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Ray Brady

Director, Producer, Actor, Cinematographer and Editor

London, England

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About Ray

Ray Brady took a BA in film at the prestigious London College of printing making his first feature film Boy Meets Girl (1994) whilst on the first year on his degree coarse. Forbidden by the faculty to use any college equipment or facilities to help in the making of the film, Ray sold his flat and and its contents to help raise the production budget. Originally shot on 16mm the film was blown up to 35mm and went on to screen in competition at several major international film festival and national film festivals. It screened in competition at Edinburgh, Birmingham, Stiges, Veinele, Fantasporta and a dozen over major festivals and competitions. A dark psychological horror film, a debate regarding the damaging censorship policies then practiced in the UK by its national censorship body the BBFC written within a classic horror film abduction scenario (reversed), it caused national controversy and became a cause célèbre in the media, unfortunately because it directly challenged its audiences as to why they were attracted to watch violent films in the first place it received votes of either zero or ten out of ten so, "the audiences just either loved it or hated it". The film premiered at the NFT 1 and was screened at the ICA and at over forty other cinemas in the UK including the Glasgow film theatre and the Irish Film Centre in Dublin. Banned for several years in the UK on video it was given an uncut 18 theatrical certificate and only after seven years was represented to be given a completely uncut UK 18 video and DVD certificate. On the second year of his degree coarse Brady was paid to give lectures to the foundation coarse on his experiences after making the film and his long procrastinated battle with the then Head British Film censor James Ferman. On the third year of his degree coarse he was paid to give lectures to the 1st year students that he was still attending himself. Now acknowledged as one of the most respected indie feature directors in the UK, his signature being originality with the highest production values, several of Ray Brady's later films have won international awards for best film and best director and his films continue to be festival favorites.

Unique traits: Indie feature film production company based in London, UK



  • Articulate

    Articulate (2018)
    TV Movie (Reality-TV) Director Young British people talk about all the "Big" words whilst filmed against a blue/screen, behind them either complementary or entertaining images are juxtaposed.

  • Dick Turpin

    Dick Turpin (2018)
    Film (Action) Director Add a Plot »

  • It's in the Trees

    It's in the Trees (2018)
    Film (Short and Horror) Director Add a Plot »

  • Run Hide Tell

    Run Hide Tell (2018)
    Film (Horror) Director A portmanteau style feature length film made up of several very different short horror films shot in the UK.

  • Cyber 9/11

    Cyber 9/11 (2018)
    Film (Short and Horror) Director Add a Plot »

  • Gone to Ground

    Gone to Ground (2018)
    Film (Thriller) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Mostly Dead

    Mostly Dead (2016)
    Film (short) by Ray Brady (Horror) Producer, Director, Writer, Actor

  • I Kissed a Boy

    I Kissed a Boy (2016)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director A virus changes peoples sexuality.

  • God Is the Devil

    God Is the Devil (2015)
    Film (short) by Ray Brady (Drama) Producer, Director, Writer

  • Invasion of the Not Quite Dead

    Invasion of the Not Quite Dead (2015)
    Film by Antony D. Lane (Horror and Sci-Fi) Producer In 1978 a meteorite crash lands into the Swiss Mountains, unleashing a deadly virus. Killing everyone within a 20 mile radius, the incident was covered up by local officials. Now thirty years later the virus is released onto an unsuspecting island off the coast of England. A group of survivors must band together in order to survive the death and destruction of the once friendly locals in this black comedy horror "Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead". Written by Tony Lane IV (Writer)

  • Demon

    Demon (2012)
    Film by Mark Duffield (Horror) Actor Demon is the bloodiest love story of all. Set in Victorian London it tells the tale of Lorcan a young handsome man cursed by love that transforms him into a blood thirsty demon.

  • Afraid of the Dark

    Afraid of the Dark (2012)
    Film (short) by Ray Brady (Horror) Producer, Director, Writer

  • Egression

    Egression (2011)
    Film by Ray Brady (Drama) Producer, Director, Actor, Camera and Electrical Department Three people meet and become friends in London. Two of them form a relationship in turns loving and destructive. The death of one of them forces the others to reassess their lives and change or die. The main themes of 'Egression' are escape and redemption. All the characters are trying by some means or another to escape from aspects of their pasts. Whether it's by drinking, taking drugs, gambling, casual sex. What begins as fun distractions in youth leads to lives of self abuse and addiction. With forms of therapy frowned upon by the strata of society composing the piece and families distant or uncaring, the characters have no recourse but each other. After the lead female character takes her own life, the others are left with the repercussions; blame, guilt, self-doubt. Thoughts of the futility of their own existence. Deciding to simply keep on living is the nearest to redemption these characters allow themselves or are perhaps even capable of. Written by Des Brady

