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Bonnie Janofsky

Music composer, music conductor and musician in Los Angeles, California

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Bonnie is a native Angelino from a musical family. Her father played alto sax with Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Xavier Cugat and the Dorsey Brothers. She began piano at age 9, followed by drums and arranging/orchestration in college, and then composition and conducting. Bonnie completed her bachelor program and graduate work at California State University, Los Angeles, and was a participant in the world famous Earle Hagen BMI Film Scoring Workshop. She completed the University of Southern California Advanced Studies Program, Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television, where she was awarded the annual BMI Award. She is also a 2001 Los Angeles Music Week honoree. She studied composition with noted film and television composer David Angel. A multi-faceted writer and performer, Bonnie's experience covers a broad range of styles and musical idioms. She is a highly regarded pianist and drummer, in addition to her composing career. Bonnie's writing credits include composing and arranging for a multitude of shorts, films, jingles, live shows - including Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" - vocalists, big bands and symphony orchestras, from combos to large ensembles, and from Dixieland to jazz to Latin to classical to Pop. She has been featured in the Orient, Europe and throughout the United States. Bonnie created the all-women big band, "Maiden Voyage", and has appeared on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show", as well as on a Big Band Weekend opposite Count Basie, Woody Herman, Harry James and Maynard Ferguson. Her biography appears in "Who's Who in Entertainment". In theatre, Bonnie has composed in the Playwright-Composer Studio 2000 of the A.S.K. Theatre Project. She is currently composing for two new musicals.

Name: Bonnie Janofsky

Lives in: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Music Composer, Music Conductor and Musician


  • Breaking Legs

    Breaking Legs (2015)
    Film by Mark Marchillo (Family and Musical) Composer It's 'Footloose' meets 'Mean Girls' as high school freshman Bloom moves to a town where there's no place to dance - except the school dance team! But when the boyfriend of the team's lead girl falls for her, she'll have to fight to win her place amongst these venomous girls. Breaking Legs is sure one to kick your boots off and pull up your heels, as these kids dance the field away to compete for the homecoming crown at R. Murray High School. Will it be newbie Bloom, or her arch nemesis and Dance Team leader, Harmony? Watch as the two square off in this fun but odd match to the finish. Someone is doomed to 'Break a Leg' on the dance floor, or rather, the football field!

  • Jewbellish: The Show

    Jewbellish: The Show (2013)
    Television by Mendy Pellin (Comedy) Composer

  • Watch Out for Slick

    Watch Out for Slick (2010)
    Film by Herb Linsey (Comedy) Composer Man raises paltry ransom for kidnapped young wife but things are never ever as they seem.

  • The Purple Hat

    The Purple Hat (2010)
    Film (short) by Gregory Doucette (Drama and Mystery) Composer New Orleans - The French Quarter - 1938. It rains heavily as a mysterious stranger walks into a bar and tells his story. He expects to see a woman murdered tonight. Again. He thinks she's a ghost, for he's seen her murdered twice. Each time by a young man...always a different young man... At the other end of the bar, the only other customer grows more and more tense, wary. He jumps up and bolts out...a young man. Written by Anonymous

  • Toolman

    Toolman (2009)
    Film (short) by Leslie Lyshkov (Animation and Comedy) Composer

  • The Desert Rose

    The Desert Rose (2007)
    Film (short) by Omi Vaidya (Drama) Composer

  • A-Date

    A-Date (2007)
    Film (short) by David Abramson (Romance) Composer Emma, who could use a better social life herself, runs a dating service. With colleagues Valerie and Owen, she's preparing for a mixer for clients with autism spectrum disorder. She interviews Mark, a big man, and later that day, at the mixer, introduces him to Frieda; it looks as if she's made a match. What could go wrong? Written by <>

  • Cats on a Plane

    Cats on a Plane (2006)
    Film (short) by Cory Strassburger Composer

  • Protected!

    Protected! (2006)
    Film (short) by Jerry A. Vasilatos (Comedy) Composer

  • Being Steven Spielberg

    Being Steven Spielberg (2006)
    Film (short) by David Sontag (Comedy) Composer

  • Family

    Family (2005)
    Film (short) by Sabrina Simmons (Comedy) Composer

  • Silver Patriot

    Silver Patriot (2005)
    Film (short) by Ian Harris Composer The radio reports that Dr. Chameleon's reign of terror in Rivertown may be ending soon; listening is a woman who's just called the police. They arrive and interrogate her. She's just finished a double shift at a hospital; there's a body in her flat. Did she kill him? She tries to explain. Then we see the coroner make a startling discovery, and in a flashback, we see what really happened. Written by <>

  • Street 16

    Street 16 (2005)
    Film (short) by Patrea Patrick (Drama) Composer Based on a true story, Street 16 follows Rita, a defiant, rebellious and angry runaway teen as she struggles to survive on the mean streets of the inner city. After escaping a verbally abusive father, she is lured into drugs and seedy friendships, finally leading her into the clutches of Zack a druggie living in an abandoned theater. Rita's life drastically changes when she is kidnapped by two strangers who take her on an unexpected journey. Rita discovers the secrets that her father never wanted her to learn. Street 16 is a story of love and redemption for today's youth. Written by Rosa Novello

  • Packrat

    Packrat (2004)
    Film by Kris Britt Montag (Documentary) Composer Filmmaker Kris Britt Montag traces her family's struggle to deal with "packratting." Through family interviews, Kris chronicles her father's life and the development of the problem, which clinical professionals have addressed as a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Part personal, and part informational, Packrat takes a look at what it's like to grow up in a family where hoarding is an issue. Written by Kris Britt Montag

  • The Birthday

    The Birthday (2004)
    Film (short) by Thor Gold (Drama) Composer A nine year old boy tries to get his mother to quit drinking on his birthday.

