Philip John Galati

Philip John Galati

Colorist, Director, Editor, Filmmaker, Motion Graphic Design, Producer and Screenwriter

Beaver Meadows, Pennsylvania

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About Philip

Philip John Galati is a Pennsylvania based writer/ director who founded Bluecast Productions in 2007, while attending the New York Film Academy in Manhattan, New York. He's written and directed over 30 projects and has collaborated with others on over 100 projects. Philip John has worked with people like Angel Salazar who played the role of Chi-Chi in Scarface, Latin Music sensation Tito Puente Jr, comedian Guy Richards, Robert DeNiro look alike and stunt double Joe Manuella, world famous fine artist Kendall Shaw and the multitalented Princess Angelique Monét, Duchess of Aquitaine.

Philip John has garnered accolades and recognition with his film work over the years. His short film The Hallway, was an editors choice during the 2008 Fearfest online short horror film contest. The short film A Day for a Dark Sky screened at the Cannes Film Festival in the 2010 short film corner and also won best Sci-Fi Short at the 2010 Hamptons Black International Film Festival. The Tango Date (which Philip John is the Director of Photography and the Editor) won Best Dance Short at the New York Independent International Film and Video Festival in 2009, Best supporting actress Viviana Parra at the World Music and Film Festival 2010 and Best Dance Short at the 2010 Hamptons Black International Film Festival. All three films have been licensed by Nothing On Television TV, a Video On Demand channel which is distributed through Dish Network, Dishonline, Slingbox and will expand its viewer base to Comcast in June of 2012. Philip John Galati partnered with the owner of the channel, Greta Joanne Entertainment which is wholly owned by Princess Angelique Monét. In addition to his own projects, Philip John is the Production and Project Manager for Greta Joanne Entertainment and it's subsidiaries. Philip John Galati's first feature length film Do What You Love was released online in February 2012.



  • Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales

    Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales (2015)
    Film by Yelena Sabel (Adventure, Comedy, Crime and Fantasy) Cinematographer What would you do if you had to choose between ten years in prison and selling your soul to the Devil? Vera's biggest desire is to become a housewife and have children. Her dreams get interrupted when on Engagement night her fiancé confesses in his disloyalty. Vera gets upset and...he dies. Luckily or unfortunately her brother happens to work in criminal defense who offers her a way to "escape" conviction, after which Vera finds herself in the money laundering entertainment joint that is run by the Yakuza mafia. Although, nothing's ever what it seems to be... Written by Yelena Sabel

  • Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America

    Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America (2015)
    TV Movie by Basil Nestor (Comedy) Writer Natasha is a cross between Lucille Ball and a female Borat. Ever since she was a little girl, growing up in the 4th world country of Crapistan, Natasha has devoured all things American. Finally, through the wonders of the Internet, she finds her way to a Bel Air Mansion and into the loving arms of a socially-inept Internet mogul. With her own "How to Be an American" scrapbook as a guide, every week, Natasha, the upbeat optimist, takes on a new, impossible challenge with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Natasha always gets it done; sometimes it's with guts, sometimes it's just luck, and sometimes it's illegal, but it's always hysterical. This "fish out of water" is determined to fit in, and live the "American Dream". Written by Brooke Forbes, Michael Bachmann, Kate Bowman

  • Water Time: Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan

    Water Time: Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan (2014)
    Film by Honey Weisbecker (Documentary, Biography, History and News) Editor Along with his pup Honey, acclaimed author Allan Weisbecker (In Search of Captain Zero) went on the road in search of waves to ride, and, as acclaimed investigative journalist Jon Rappoport points out, 'to find out what happened to America.' Written by Anonymous

  • Do What You Love: A Path to Passionate Living

    Do What You Love: A Path to Passionate Living (2012)
    Film by P.J. Galati (Documentary, Biography, Drama and Music) Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Camera and Electrical Department, Director, Writer, Self Follow author/musician Keith Blanchard and learn how to do what you love in this documentary about spiritual growth and fulfillment.

  • Ey Pari Kojai

    Ey Pari Kojai (2011)
    Film (short) by Assal Ghawami (Drama, Family and Mystery) Editor, Visual effects Iran 1986: Maryam Haghighi needs to get her children to safety. The Iran-Iraq War ravages her homeland. Under cover of the night, Maryam attempts to smuggle her three young daughters out of Iran. America, Present Day: Maryam, now a permanent resident of a psychiatric ward, usually follows the rules. Nurse Nancy patrols the ward, keeping it locked down and the patients quiet. On a regular day, the halls of the crumbling hospital echo with her efficient footsteps. But today is No-Rouz, the Iranian New Year, and Maryam is determined to celebrate with her three adult daughters. Things get ugly when the daughters start pulling skeletons out of the family closet. In a paranormal twist the TV airs the fatal events of their last night in Iran. Written by Anonymous

  • Filthy Gorgeous

    Filthy Gorgeous (2011)
    Film (short) by Adrienne Nicole (Drama) Cinematographer

  • Casting

    Casting (2010)
    Film by Jonathan Stemmler (Comedy, Drama and Family) Editor, Cinematographer, Sound department, Camera and Electrical Department, Visual effects Lowell continues to commit (promise) to do one thing but instead he takes small short-cuts, and ends up doing something slightly different. This lack of integrity costs him his family and home. He befriends a fisherman on the beach and figures out how to go the long way - and his life is restored. Written by Anonymous

  • The Hallway

    The Hallway (2010)
    Film (short) by P.J. Galati (Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Editor, Producer, Sound department, Director, Writer, Visual effects A young woman comes home from a day out to check the mail and discovers something supernatural in her apartment building hallway.

