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Mark Thimijan was born on October 2, 1976 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. He is a cinematographer and writer, known for She Lives Her Life (2014), Way to Go, Christine! (2010) and Mister Coffey (2009).





  • Running Through Darkness

    Running Through Darkness (2018)
    Film Cinematographer

  • The Whirlpool of Night

    The Whirlpool of Night (2018)
    Film Cinematographer

  • Blood Model

    Blood Model (2017)
    Film Cinematographer

  • Mower Boy

    Mower Boy (2017)
    Film Cinematographer

  • Life After Ex

    Life After Ex (2017)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department

  • The Bagman Died First

    The Bagman Died First (2017)
    Film Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • You're Welcome

    You're Welcome (2016)
    Film Cinematographer

  • The Night She Came Back

    The Night She Came Back (2016)
    Film Cinematographer

  • The House on Peach Avenue

    The House on Peach Avenue (2016)
    Film Cinematographer

  • The Amityville Legacy

    The Amityville Legacy (2016)
    Film Cinematographer

  • The Regulars

    The Regulars (2015)
    Film (short) by Justin Senkbile (Comedy) Cinematographer, Actor Monica and June versus time, boredom and the denizens of the 24-hour diner at which they work...

  • Wasted Nights

    Wasted Nights (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Cinematographer, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor Wasted Nights is a 10 episode web series that revolves around a group of characters who all hang out in the same bar. They experience dreams, hopes, failures, romance, comedy, drama, surrealism, realism, drunkenness, philosophy, heartache and achievement. Above all it's a stylized look at a group of people who frequent the same bar and encompasses their immediate conversations and feelings. Written by anonymous

  • Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival

    Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival (2015)
    Film by Dustin Ferguson (Horror) Cinematographer

  • Cheerleader Camp: To the Death

    Cheerleader Camp: To the Death (2014)
    Film by Dustin Ferguson (Horror) Cinematographer After a team of cheerleaders are burned to death in a gruesome sprinkler accident, the one who got away, Tanya returns to cheerleader camp. Joining her are an all-new squad of drop-dead gorgeous mean girls from competing high schools who chafe under the strict rules set by Coach Paddington (Jennifer Banko). With a lustful caretaker (Ari Lehman) lurking nearby, the team struggle to get along - but soon their life depends on it! When someone in a panda costume begins killing one girl every hour, it's up to Tanya to piece together the clues before time runs out.

  • Gloved Murderess

    Gloved Murderess (2014)
    Film by Dustin Ferguson (Horror) Cinematographer Inspired by the films of Dario Argento, this modern American giallo tells of a young woman who suffers from vivid nightmares about an unknown gloved maniac sexually mutilating male victims. It turns out her dreams are real and it's up to her to use her visions to unlock the identity of the Killer. Set to a pulsating soundtrack by Velvet Acid Christ. Written by Dustin Ferguson

  • She Lives Her Life

    She Lives Her Life (2014)
    Film by Mark Thimijan (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Cinematographer, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor She Lives Her Life is a modern day retelling of Jean-Luc Godard's 1962 film Vivre Sa Vie. The movie is told in 12 chapters as we follow Betsy through a series of relationships and encounters, by day she works at a pawn shop, by night she lives her life. Written by anonymous

  • Ever Been Hypnotised?

    Ever Been Hypnotised? (2014)
    Film (short) by Pete Lipins (Drama and Fantasy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Ever Been Hypnotised? A filmmaker's attempt to document a stage hypnotist goes disastrously awry. Stylistically inspired by Chris Marker's 'La Jetee', this short is a chapter from a project currently in post-production call 'The Hypnotist.' Written by Anonymous

  • Scenes from Friday and Saturday

    Scenes from Friday and Saturday (2013)
    Film (short) by Justin Senkbile (Comedy) Cinematographer A brief look at a few people as they approach their late twenties and the beginning of an unremarkable weekend.

  • Die Sister, Die!

    Die Sister, Die! (2013)
    Film by Dustin Ferguson (Horror) Cinematographer, Writer Edward (Jeff Hoover) is tired of the "allowance" granted him by his older sister, Amanda (Brinke Stevens) and becomes impatient for her death, and his part of Father's inheritance. Amanda has suffered from two heart attacks already, and Edward believes the third time will be a charm. To help induce another attack, Edward hires an ex-con nurse, Esther (Jennii Caroline) to "scare her to death". However, Esther becomes less than enthusiastic about killing Amanda, but becomes increasingly more curious about the secrets held in the house, including a mysterious third sister, Meredith. An eerie secluded mansion, a tormented recluse, strange psychosexual perversions, a macabre family and a ghastly secret locked away in the attic combine to tell a chilling tale of greed, deceit and murder! Written by Dustin Ferguson

  • Black Lines

    Black Lines (2013)
    Film (short) by Mike Johnson (Drama, Fantasy and Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department After a shocking accident involving his lover Neil, drag performer Lee Harris is haunted by dark visions that threaten to push him past the line of sanity

  • Happy Trails

    Happy Trails (2013)
    Film (short) by Mike Johnson Camera and Electrical Department

  • Velvet Acid Christ: Mysteric

    Velvet Acid Christ: Mysteric (2012)
    Film (short) by Dustin Ferguson (Music) Cinematographer

  • Velvet Acid Christ: Maldire

    Velvet Acid Christ: Maldire (2012)
    Film (short) by Dustin Ferguson (Music) Cinematographer Dunwich, 1693- 3 witches are burned at the stake for supposed "Witchcraft". They place a curse which takes effect 300 years later as a gloved killer stalks the city in search of religious scapegoats.

