Jordan Galland

Jordan Galland

Ravenous Films

Director, editor and music composer in New York City, New York

About Jordan

Jordan Galland is a freelance director, producer, editor and composer. He has directed, produced and edited three feature films. ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE UNDEAD (2010) premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival and was released theatrically by Indican Pictures. ALTER EGOS (2012) premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival and was released by Kevin Smith’s label through Phase 4 Films in one of Phase 4’s highest-grossing releases of the year. AVA’S POSSESSIONS (2016) was released in theaters internationally by Entertainment One, dubbed in several foreign languages. He has also directed commercials and music videos. As a musician and songwriter, Galland has collaborated with Mark Ronson, Daniel Merriweather, Cibo Matto and Sean Lennon, and contributed music to films like Lena Dunham’s 'Tiny Furniture,' The Niestat Brothers’ HBO Original Series, as well an original score for the award winning Supporting Characters.

Name: Jordan Galland

Lives in: New York City, New York

Company: Ravenous Films

Occupation: Director, Editor, Music Composer and Screenwriter


  • Wonder Valley

    Wonder Valley (2016)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Editor Shy, introverted Karian Edwards looks forward to a weekend at her aunt's house in the desert with her best friend, Cloudy, and their friend, Jessica. Things take a turn for the worse when Cloudy invites along a childhood friend, Sasha Mills, a down-and-out actress who is trying to escape her problems with drugs and alcohol. The four girls take datura, a powerful psychotropic drug, and things quickly turn into a nightmare as the lines between reality and hallucination blur.

  • Adam Green's Aladdin

    Adam Green's Aladdin (2016)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy, Drama and Fantasy) Editor Adam Green's "Aladdin" is a hyper-sensory, poetic, and humorously modern take on the Arabian Nights Classic tale. Revolving around Aladdin's dysfunctional family, who live in an "average" American city ruled by a corrupt Sultan with a decadent socialite daughter, the film explores themes of technology, government repression, greed, and true-love. Written by Adam Green

  • Here One Minute

    Here One Minute (2015)
    Film (Drama and Mystery) Soundtrack When Sarah leaves a party without saying goodbye, her friends deal with an unexplained tragedy by retracing her steps that night. Their search can bring them together, but only if blame and guilt don't tear them apart first.

  • Ava's Possessions

    Ava's Possessions (2015)
    Film (Comedy, Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Soundtrack Ava Dobkins is recovering from demonic possession. With no memory of the past month, she is forced to attend a Spirit Possession Anonymous support group. As Ava struggles to reconnect with her friends, get her job back, and figure out where the huge bloodstain in her apartment came from, she's plagued by nightmarish visions - the demon is trying to come back. Written by Momentum Pictures

  • All Eyes and Ears

    All Eyes and Ears (2015)
    Film (Documentary, Comedy, History and News) Music department Interweaving the stories of U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, his adopted Chinese daughter Gracie Mei, and blind legal advocate Chen Guangcheng, the documentary is a timely exploration into the complex links between the U.S. and China. Written by Gunpowder and Sky

  • I Believe in Unicorns

    I Believe in Unicorns (2014)
    Film (Drama) Soundtrack Unicorns tells the story of an awkward teenage girl who escapes to a fantasy world when her first romantic relationship turns increasingly violent. Written by anonymous

  • China Connection: Jerry

    China Connection: Jerry (2014)
    Film (Documentary, Short, Biography, Drama and 1 More) Music department Leading United States legal expert on China, and the first American lawyer there after normalization of US-China relations, Jerome Alan Cohen, tells the harrowing tale of how and why his China studies prepared him to rescue his college classmate, Jack Downey, from 'behind enemy lines' after Downey's CIA mission to infiltrate communist China went awry in the 1950s. Written by Anonymous

  • Life of Crime

    Life of Crime (2013)
    Film (Comedy and Crime) Soundtrack Two common criminals get more than they bargained for after kidnapping the wife of a corrupt real-estate developer who shows no interest in paying the $1 million dollar ransom for her safe return.

