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By Anne Pariseau

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller
LOGLINE: A scientist must confront the experiments from his traumatic forgotten past when he returns to sell the home he doesn't remember owning.


A scientist is called from his travels to return and sell a house he doesn't remember owning. During his stay, he is confronted by his past, the half robot half animal experiments who have been living there since he left. Their reemergence reminds him of the tragedy that took his wife and son and the unresolved grief and guilt that he tried to have erased from his memory while in a psychiatric hospital. Through the friendships that he develops and the help of his experiments, he seems to heal, all the while packing the house up for sale and his return to running through travel. Just before leaving, he is reminded of the night his wife and son died through the hologram projected by one of his experiments. Through the excruciating reminder, he sees something that he did not know before; there was another person in the house who created the extra force field that magnified the electric current into the house. He sets out, with the help of his new friends, on a hunt for this person, what he was doing in his house, and for retribution.

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