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By Dave Miller

GENRE: Action, Historical, Drama

It's the Sopranos...Soviet Style.


This potential multi-season program begins with an interview that took place between Washington Post Reporter David Remnick and the last of the original Bolsheviks, Lazar Kaganovich, a few weeks before his death in the summer of 1991 (not to mention the Soviet Union itself a few weeks later...) Though unrepentant in his defense of both communism and Stalin, Old Lazar attributes the change in his boss to one terrible evening in the early 1930s, when Stalin’s wife Nadya committed suicide.

We are soon transported back through a series of flashbacks to the Soviet Union of that day, introduced to a wide range of colorful characters of which the Generalissmo is only the most senior. A party thrown at the Kremlin to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution is marred forever when Nadya shoots herself in Lenin’s old study, leaving behind no explanation except for one thing: a mysterious letter, read only by Stalin, and eventually...Kaganovich. The reporter Remnick soon learns that Old Lazar knows what the contents of that letter are, their implication for Soviet history, and their haunting conclusion on the very nature of the revolution. Remnick presses Old Lazar to tell him, but Old Lazar protests that the letter can only be understood in the context of all of Stalin’s history, which the series will begin to play out in the later episodes.

The series has suspense, violence, intrigue, betrayal, and many other facets that lead to a gripping television drama, and it is all true.


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