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Stewart Lyons

Producer in Los Angeles, California

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Stewart has worked on 33 television series, 26 pilots, and dozens of features and television movies as a Producer, Director, Writer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director. To date he has on-screen credits for over 630 episodes of television. He is currently the Co-Executive Producer of the FX TV series "Snowfall," and recently held the same position for two seasons of "The Night Shift" and the premiere season of "Better Call Saul".
Stewart has been nominated 6 times by the Television Academy as a Producer and has won two Emmys for Best Dramatic Series (2013, 2014) for his work on "Breaking Bad," the most critically acclaimed series in the history of television.
He was the only person, cast or crew, who was on the set for every day of its production.

Name: Stewart Lyons

Lives in: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Producer


  • The Messengers

    The Messengers (2015)
    Television by Eoghan O'Donnell (Drama and Mystery) Producer In the New Mexico desert, scientist Vera Ivanov (Shantel VanSanten) watches in fascination as a mysterious object plummets to Earth and explodes, sending out a shock wave that briefly stops her heart. But Vera isn't the only one affected: she's instantly connected to four other strangers, who also collapse only to miraculously come back to life hours later. Then a mysterious figure known only as "The Man" (Diogo Morgado) comes and offers Vera the chance to be reunited with her kidnapped son, if she helps him with one morally complicated task. Now, this group of strangers might be the only hope for preventing the impending Rapture... or causing it. Written by Soumik Ghosh

  • Better Call Saul

    Better Call Saul (2015)
    Television by Peter Gould (Crime and Drama) Producer Before Saul Goodman, he was Jimmy McGill. And if you're calling Jimmy, you're in real trouble. The prequel to "Breaking Bad" follows small-time attorney Jimmy McGill as he transforms into Walter White's morally challenged lawyer, Saul Goodman. Written by zaahir1604

  • Chicks'n'Guns

    Chicks'n'Guns (2013)
    Video by Michelle MacLaren (Crime and Drama) Producer Its about baby chickens that have guns

  • Breaking Bad

    Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013)
    Television by Vince Gilligan (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Production manager, Producer, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director When chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given only two years to live, he decides he has nothing to lose. He lives with his teenage son, who has cerebral palsy, and his wife, in New Mexico. Determined to ensure that his family will have a secure future, Walt embarks on a career of drugs and crime. He proves to be remarkably proficient in this new world as he begins manufacturing and selling methamphetamine with one of his former students. The series tracks the impacts of a fatal diagnosis on a regular, hard working man, and explores how a fatal diagnosis affects his morality and transforms him into a major player of the drug trade. Written by WellardRockard, jackenyon

  • The Middle

    The Middle (2011)
    Television by DeAnn Heline (Comedy) Production manager The daily mishaps of a married woman and her semi-dysfunctional family and their attempts to survive life in general in the city of Orson, Indiana.

  • Scoundrels

    Scoundrels (2010)
    Television by Richard Levine (Comedy and Drama) Production manager, Producer A crime family tries to go straight when the patriarch goes to prison.

  • Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes

    Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes (2010)
    Television by Vince Gilligan (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Producer A side series that focuses on the other scenarios revolving on Walter White or those who are connected with Walter White.

  • Miami Medical

    Miami Medical (2010)
    Television by Jeffrey Lieber (Action, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Production manager

  • Dirt

    Dirt (2007)
    Television by Matthew Carnahan (Drama) Producer A tabloid editor and her photographer try to make their way in the world of celebrity journalism.

  • Cold Case

    Cold Case (2006)
    Television by Meredith Stiehm (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Production manager Lilly Rush is a Philadelphia police detective working for the department's homicide squad and being assigned 'cold cases': crimes that were committed many years before and have not been solved. Lilly must try to re-think the crime scenes and interview other people involved with the victims to find a link to solving the cases. Written by Anonymous

  • Zoey 101

    Zoey 101 (2006)
    Television by Dan Schneider (Comedy, Drama and Family) Production manager Pacific Coast Academy, an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established. Zoey's little brother Dustin is currently a student there. Zoey decides to be one of the first girls to become a student at PCA. This is very exciting, but also very scary. Fitting in at a new school is hard enough, but going away to boarding school and living on your own when you're only thirteen can get a little crazy, especially when the girls are heavily outnumbered by the boys... Written by Anonymous

  • The Division

    The Division (2001 - 2004)
    Television by Deborah Joy LeVine (Action, Crime, Drama and Romance) Production manager, Producer It's a cop show with a twist. Lifetime's series explores the personal and professional lives of five very different policewomen in San Francisco. "The Division" features action, suspense, crime and cat-and-mouse chases. It also looks at the ups and downs of romance, family, motherhood and female friendships. It's good, old-fashioned drama about working women with real-life problems. Written by Anonymous

  • Tracey Takes On...