  • Ringtone Blues

    Ringtone Blues (2004)
    Film (short) by Ian Harris (Musical and Comedy) Composer

  • Delusion

    Delusion (2004)
    Film (short) by Mark Marchillo (Drama) Composer

  • Copelessness

    Copelessness (2003)
    Film (short) by Florence Regina (Drama) Composer Tom Dexter is a hard-ass securities salesman. He makes the characters from Glen Gary Glen Ross and Boiler Room look like candy asses. He will talk you out of your life savings and then kick you when you end up on a soup line. He is ruled by the quest for green and doesn't care who gets hurt in the chase. When his tactics cross the line one too many times, he loses everything. His job, his apartment, his car, his savings -- all gone in the course of a single day. He has no more friends and his only family won't help. His fall to the street is fast and painful, and can happen to anyone. He is unprepared for a life without shelter and material goods and ill-equipped to cope. This is a wake up call for anyone who takes their life and life-style for granted. Written by David Lipson

  • Doria

    Doria (2003)
    Film by Eric Mofford (Comedy) Composer

  • Realities of Love

    Realities of Love (2003)
    Film (short) by Lisa Gold Composer A loving couple's relationship is tested by a video camera that shows the wife having an affair with another man. Is it reality, or something else?

  • Rogue

    Rogue (2002)
    Film by Tamas Harangi (Action, Adventure, Drama and Thriller) Composer When a mission is sabotaged and a beloved spy assassinated, a team of agents must determine who among them is the rogue while continuing the mission.

  • Korea: We Called It War

    Korea: We Called It War (2002)
    TV Movie by John Gilbert (Documentary) Composer Based on the book "We Called it War" by Denzil Batson, this feature documentary tells the heroing experiences of the front line infantry man in the Korean War, long known as the "Forgotten War." As a young man from southwest Missouri, Denzil Batson was sent with thousands of American soldiers to defend freedom and democracy in the hills and rice paddies of Korea during the Korean War between 1950 and 1953. The story revolves around Denzil's 2nd Platoon of 'F' Company of the 3rd Division. Known as "dog face" soldiers, Denzil's platoon buddies get together and tell their stories from 50 years ago with vivid reality. From the Pusan Perimeter to the Frozen Chosin reservoir to the Yalu river, these aging American heroes fought the Chinese and North Koreans in trenches with hand grenades and bayonets and died for America's freedom. "Korea: We Called it War" is a vivid account of events told by some of the men who lived it, fought it and are still trying to cope with it. Written by

  • Dressing the Nelsons

    Dressing the Nelsons (2000)
    Film (short) by Maria Brenner (Comedy) Composer

  • Not Black or White

    Not Black or White (2000)
    Film (short) by Anna Kang Composer An irreverent look at the media stereotypes of Asian women and how three Asian American artists are making a difference through their work. A young cartoonist, Lela Lee (creator of the Angry Little Asian Girl); a writer/actress/comedian, Amy Hill (All-American Girl); and a TV/film actress, Ming-Na (Joy Luck Club, Mulan, ER) share their experiences growing up Asian American and how these experiences influence their work today. Written by anonymous

  • Labor Pains

    Labor Pains (2000)
    Film by Tracy Alexson (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Music department Sarah and Ryan were a great couple, they had their fun together but the man's fear of commitment pushed the woman away. Yet the situation between them isn't over cause Sarah is pregnant and she's trying to find ways to hide this news from Ryan and everyone else - except her best friend, who'll probably won't be of much help in this matter. Written by Rodrigo Amaro

  • Super Jesus

    Super Jesus (1999)
    Film (short) by Krishna Ribeiro (Comedy) Composer

  • Unbowed

    Unbowed (1999)
    Film by Nanci Rossov (Drama, History and Romance) Music department

  • All That Jazzin'

    All That Jazzin' (1998)
    Film by Joy Shannon (Comedy) Composer When a married woman decides to have a fling with a former lover, she gets caught in a complicated and compromising predicament.

  • The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

    The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1980)
    Television (Comedy, Music and Talk-Show) Actress Host Johnny Carson performs comedy routines and chats with various celebrities.

  • The Hoodlum

    The Hoodlum (1919)
    Film by Sidney Franklin (Comedy) Composer A spoiled young rich girl is forced by misfortune to fight for survival in the slums and alleys, where she becomes involved with all manner of unpleasantness. Written by Jim Beaver <>

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