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Cedric Cirotteau

Arara Azul Films
Actor, Director, Post-Production Supervisor and Producer

London, England

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About Cedric

Cedric has trained in the martial arts since the age of 16, and holds black belts in Aikido, Judo and Jujitsu. This is how he was later discovered in 2005 by actor and fencer Juan Jimenez, who remains a close friend. Juan pushed him towards a career in stunts and acting. Cedric took stunts and fencing lessons with Patrice Camboni, a sword-master from the Conservatoire de Paris and studied acting in 2009 and 2010 at Studio Pygmalion, Montrouge. In 2013 he took full training with reputed acting coach Patricia Sterlin. Cedric has starred in several commercials in France and Morocco and has made appearances in feature and TV films in France, England, and India. He directed several short films between 2008 and 2014. He is represented in London by HR Creative Artists, in Paris by Agence A, and in Los Angeles by Kerry Jones Management.


  • Krank

    Krank (2015)
    Film by Caroline Hong Chu (Crime and Drama) Actor Sent by her father to live in Paris under her uncle's protection Isaac that she barely knows, and who deals with young drugs addicts like her, Mai, a young Berliner, crosses the paths of people who are not what they claim to be. After breaking the deadlock, she discovers a dark secret whose revelation could have changed the course of her existence.

  • Twolines

    Twolines (2015)
    Film (short) by Nicolas Van Beveren (Action, Drama and War) Actor 2016, Palestine and Israel are at war. An Israeli unit is progressing in a no man's land and is taken under fire by Palestinian soldiers. The battle is furious until silence prevails. Only two men survive, bleeding to death. They will face each other for their lasting living hours. Two visions, two cultures, but besides their difference, they share the same love for humanity. What will remain of them will not be their homeland, their religion, their politics, but the love they decide to share as a brotherhood. Somewhere in this no man's land, peace will exist, as a symbol.

  • Rough Cut

    Rough Cut (2015)
    Film by Owen Carey Jones (Action, Crime, Romance and Thriller) Actor Synthetic diamonds meet the French Riviera in this crime thriller.

  • Flavia

    Flavia (2015)
    Film (short) by Cedric Cirotteau (Comedy and Drama) Writer, Producer, Director, Editor Flavia, a young single mother, deals with daily life issues in France, her host country, in order to raise her beloved son Fernando.

  • Sister in Arms

    Sister in Arms (2014)
    Film (short) by Olivier Lavielle (Action, Fantasy and War) Actor Five soldiers are separated from their colleague. The situation goes worth, tiredness, stress and fear. One decision must be taken. In a few minutes a plane will bomb the area, and an helicopter as a one way ticket to life. Where is the other soldier? From his side he tries his best to makes his brothers in arm to come to his position. Does he plays with their lives or does he know something they don't know? Written by Anonymous

  • Taken 3

    Taken 3 (2014)
    Film by Olivier Megaton (Action and Thriller) Actor Liam Neeson returns as ex-covert operative Bryan Mills, whose long awaited reconciliation with his ex-wife is tragically cut short when she is brutally murdered. Consumed with rage, and framed for the crime, he goes on the run to evade the relentless pursuit of the CIA, FBI and the police. For one last time, Mills must use his "particular set of skills," to track down the real killers, exact his unique brand of justice, and protect the only thing that matters to him now - his daughter. Written by 20th Century Fox

  • Angry Phones

    Angry Phones (2014)
    Film (short) by Vincent Gatinaud (Action and Comedy) Actor, Stunts, Writer 3 guys having a boring day fight for their phones to play video games.

  • Une histoire, une urgence

    Une histoire, une urgence (2014)
    Television (Drama and Reality-TV) Actor

  • Anything for Alice

    Anything for Alice (2014)
    Film by Nicolas Cuche (Comedy) Actor Slacker Max fell so hard for single mother Alice in college that he developed a website aimed at winning her heart. Years later, after his venture has earned him millions of dollars, Max risks his entire fortune performing an ever more complicated series of social contortions to get close to Alice, now a politically motivated factory worker. Written by Rialto Premieres

  • Dassault, l'homme au pardessus

    Dassault, l'homme au pardessus (2014)
    TV Movie by Olivier Guignard (History) Stunts

  • Baga Beach

    Baga Beach (2013)
    Film by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar (Drama) Actor Sobha a bead seller, Devappa a motorboat rider, Jerroviar a lifeguard, Brendan a school boy, Vishu a massage boy and many others whose life is enmeshed with the life of the most popular beach in Goa, the BAGA BEACH. The film is a camouflage in motion exploring struggles of people living on the coastal belt of Goa, giving an insight into the complex world of growing tourism industry. Written by Anonymous

  • Resident Evil: The Nightmare of Dante

    Resident Evil: The Nightmare of Dante (2013)
    Film (short) by Vincent Gatinaud (Action and Horror) Actor

  • Dernier recours

    Dernier recours (2013)
    Television (Drama) Actor Family Judge Françoise Merle and a social investigator have to deal with all kind of family dramas: adulterers, family breakdown, financial disputes, fraud, assault... Together, they must solve conflicts in the best interests of children.