  • Intergalactic Combat

    Intergalactic Combat (2007)
    Film by Ray Brady (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Camera and Electrical Department, Editor Aliens appear at the UN and invite Earth to join the Galactic Federation, there is a catch though, Earth has one year to send a team of it's best fighters to represent the palnet in an unarmed combat tournament. The fate of the Earth depends on the tournaments outcome. Written by bRAdY

  • Cold Dark

    Cold Dark (2003)
    Film by Ray Brady Director

  • Day of the Sirens

    Day of the Sirens (2002)
    Film by Ray Brady (Action and Thriller) Producer, Director, Writer, Camera and Electrical Department A serial killer goes out in a blaze of terror on a summer's day in London

  • Little England II

    Little England II (2002)
    Film by Ray Brady Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer Ray Brady's polemical blast against the established notion of English culture from the perspective of the young.

  • Poets

    Poets (2002)
    Film by Ray Brady Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer Poets is essentially a travelogue of the British Isles, juxtaposed with an anthology of classical and contemporary verse, macro-cosmic in scope, microcosmic in its singular intensity. In this sense it is merely a travelogue, yet there is so much more, spanning from the traditional to the avant-garde, from the sublime to the ridiculous, very different, highly original and with a unique zeitgeist narrative structure. Poets concentrates on locations and issues within the UK and in an oblique way referencing poetry to the topography, at first seemingly random and esoterical, slowly and ultimately questioning the very nature of our British culture and heritage. The film is shot in multiple formats from 35mm (the majority) to the newer digital format of Digi-beta, with a short, eerily beautiful dream segment shot in Super-8. Obviously a socialist commentary, Poets is in turn informative, witty and thought-provoking. An observation and reflection on contemporary life in the UK from a ... Written by Anonymous

  • Love Life

    Love Life (2002)
    Film by Ray Brady (Comedy and Romance) Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Camera and Electrical Department Scott spends too much time having fun and not enough time growing up - too many clubs, drugs and drinking sessions. After having a one night stand with Ally, Scott finds out she is pregnant. Peer pressure and lack of self-confidence leads Scott to suggest an abortion. Pressurised, Ally agrees. Scott cannot face the abortion clinic and leaves Ally to go through the ordeal by herself. But Ally has a change of heart and walks out of the clinic and Scott's life. Scott by chance runs into Ally several years later. Ally has had his son, Daniel, and is doing very well, having worked through a degree at Oxford, whilst being a single parent. She now has a top job in the city. Scott moves to London in a personal quest to earn acknowledgment from his child and respect from Ally. He takes a job at the creche where Daniel is looked after, getting to know him and understand what it's like being a father. His resolve and character are put to the test several times, but has he changed enough for Ally... Written by Anonymous

  • Randall's Flat

    Randall's Flat (2001)
    Film by Chris Atkins (Crime, Thriller and Comedy) Producer

  • The Sexy Mysterious Murders

    The Sexy Mysterious Murders (2000)
    Film by Ray Brady (Thriller) Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Camera and Electrical Department, Editor, Production designer Richard, a science-fiction writer, works from home. Gradually he becomes obsessed with his beautiful new neighbour, a woman called Angelica. Richard moves from normal desire to becoming psychologically unbalanced, when he begins to regulate his life to observe her. He starts to photograph her, soon he begins to follow her. Through deceit and lies, he manages to get close to her flat-mate and through her to Angelica herself. Richard is utterly ruthless in the pursuit of his obsession, eventually leading to triple murder. A twisted and incredible tale of suburban madness and infatuation with the girl next door. Written by Anonymous

  • Little England

    Little England (1996)
    Film by Ray Brady Producer, Director, Writer, Camera and Electrical Department, Editor, Production designer Sixteen young people, eight actors, eight non-actors are each given one minute to discuss the big issues i.e... See full synopsis »

  • Boy Meets Girl

    Boy Meets Girl (1994)
    Film by Ray Brady (Drama and Horror) Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Editor, Production designer A woman picks a man up in a bar and takes him back to her place. He thinks he is going to get laid, she has over plans. She proceeds to drug him and incarcerate him in a chair in her basement before torturing him, physically and phycologically. It starts as an S&M excercise and goes to somewhere much much darker. Written by illi checkover CA USA


  • BA Media at London College of Printing

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