  • Pressure

    Pressure (2010)
    Film (short) by P.J. Galati (Horror and Thriller) Editor, Cinematographer, Sound department, Camera and Electrical Department, Director, Writer, Visual effects, Special effects A woman is tortured in order to reveal information she may have have. She is taken to her breaking point . . . and beyond.

  • A Day for a Dark Sky

    A Day for a Dark Sky (2010)
    Film (short) by P.J. Galati (Action and Sci-Fi) Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Sound department, Camera and Electrical Department, Director, Writer, Visual effects, Special effects, Actor, Art department, Art director, Costume and Wardrobe Department, Production designer, Set decorator A hit man with arcane abilities leaves his apartment for an unknown destination. On his way, he's stopped by the Russian mob, a deadly cyborg and a vengeful vampire prince.

  • Too Good to Be True

    Too Good to Be True (2010)
    Film (short) by Gary Silberman (Comedy and Drama) Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Sound department, Camera and Electrical Department, Director A comic tale of mistaken identity, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, follows Max a family man about to embark on a business trip with his obnoxious boss Phil Sanders. Charlie, the local mob boss, is concerned with his daughters engagement to Phil. He hires Kate the Hit Woman to test his soon to be son-in-laws faithfulness. Kate doesn't know what Phil looks like, but her partner Tony T. can ID the target. They leave with instructions to test Phil and should he fail Put the fear of God into him. Danger and hilarity ensue as hit woman Kate moves in for the kill but on the wrong man! Written by Anonymous

  • Speak of the Devil

    Speak of the Devil (2010)
    Film (short) by Jason Keane (Comedy and Drama) Sound department Fergus is stuck in a rut. Sharing an apartment with roommate-from-hell Larry, he is hopelessly in love with beautiful girl-next-door Sophie. Everything changes however, in a chance encounter with the enigmatic fortune-teller Zenda, who tells him how he can solve all his problems...all for the price of a soul! Written by Anonymous

  • Judgement Day

    Judgement Day (2010)
    Film by George David Riley Visual effects Judgment Day entails the lives of four friends David, Sean, Monique and Star; and how they are in their last year of high school talking about what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. They are approached by a couple of Monique's friends who try to tell them about a youth conference that they should attend but they all make excuses and fun of the fact they believe in Jesus. Seven years later we take a look in to their lives and see how they are doing. Sean becomes a successful hip hop artist, Monique becomes a crack junkie, Star becomes a drug dealer, and David becomes a leader of a gang, Once again through some of there own friends they are presented with an opportunity to come to Christ, yet they still mock and poke fun of the idea of Christ. Two months later they are given a final opportunity to come to Christ, once again they deny Him, and meet there lives with death. After death, they meet the final scene of there spiritual existence and sit before the Judgment seat... Written by Anonymous

  • 18th Annual All AMC Day at Cecil County Dragway

    18th Annual All AMC Day at Cecil County Dragway (2009)
    Video by P.J. Galati (Sport) Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Writer Classic AMC muscle car event hosted by three local clubs.

  • Death Bed

    Death Bed (2009)
    Film by Andre Kendall (Comedy and Drama) Editor, Cinematographer, Sound department, Camera and Electrical Department Death Bed is an uncomplicated story about a complicated man who is just about at the end of his life. Stricken with a terminal illness, Jefferey is visited by his friends and family who try to reconnect with him before his inevitable end. Warm and reflective moments turn into course and combative exchanges between Jefferey and his loved ones. With him as the catalyst, Jefferey verbally and emotionally abuses his faithful girlfriend, oppressive mother, estranged sister, and even the visiting nurse who tends to him. When his mother brings Fr. Nicholas to see him 'before it's too late', the ensuing chaos couldn't make things any worse . . . until Jefferey realizes that he is the only one who didn't know that he's dying. Written by Anonymous

  • The Tango Date

    The Tango Date (2009)
    Film (short) by Jos Laniado (Music, Musical and Romance) Editor, Cinematographer, Sound department, Camera and Electrical Department "Can two dancers find each other in the dance of love?" Life is a dance, and one never absolutely knows how it will be choreographed. When two milongueros (tango dancers) : Roberto and Mariela meet , anything can happen. This dance is one such love story. Written by Claudio Laniado and Jos Laniado

  • Deceptive

    Deceptive (2009)
    Film by Roderick Giles (Drama and Thriller) Editor, Producer, Sound department, Editorial department After building a record empire, Jay Walker believes he has it all: a beautiful wife, success, friends, etc. His life takes a dramatic turn when he sings a new female artist to JRuby Records. Heat from this love triangle brings deception, lies and betrayal. Written by Angelique Monét

  • Engaging

    Engaging (2009)
    Film by Angelique Monet (Action, Drama and Romance) Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Director Daniel Dalrio is a Cuban born author. Engaging women as subjects for his books. He meets Aja who confronts his everything. He falls in love, she breaks his heart; he quits engaging women. She now engages men; writing a best-seller about Daniel. Written by Chiko Mendez 2009

  • The Sun Shines on the Other Side of the Street

    The Sun Shines on the Other Side of the Street (2008)
    Film (short) by Emilio Rosa (Drama) Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Sound department, Camera and Electrical Department, Visual effects, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Returning home from the Gulf war David began his reintegration into civilian society with his wife and five year old son. This was brought to a sudden halt one evening when two men confronted him while he headed home from work. They attempted to rob him, but David was immediately thrown back into his military mindset. The ensuing fight resulted in one assailant escaping. Written by Anonymous

  • Yeah, Love

    Yeah, Love (2008)
    Film (short) by Becca Roth (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Yeah, Love is poignant and charming coming of age story about a shy high school girl who develops a debilitating and ultimately life-changing crush on an older female student. Written by Anonymous

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