    Tracey Takes On... (1999)
    Television by Allan McKeown (Comedy) Production manager Tracey Ullman takes on a different topic in each episode, giving different characters opinions on such things as vanity, royalty and law.

  • Everybody Loves Raymond

    Everybody Loves Raymond (1996 - 1998)
    Television by Philip Rosenthal (Comedy) Production manager, Producer, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Ray Barone seemingly has it all. A wonderful wife, a beautiful family, a great job, a nice house on Long Island. There's only one problem. His obnoxious parents (who live across the street) and his jealous brother are always getting in the way. Written by <>

  • Hope & Gloria

    Hope & Gloria (1995)
    Television by Cherie Steinkellner (Comedy) Production manager, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Hope is a producer of a local TV show whose cheating husband left her after 10 years. Gloria is a street wise single mother who works as a hairdresser. The two, with Gloria's son Buddy, share the ups and downs of their complicated but humorous lives.

  • Step by Step

    Step by Step (1991 - 1994)
    Television by Michael Warren (Comedy) Production manager, Producer Frank Lambert is a construction worker and a single father of 3 kids: J.T., Alicia "Al", and Brendan. Carol Foster, a beautician, also has 3 children: Dana, Karen, and Mark. After Frank and Carol run into each other on vacation and spontaneously get married, they and their children (who appeared to have known and hated each other) have to learn to live together and love each other. It's not easy, but they are trying to do this step by step. Written by Boris Shafir <>

  • Getting By

    Getting By (1993)
    Television by Michael Warren (Comedy) Production manager, Producer Comedy about two women who live together in a rather large house. Dolores, who is the black one, has two boys Marcus (Santana) and Darren (Richmond). Cathy, who is the white one, has two girls Julie (Sterling) and her oldest daughter Nikki (Vannice). Written by Anonymous

  • Writer's Block

    Writer's Block (1991)
    TV Movie by Charles Correll (Drama and Thriller) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • Family Matters

    Family Matters (1990)
    Television by Michael Warren (Comedy, Drama and Family) Production manager, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director The Winslow family is a pretty normal family except for one thing, their neighbor Stephen Urkel. A genius and klutz Steve makes some really weird inventions while driving the Winslow's insane. Written by Katie <>

  • Going Places

    Going Places (1990)
    Television by Thomas L. Miller (Comedy) Director The production staff of The Dick Roberts Show has its hands full booking guests for the outrageous talk show and dealing with its egomaniacal host. After work, Charlie, Jack, Alex and Kate share a house with Kate's 8-year-old nephew Nick, who is quite a handful himself. Written by Kevin Ackley <>

  • The Family Man

    The Family Man (1990)
    Television by Michael Warren (Comedy) Director A widowed fire chief tries to raise his four children with help from his father-in-law.

  • Shocker

    Shocker (1989)
    Film by Wes Craven (Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Production manager, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director A murderous TV repairman, Horace Pinker is killing people in a small town left, right and center. He eventually finds the home of Lt. Parker, who is investigating his crimes, and savagely murders Parker's wife, son and daughter. His other son, Jonathan has a strange connection to Pinker through his dreams, and he directs his father to Pinker's business, where a small group of officers enter. Pinker escapes in a horrific spree, killing four officers and then targeting Jonathan's girlfriend, Alison. Another dream leads Jonathan and his dad to a residence where they catch Pinker in in the act of kidnapping. Pinker is arrested after a fight with Jonathan and sentenced to die in the electric chair. When executed, Pinker - who supposedly had given his soul to the devil in exchange for the power to come back as an energy source - takes over people's bodies and continues committing murders, until Jonathan devises a plan to bring Pinker into the real world, and then cut off his power source... Written by Derek O'Cain

