

    Unable Pen Pappy Is Dead (2013)
    Commercial by Frieze Films Main Actor

  • Jericho

    Jericho (2013)
    Film (short) by AFDA Editor


  • Best Editor AFDA 2013 Annual Award Ceremony


  • AFDA South African School of Motion Picture & Live Performance

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