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Dean A. O'Dell

Art Director and Production Designer

Toronto, Canada

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  • Heaven Is for Real

    Heaven Is for Real (2014)
    Film by Randall Wallace (Drama) Art department Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book of the same name, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL brings to the screen the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son's extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world. The film stars Academy Award® nominee and Emmy® award winning actor Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo and co-stars Kelly Reilly as Sonja Burpo, the real-life couple whose son Colton (newcomer Connor Corum) claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience. Colton recounts the details of his amazing journey with childlike innocence and speaks matter-of-factly about things that happened before his birth ... things he couldn't possibly know. Todd and his family are then challenged to examine the meaning from this remarkable event. Written by Sony Pictures Publicity

  • Hemlock Grove

    Hemlock Grove (2013)
    Television by Lee Shipman (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Art director A teenage girl is brutally murdered, sparking a hunt for her killer. But in a town where everyone hides a secret, will they find the monster among them?

  • Ecstasy

    Ecstasy (2011)
    Film by Rob Heydon (Drama and Romance) Production designer Small drug smuggler from Scotland is trying to figure out his way through life until he meets beautiful girl from Canada who seeks a change after bad relationship she just got out of it.

  • Debra

    Debra (2011)
    Television by Darrell Vickers (Family) Production designer This Canadian comedy series is about a wacky teen girl named Debra who partakes in adeventures with her best-friend Preston

  • Category 6: Day of Destruction

    Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004)
    TV Movie by Dick Lowry (Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Art department Tornado in Las Vegas. Heat in Chicago. Hail in Illinois. A snowfall and a storm force flows towards Chicago. It's just the beginning of a series of weather anomalies. The lights go off. People panic. A few courageous people are trying to solve the riddle of the infuriated nature and prevent mass destruction. Written by David Shahoumian <>

  • Hustle

    Hustle (2004)
    TV Movie by Peter Bogdanovich (Biography, Drama and Sport) Art department An addiction to gambling dims baseball legend Pete Rose's star.

  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials (2002)
    TV Movie by Joseph Sargent (Drama and History) Art director A masterful work accurately details the current consensus of what exactly occurred to prompt the colonial witch-trials.

  • Tribulation Force

    Tribulation Force (2002)
    Film by Bill Corcoran (Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Art director Those left behind face war, famine, plagues, and natural disaster so devastating that only one in four people will survive. Odds are even worse for the enemies of the Antichrist and his new world order. Rayford Steele, Buck Williams, Bruce Barnes and Chloe Steeleband together to form the Tribulation Force. Their task is clear, and their goal is nothing less than to stand and fight against the enemies of God during the seven most chaotic years the planet will ever know. Written by Flyboy Ritz <>

  • Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay

    Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay (2002)
    TV Movie by Ed Gernon (Biography, Comedy and Drama) Art director The film is about two companies who are battling it out for customers, Mary Kay, and one of her workers Lexi Wilcox are fighting it out with Jinger Heath. Who will win? You will have to see.

  • Countdown

    Countdown (2002)
    Film (short) by Nathan Morlando (Drama and Action) Art director A bike courier dreams of being an action hero. Destiny arrives - he delivers a script to his favourite producer.

  • Paradise Falls

    Paradise Falls (2001)
    Television by Peter Williamson (Drama) Art department

  • Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534

    Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534 (2001)
    TV Movie by Jon Cassar (Action and Thriller) Art director Having taken the blame for an accident beyond his control, pilot Mike Hogan has been on administrative leave indefinitely; however when the airline is desperately short of staff, he is offered to be first officer and accepts, without enthusiasm, received with disdain by the well-connected commander. Surprisingly his come-back proves less then routine, as the captain gets knocked out and a collision as well as a murderer being transported by police require courageous action from Mike, his crew and several passengers, including soccer star Ty Conner. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Danger Beneath the Sea

    Danger Beneath the Sea (2001)
    TV Movie by Jon Cassar (Thriller) Art director Commander Miles Sheffield is a rising star in the US Navy, patronized by Admiral Eugene Justice, to the silent envy of many, including his XO and Chief on his first command mission aboard a nuclear submarine, the Lansing. This maiden voyage also turns out to be the ultimate challenge: a failed Korean nuclear missile causes a disastrous explosion which knocks his means of communications out of order, so he fears to be incommunicado in a nuclear war against an unknown enemy. Now his rivals believe his inexperience and unwillingness to man battle stations amount to desertion in war time, and plan a mutiny: they have the doctor skip him for necessary iodine shots so he'll be too sick to resist when the XO seizes command- his loyal supporters must get it back fast, for even the admiral sees no alternative then have the nearby Mako hunt them down to eliminate them before they start World War III... Written by KGF Vissers

  • The Ladies Man

    The Ladies Man (2000)
    Film by Reginald Hudlin (Comedy) Production designer Because of his salacious language, late-night radio advice-show host Leon Phelps, along with his sweet and loyal producer Julie, is fired from his Chicago gig. They can't find another job. About that time, two things happen: he gets a letter from a wealthy former lover who offers to take care of him (but she doesn't sign her real name, so Leon, an inveterate Casanova, has no idea who she is), and a group of angry cuckolds, all of whom have surprised their wives in flagrante delicto with Leon (who has a distinctive tattoo on his booty), are closing in, armed and dangerous. Can he find the sugar mommy and escape the wrath of the mob of husbands? What about Julie? Written by <>

  • Dancing in September

    Dancing in September (2000)
    Film by Reggie Rock Bythewood (Drama) Production designer A black female TV producer struggles in Hollywood.