  • Myster Mocky présente

    Myster Mocky présente (2013)
    Television (Thriller) Actor

  • La pomme

    La pomme (2013)
    Film (short) by Ariane Legale (Thriller) Actor Ava, Alan and Sam are locked up in a cell with just an apple to eat. As an outer voice tells them to eat the fruit, they wander if they should or not, fearing the consequences.

  • Petits secrets entre voisins

    Petits secrets entre voisins (2013)
    Television (Drama and Reality-TV) Actor

  • Clémenceau

    Clémenceau (2012)
    TV Movie by Olivier Guignard (Biography, History and War) Actor, Stunts

  • Soeur d'arme

    Soeur d'arme (2012)
    Film (short) by Olivier Lavielle (War) Actor

  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2012)
    Film (short) by Vincent Gatinaud (Action) Actor

  • Dérèglement

    Dérèglement (2012)
    Film (short) by Pierre Henniquant (Comedy, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor, Stunts Jean-Guy is working in a small french firm. He's in love with his colleague Karen. But she's not attracted by him. When he hears his colleagues to scoff at his lady-love, he decides to warn her. But Karen orders him to stop any contact with her. His world is going to collapse. Written by Anonymous

  • The Digglito and the Pussycat

    The Digglito and the Pussycat (2012)
    Film (short) by Yohan Riba Martinez (Drama) Actor An American woman breaks up with her French Boyfriend in Paris. As one of her students father and his shrink try to help her, they will realize what the real drama of her life is all about.

  • Carol & Alex

    Carol & Alex (2012)
    Film (short) by Yohan Riba Martinez (Romance) Actor, Producer

  • Toussaint Louverture

    Toussaint Louverture (2012)
    Television (History) Stunts

  • Louis XVI, l'homme qui ne voulait pas être roi

    Louis XVI, l'homme qui ne voulait pas être roi (2011)
    TV Movie by Thierry Binisti (History) Actor The dramatic events around the French king Louis XVI and the French crises in the late 1700's with no will to pay taxes, which led Louis XVI into an impossible situation as a king.

  • The Destiny of Rome

    The Destiny of Rome (2011)
    Television (History) Actor, Stunts At the Battle of Philippi, Marc Antony and Octavian fight back their joint enemies to lay claim to Caesar's throne. Eleven years later, the two square off in the naval Battle of Actium to decide once and for all the destiny of Rome. The bitter personal rivalry between the two men climaxes when Marc Antony abandons his attacking forces to pursue the fleeing Cleopatra. This single act sounded the death knell of the Roman Republic and gave birth to an empire. Written by Anonymous

  • Dog Tag Runners

    Dog Tag Runners (2011)
    Film (short) by Payam Azadi (War) Actor Jake, Alice and Michael are soldiers. But war has no longer a sense. They are running away from the army after stealing military properties. They are now fighting for survival. Will they make it? They promised each other to stay together, no matter the price. Written by Cedric Cirotteau

  • Violence sur fondeurs

    Violence sur fondeurs (2011)
    Film (short) by Pierre Henniquant (Drama) Actor March 2003 Noyelles Godault, 830 employees staged a protest to block access to their plant. They protest against the liquidation and their termination without notice. The plant will close at 13 pm, a debate is taking place in the heart of this event. Will they find a solution? Written by Anonymous

  • Une pure affaire

    Une pure affaire (2011)
    Film by Alexandre Coffre (Action, Comedy and Crime) Actor An attorney stumbles upon a suitcase filled with cocaine.

  • Dans la tourmente

    Dans la tourmente (2011)
    Film by Christophe Ruggia (Drama and Thriller) Stunts

  • Jours de colère

    Jours de colère (2010)
    Film (short) by Charles Redon Actor Leopold is an illegal immigrant who lives in Paris. From the restaurant kitchen he works in to the makeshift camp he lives in, he daily suffers from police hunts and racism. He gets involved in dangerous bets to survive.

  • Point Blank

    Point Blank (2010)
    Film by Fred Cavayé (Action, Crime and Thriller) Actor Samuel Pierret (Gilles Lellouche) is a nurse who saves the wrong guy -- a thief (Roschdy Zem) whose henchmen take Samuel's pregnant wife (Elena Anaya) hostage to force him to spring their boss from the hospital. A race through the subways and streets of Paris ensues, and the body count rises. Can Samuel evade the cops and the criminal underground and deliver his beloved to safety? Written by thewanger

  • Matricule 123

    Matricule 123 (2009)
    Film (short) by Cedric Cirotteau (Crime) Actor, Writer, Producer, Director Nathan, tortured and hold by Tommaso, becomes Id Number 123, the instrument of Tommaso's vengeance against the Luciano family, a strong mafia clan based in New York. Nathan will find salvation with Monica, a lawyer searching her family.

  • Inside

    Inside (2008)
    Film (short) by Cedric Cirotteau (Crime and Thriller) Actor, Writer, Producer, Director A hit man wakes up in an hotel room, suffering from partial amnesia and facing two corpses. He tries to put all together the pieces of the puzzle that is in front of him. A woman in the bathroom who has been shot. A dead man bound on the bed with photos of him and several attractive women. He reminds that he was on a contract for a mysterious lady, Nina. Written by Anonymous

  • Duel

    Duel (2007)
    Film (short) by Juan Jimenez (Action and Fantasy) Actor, Stunts

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