  • Valerie

    Valerie (1987 - 1989)
    Television by Charlie Hauck (Comedy and Family) Production manager, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Director Valerie Hogan is what you call "super-mom." Valerie's husband, Michael is an airline pilot, so the job of raising their three boys is left mostly to Valerie. There's girl-hungry David, Wille who's always getting into trouble, and brainy Mark. Mark and Wille are fraternal twins. Each week, Valerie encounters different experiences of what it is like to be a mother to three boys. Written by Anonymous

  • Major Dad

    Major Dad (1989)
    Television by John G. Stephens (Comedy and Family) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Major John MacGillis is a conservative, by-the-book, die-hard Marine. Polly Cooper is a pacifistic, liberal journalist. Nonetheless, when the two meet, there's instant and intense chemistry between them. With the permission of Polly's 3 daughters, the two get married within weeks. Now Polly (and her kids) have to learn how to deal with being a Marine family, while Major MacGillis has to learn how to be a Dad... Written by Afterburner <>

  • American Anthem

    American Anthem (1986)
    Film by Albert Magnoli (Drama and Sport) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Steve is a talented gymnast who has given up competition and is working at his father's bike shop. Julie is the new girl at his old gym, who has moved to town to train with their powerful coach. Inspired by Julie, Steve resumes training. While dealing with the conflicts in their personal lives and the stress of training, they prepare for the US Olympic Trials. Written by Caitlin

  • Blacke's Magic

    Blacke's Magic (1986)
    Television by William Link (Crime and Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Alexander Blacke is a retired magician who comes out of retirement, at the behest of his con-man/gambler father, Leonard, to perform on stage and solve mysteries in this series that mixes the magical antics of "The Magician," the con-game schemes of "The Sting," "Switch," and "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe", and the intricate mysteries of "Columbo" and "Murder She Wrote." Written by <>

  • Cagney & Lacey

    Cagney & Lacey (1984 - 1985)
    Television by Barbara Corday (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Television police drama starring two female cops as partners. Their contrasting personalities (one is tough and the other sensitive) strengthen them as a team, allowing each a different perspective on both personal and professional situations. Written by Tad Dibbern <>

  • Scarecrow and Mrs. King

    Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983 - 1984)
    Television by Eugenie Ross-Leming (Adventure) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director A housewife, Mrs. King, is handed a package by a secret agent who who is being pursued by bad guys. The secret agent, Lee Stetson, then has to track down the housewife before the bad guys do. Later episodes involve similar plots as Stetson and Mrs. King are teamed up together. Written by Schofield <>

  • The Miracle of Kathy Miller

    The Miracle of Kathy Miller (1981)
    TV Movie by Robert Michael Lewis (Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director With the support of her parents (Sharon Gless & Frank Converse), an Arizona adolescent (Helen Hunt) overcomes severe injuries to run in a 10K race.

  • The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island

    The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island (1981)
    TV Movie by Peter Baldwin (Adventure, Comedy and Sport) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director The famous Harlem Globetrotters crash land on Gilligans Island, immediately dispatching a terrifying 'shark' by throwing basketballs at it. A mad doctor and his accomplice plan to take over the island for its rich energy supply by scaring off Gilligan and his buddies, but it soon settles to a basketball match between the doctors robots and the aforementioned Globetrotters Written by Paul cartwright <>

  • Makin' It

    Makin' It (1979)
    Television by Mark Rothman (Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • The Clone Master

    The Clone Master (1978)
    TV Movie by Don Medford (Sci-Fi) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director In order to test the validity of his experiments on cloning, a scientist makes clones of himself, but it causes problems that he didn't foresee.

  • Fingers

    Fingers (1978)
    Film by James Toback (Crime, Drama and Music) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Keitel plays the lead in this schizophrenic movie in which he is continually pulled by the two conflicting sides of his personality, on the one hand that of a quiet piano virtuoso and on the other a ruthless debt collector for his mobster father. Keitel is introspective as only Keitel can be, really making the audience feel for him and his pained existence. Written by <>

  • Sharon: Portrait of a Mistress

    Sharon: Portrait of a Mistress (1977)
    TV Movie by Robert Greenwald (Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director A woman's inability to make a lasting commitment results in her having a string of affairs with married men.

  • High on the Wind Rivers

    High on the Wind Rivers (1972)
    Film by Edward Summer Sound department

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