  • China in Three Words

    China in Three Words (2013)
    Film (Documentary, Short, Comedy, Drama and 1 More) Composer This short documentary takes its cue from an interview with Chinese author, Yu Hua, about his latest book, "China in Ten Words," focusing in on anecdotes and stories for three of his words, "Leader," "Revolution," and "Disparity." Written by Anonymous

  • Sparrows Dance

    Sparrows Dance (2012)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Soundtrack When stage fright gets the best of her, a former actress stops leaving her apartment, crippled by fear of the outside world. Living off delivery food and residuals from her acting career, she spends her days watching bad TV and spying on the city from her window. But when her toilet overflows and a kind, compassionate plumber shows up, she reluctantly allows him into her refuge. Written by Tribeca Film

  • Alter Egos

    Alter Egos (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Soundtrack Brendan, a.k.a. the instant ice-forming superhero Fridge, has become jealous of himself over his steady girlfriend Emily's preference for sleeping with posturing Fridge over whiny geek Brendan. Superhero buddy C-Thru would like Brendan to get it together, get out of his Fridge tights and have a good wash. With superheroes in public disfavor and government subsidizing being pulled, its a sad day when they have to haul in Shrink, the last known and captured supervillain. Waiting for nightfall when Shrink can be transported from their motel room, Brendan runs across Claudel, the motel manager who dislikes superheroes, and Jimmy, an embittered cop who can turn invisible for only a few seconds. As Brendan and Claudel start to connect, Brendan discovers a set-up that puts his future, freedom and good name in jeopardy. Written by statmanjeff

  • Supporting Characters

    Supporting Characters (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Soundtrack Two New York film editors balance their personal relationships while reworking a movie in crisis.

  • Missed Connections

    Missed Connections (2012)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Soundtrack Love is not luck... it's strategy. When IT guy Josh finds out his secret office crush has posted a 'missed connections' ad to find the ideal man she bumped into for a minute, he decides to post his own ad to woo her. When that idea goes all wrong, Josh's mistake unexpectedly brings him closer to his beloved than he ever dreamed. Written by Anonymous

  • L!fe Happens

    L!fe Happens (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Soundtrack Unabashed party girl, Kim, is in for a rush of reality after a one night stand results in unexpected motherhood. Clearly not ready for the dating "buzz kill" that having a baby can bring, Kim eventually comes to realize that being a good parent to a precious little boy has its own rewards... Written by Anonymous

  • Angels Crest

    Angels Crest (2011)
    Film (Drama) Soundtrack During the first snow of the year 3 year-old Nate Denton wanders away from his father's truck and disappears. The fevered search for him ends with the devastating discover of his tiny, frozen body. Nate's death throws the small foothills community of Angel's Crest into disarray. The inhabitants confront what Nate's death means to them and in the face of that struggle they deal with their own concepts of right and wrong. Written by Anonymous

  • Tiny Furniture

    Tiny Furniture (2010)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Soundtrack About a recent college grad who returns home while she tries to figure out what to do with her life.

  • The Neistat Brothers

    The Neistat Brothers (2010)
    Television Music department Each episode spans six weeks in the lives of Van and Casey Neistat.

  • Night Home

    Night Home (2010)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor In the early morning after Halloween night in New York City, two buddies reconnect with themselves and each other as the attempt to navigate their way home through the city's morphing landscape.

  • Picture Me

    Picture Me (2009)
    Film (Documentary) Soundtrack A documentary filmmaker follows a model for several years, chronicling her rise from a fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world. Go behind the scenes and chronicle the glitzy world of high fashion modeling, from photo shoots with celebrated photographers to runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. Written by Anonymous

  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead (2009)
    Film (Comedy) Director Julian Marsh is an out of work ladies' man who lands a job directing a bizarre adaptation of Hamlet. After casting his best friend and his ex-girlfriend in the show, Julian finds himself in the middle of a two thousand year old conspiracy that explains the connection between Shakespeare, the Holy Grail and some seriously sexy vampires. It turns out that the play was actually written by a master vampire name Theo Horace and it's up to Julian to recover the Grail in order to reverse the vampire's curse...If only being undead wasn't so much God-damned fun! Written by Mike Landry

  • The Missing Person

    The Missing Person (2009)
    Film (Drama) Soundtrack Private detective John Rosow is hired to tail a man on a train from Chicago to Los Angeles. Rosow gradually uncovers the man's identity as a missing person; one of the thousands presumed dead after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Persuaded by a large reward, Rosow is charged with bringing the missing person back to his wife in New York City. Written by Anonymous

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead (2008)
    Video (Action, Horror and Thriller) Soundtrack In Leadville, Colorado, Captain Rhodes and his army seals off the town to contain an influenza-type epidemic. The locals are not allowed to leave the town and the Pine Valley Medical Center is crowded with sick people. Corporal Sarah Bowman was born and raised in Leadville and goes to her home with Private Bud Crain to visit her mother. Sarah finds that her mother is ill and takes her to the local hospital. However, the sick people suddenly transform in flesh eating, fast moving zombies which attack the non-infected humans. Sarah, Bud and Private Salazar get a jeep and head to the town exit to escape from the dead. But Sarah hears the voice of her brother, Trevor, on the radio and is compelled to go to the radio station where Trevor is hidden with his girlfriend Nina. The group of survivors drives to the isolated Nike missile site seeking shelter, where they discover an underground army base. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 21