  • PerfectMatch

    PerfectMatch (2012)
    Film by Chad Eddy (Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Meet Maggie. Meet Stephen. Two love lorn twenty-somethings who find each other on a popular Internet dating site. Does it matter that Stephen works for the site that brought the two of them together? Or that he knowingly manipulates the site to create a perfect match? As you can guess, it gets complicated. PerfectMatch is a quirky 21st century romantic comedy that realizes that as our technology evolves, the ease with which we find our soulmate does not. Written by Anonymous

  • Strip Poker

    Strip Poker (2011)
    Film (short) by Karis Yanike (Comedy) Cinematographer

  • Way to Go, Christine!

    Way to Go, Christine! (2010)
    Film (short) by Mark Thimijan (Adventure, Comedy and Drama) Cinematographer, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor Christine is a 20 something female who suffers through the days in her cubicle office job. Her only relief comes from her two 15 minute breaks she received on a daily basis. On those breaks, Christine sprints to the liquor store where she buys 40 ounces of malt liquor. Returning to work is more of a challenge as she not only has to sprint but also chug the alcohol. The boss in the office is onto Christine and he checks in with looking to catch her just one minute late for an excuse to fire her. Written by Anonymous

  • Mister Coffey

    Mister Coffey (2009)
    Film (short) by Mark Thimijan (Comedy and Drama) Cinematographer, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor Mister Coffey loves coffee more than anything, in fact it's the only thing he loves. His days at work consist of drinking coffee, thinking about drinking coffee, and drinking more coffee. A sudden medical condition afflicts him and he must make a serious choice in life. Either quit drinking coffee or quit living. Written by Standifero Clark

  • Barstool Cowboy

    Barstool Cowboy (2009)
    Film by Mark Thimijan (Drama) Writer, Director, Producer, Editor Mick is an unemployed cowboy who can't find love. Disillusioned with both life and women, he vows to stay on a barstool for three months hoping to find some answers at the bottom of a beer bottle. Shortly thereafter, Mick meets Arcy, a young female art student, and he quickly forgets his misery as the two become friends and form a unique relationship. As they get to know each other better, the couple transforms each other's lives while spending their time drinking, dancing, and de-constructing the mysteries of life. Will Mick finally find the love he needs in life or should he have just stayed on his barstool? The answer, like life, is both complicated and unpredictable in this romantic comedy-drama. Written by anonymous

  • 140

    140 (2009)
    Film by Farah Al Amin (Documentary) Director 140 filmmakers in 140 locations worldwide will be synchronized through the website to film 140 seconds at the same time. The theme is connection. The must film whatever it is that connects them to their home and do it in 140 seconds of continuous footage. Written by Frank Kelly

  • The Girl Who Could Run 600 Miles Per Hour

    The Girl Who Could Run 600 Miles Per Hour (2006)
    Film (short) by Mark Thimijan (Drama) Writer, Director, Producer

  • Stash

    Stash (2002)
    Film (short) by Kirsten McCallion (Horror) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director The night watchman of a vast storage facility inadvertently summons a vicious demon, launching a high-speed chase through a maze of dark halls.

  • Outta Time

    Outta Time (2002)
    Film by Lorena David (Adventure, Crime and Action) Camera and Electrical Department A handsome and talented college student, David Morales, is devastated when a bum knee causes him to lose his scholarship to the University of San Diego. Unwilling to disappoint his proud mother, Morales wastes no time in looking for a job to pay his way through school. So when he meets the mysterious Professor Darabont who offers him a very well paying job to transport sealed packages across the Mexican border, Morales cannot refuse. Written by Sujit R. Varma

  • The Hungry Woman

    The Hungry Woman (2002)
    Film by Glenn Robert Smith Miscellaneous Crew Living in a hidden illegal migrant camp in Southern California with her brother and sister, Evelia becomes a witness to murder involving international spies. With the FBI and press in hot pursuit, she must make the hardest decision in her life. Written by Scotty Dugan

  • Totally Blonde

    Totally Blonde (2001)
    Film by Andrew Van Slee (Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Meg Peters just can't seem to find Mr. Right, she bleaches her hair blonde and we answer the age old question "Do blondes really have more fun?"

  • A Family Affair

    A Family Affair (2001)
    Film by Helen Lesnick (Comedy and Romance) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Rachel flees NYC after another traumatic breakup and arrives at her parents' home in San Diego. They are adamant to see their wayward daughter settle down with a nice girl. Rachel goes on several blind dates that misfire badly. She finally lets her mother set her up with Christine, a typical Californian girl. Much to Rachel's chagrin, mom is right! Meanwhile, Rachel's friends wait for her to screw up the relationship. They know, even if she won't admit it, that she still carries a torch for her ex-girlfriend and they're not sure what would happen if she reappeared to reclaim Rachel. Written by Helen Lesnick

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