  • Powerplay

    Powerplay (1999)
    TV Movie by Chris Baugh (Drama and Thriller) Production designer A woman survives by coming onto wealthy single men, and taking them for everything they are worth, sometimes killing. She proceeds to her next target - another wealthy man who has a daughter whom he mistreats. She tries to marry him but he dies before they could. She does, however, make off with some of his money. He also did not include his daughter in his will. When she and her boyfriend discover what she did, they decide to go after her and get back what she thinks is hers. Written by <>

  • Power Play

    Power Play (1998)
    Television by Glenn Davis (Comedy, Drama and Sport) Art director This ensemble comedy/drama revolves around Brett Parker, a brilliant but morally empty sports agent who begins to find redemption in spite of himself when he moves back to his hometown to run a struggling, low-end NHL franchise. Once there, he discovers that redemption is not as easy to find. Written by Person1

  • My Date with the President's Daughter

    My Date with the President's Daughter (1998)
    TV Movie by Alex Zamm (Comedy, Family and Romance) Art director Hallie has a curse, she's the daughter of the American President. And to make matters worse, it's an election year. But all she wants to do is go out on a date. Fortunately, geeky Duncan has the same goal When they finally get to the date however, a series of incidents could seriously damage the relationship...and national security. Written by Steve Richer <>

  • HeartBeat: Changing Places

    HeartBeat: Changing Places (1998)
    Video by Bob Mahoney (Drama) Production designer

  • The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon

    The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon (1998)
    TV Movie by Tim Kelleher (Comedy, Drama and Sport) Art director A Philadelphia garbageman who develops his leg muscles from kicking the hydraulic lever on his truck is discovered by the Philadelphia Eagles and signed by them to become a kicker. Written by John Sacksteder <>

  • Lyddie

    Lyddie (1996)
    TV Movie by Stefan Scaini (Drama, History, Romance and Western) Art director

  • Once a Thief

    Once a Thief (1996)
    Television by William Laurin (Action, Comedy, Crime and Thriller) Art director Mac, LiAnn, and Vic are recruited by a top-secret government agency, working out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They have many (mis)adventures together, and soon, they are joined by Jackie Janczyk, a teenage mob boss. Written by Sally <>

  • Losing Chase

    Losing Chase (1996)
    TV Movie by Kevin Bacon (Drama) Art director Chase (Mirren), a lifetime resident of Martha's Vineyard, married Richard (Bridges), and like the area, grew into the Upper-Middle-Class. Her distaste for artificiality leads her to a wild breakdown, and Richard dutifully tries to restore their family unit as best he knows how by hiring a 'Mother's Helper', Elizabeth (Sedgwick). Chase is broken, and wickedly caustic towards Elizabeth, until they discover each other's similarities. A strong relationship develops, affecting their personal and familial salvation, and destruction. Written by Lew Jacobs <>

  • Closer and Closer

    Closer and Closer (1996)
    TV Movie by Fred Gerber (Thriller) Art director Kate Saunders is a successful writer of books dealing with serial killers. She is also a paraplegic as the result of a vicious attack by a killer who also murdered three woman after being inspired by Kate's novel. Now the sequel is about to be published and the killings have started all over again. Written by Les MacDonald at {}

  • Buck Staghorn's Animal Bites

    Buck Staghorn's Animal Bites (1996)
    Television Production designer

  • Ghostwriter

    Ghostwriter (1995)
    Film by Gail Harvey Art director

  • Family Passions

    Family Passions (1993)
    Television Production designer

  • A Town Torn Apart

    A Town Torn Apart (1992)
    TV Movie by Daniel Petrie (Drama) Art director An unconventional New England principal tries some radical new techniques to reform the high school he is hired at, and ends up the object of great controversy. A true story.

  • The Kids in the Hall

    The Kids in the Hall (1989)
    Television (Comedy) Art director "The Kids in the Hall" are a sketch comedy troupe, set apart by their cross-dressing antics and seemingly infinite supply of unique characters. Although writer Paul Bellini, various extras, and sometimes even an actual woman appear in the sketches, for the most part, the five main cast members portray every single character themselves. Recurring characters range from the harried corporate executive Danny Husk to Queen Elizabeth, from alienated teen rocker Bobby Tarrance to gay bar owner Buddy Cole, from occult TV show host Simon and his sidekick Hecubus to the gossiping corporate secretaries Cathy and Kathy, and an endless parade of others. Written by William Agee <>

  • The Jim Henson Hour

    The Jim Henson Hour (1989)
    Television (Comedy, Family and Fantasy) Art director Jim Henson hosts an anthology series. The typical format has the first part being the misadventures of Muppet TV as Kermit the Frog struggles to operate a Muppet TV super station with the usual level of help from his friends. The second part is the Storyteller as an old man and his sarcastic dog tell obscure fairy tales in the tradition of the great classics. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

  • E.N.G.

    E.N.G. (1989)
    Television by Bryce Zabel (Drama) Art director The show was based in Toronto, they are a news station that go out filming news worthy stories all the while a romance brewing with the news show director & camera man, Jake.

  • K.Y.T.E.S: How We Dream Ourselves

    K.Y.T.E.S: How We Dream Ourselves (1986)
    Film by Deepa Mehta (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Passion: A Letter in 16mm

    Passion: A Letter in 16mm (1985)
    Film (short) by Patricia Rozema (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department This stylish, complex depiction of a woman's one-sided, unsatisfying love affair features a strong performance by Linda Griffiths (who went on to star in John Sayles's Lianna) as the miserable but insightful woman... See full synopsis »

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