    21 (2008)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Soundtrack Ben Campbell is a young, highly intelligent, student at M.I.T. in Boston who strives to succeed. Wanting a scholarship to transfer to Harvard School of Medicine with the desire to become a doctor, Ben learns that he cannot afford the $300,000 for the four to five years of schooling as he comes from a poor, working-class background. But one evening, Ben is introduced by his unorthodox math professor Micky Rosa into a small but secretive club of five. Students Jill, Choi, Kianna, and Fisher, who are being trained by Professor Rosa of the skill of card counting at blackjack. Intrigued by the desire to make money, Ben joins his new friends on secret weekend trips to Las Vegas where, using their skills of code talk and hand signals, they have Ben make hundreds of thousands of dollars in winning blackjack at casino after casino. Ben only wants to make enough money for the tuition to Harvard and then back out. But as fellow card counter, Jill Taylor, predicts, Ben becomes corrupted by greed ... Written by matt-282

  • The Last International Playboy

    The Last International Playboy (2008)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Soundtrack Jack Frost's playboy lifestyle in New York City is rocked by the news that his childhood love is engaged. Amidst his friendships with Scotch Evans, a ribald nightlife correspondent; Ozzy, a troubled but loving heroin addict; and Kate Hardwick, a bewitching, quick-witted reporter, Jack sinks deeper into depression. Haunted by lost-love and his mother's suicide, Jack plunges into whiskey and self-destruction . . . until his eleven-year-old neighbor, Sophie, an unlikely mother figure, leads Jack back into himself, and out of the nostalgia and excess that consumed him. Written by

  • Green Umbrella

    Green Umbrella (2006)
    Film (Animation, Short and Musical) Director By following the arguments of a heterosexual couple that don't realize that they are only Barbie dolls being manipulated by an unseen being, this four minute video explores the age old confusions of love verses lust, fate verses free will, and whether romantic relationships are as epic and dramatic as they seem, or whether they are merely venues to act out ideas acquired at childhood, and raises the question, are we ever too old to play with Barbies? Written by Jordan Galland

  • Coven

    Coven (2006)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Composer Add a Plot »

  • Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire (2006)
    Video (Drama, Music and Musical) Actor A surreal fantasy on the themes of love and friendship, set to the music and songs of the Sean Lennon album "Friendly Fire".

  • The Long Weekend

    The Long Weekend (2005)
    Film (Comedy) Soundtrack Cooper and Ed are brothers: Coop acts, in ads and soaps, spending his real energy chasing women for one-night stands. His younger brother Ed, an earnest young man, works in an ad agency. For the past year, since finding his girlfriend in bed with another man with a video camera running, Ed has been in a funk: he's carried a torch, his social life has tanked, and his work has suffered. Ed will be fired on Monday unless he can save a major account. It's his birthday weekend: he wants to work, but Cooper wants Ed to rediscover his sex life. Cooper works hard to help Ed score, but disaster piles on disaster. Can a decent guy save his job and get a life? Written by <>

  • Smile for the Camera

    Smile for the Camera (2005)
    Film (Short, Horror and Thriller) Director Double exposures produced by an antique camera lead two New York photography students on a bizarre and unnerving journey to a backwater town, where a cult of mysterious 'boxheads' entrap victims whose smiling photographs appear on the boxes that hide their own faces. Kate sets off alone to follow the trail of unexpected images in the film she has developed. They lead her to a hilarious and terrifying encounter with an old woman in a decaying seaside cottage, frightening dreams and hallucinations. Joined by her friend Mark, who has been analyzing and enhancing the images, Kate is trapped by the domineering leader of the boxhead cult. The separate fates awaiting Mark and Kate create the film's stunning climax. Written by Jordan Galland

  • Adam and Eve

    Adam and Eve (2005)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Soundtrack Easy-going, gentle college-boy Adam Baker enjoys frat-life, however disgusting the frat-house gets because of his sloppy house-mates Freddie, Ferguson and Munch. Then Adam meets Eve, starts falling in love, but gets jealous of frat-brother Billy, who 'bumps' almost constantly without seeking love, while Eve guards her campus-unique virginity. As even his thrice-divorced dad, an MD, urges Adam to get laid rather then loved, his patience runs out against healthy hormones. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Knots

    Knots (2004)
    Film (Comedy) Music department A male-centric take on contemporary relationships, where three guy friends look for love and commitment.

  • Devil's Fork

    Devil's Fork
    Film (Horror) Director Add a Plot »

  • Oriole Park

    Oriole Park
    Film (Drama) Director Chicago, 1978. The shadow of a serial killer looms over the tightly knit community of Oriole Park as a string of disappearances lead neighbors to suspect one of their own.

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