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  • The adventures of Gramma Sandie Brooks Johnson Crawford

    The adventures of Gramma Sandie Brooks Johnson Crawford Budget: $0 - $100K | Biography It all started in the year 1942,a lovely dark haired baby girl was born to Dorothy and Milton Brooks. She was their first born of 4. She was a happy toddler if not stubborn, but more on that later. She worked in the store that my grandfather had in Topanga Canyon, some say ol, Charlie Manson was a frequent customer given to his overwhelming urges to sugar, sex, and women. Anyways my Mom would always report him and slowly, somewhat reluctantly he would emerge, not wanting to scare off customers and what not. But more on him later, in fact I may have to include an entire chapter on this notorious character, who only recently died, and devoted followers to this day. Back to the story, Mom loved horses and one in particular named lucky. She would pet and braid her long hair into well in the night, until my come with peach tree in hand, give her a quick spanking, but always with love. Don’t quote on this as the sources are dead may they RIP. Anyways, the moral of the story is never braid your horses hair till Midnight, right ,oh yes, it’s midnight and not lucky based on it’s shiny black coat. Now Mom was not afraid to stand up for herself, it’s something I admired about her. It’s those qualities that served her well during the many years of struggle and wants during the Belize years. I could devote many many chapters on the Belize years, suffice it to say she was or is a fighter. Now a primer on Belize, taken from the CIA World fact book updated to include addendums for the year 2019. Belize, which used to be called, British Honduras, for all you history buffs out there, only became a democratically elected nation in 1981. Which is an minuscule amount of time in the British empire, which famously, that the sun never sets. Belize is roughly the size of Massachusetts but with only 350,000 one of the most scarcely populated on earth. It’s famous long sandy beaches, and Mayan ruins. They I said ruins more like abandoned metropolis's of a forgone era. Oh one other trait is the use of Kriol or patois as the Jamaicans say. Now I warn the reader I am fluent in both Kriol, American Englishand and tons and tons of British grammar. The er sound gets dropped off so words become lazy English, example (water becomes wata). So give me some water becomes gimme wata. Cool I know right, at least to me as I have always been interested in languages. Now back to the story, my mom is a Latter Day Saint or Mom at least 3 generations from Sweden. They first learned of the gospel from missionaries in sundermanland during the late 1800s. They say Swedish people reflect the land where they came from quiet  a little bit cold. My mom was the opposite extroverted sunny and open with a heart of gold. Of course she had a bad but I leave that to historians, genealogists and God almighty to judge. This work will focus on her trials, tribulations, and overcoming those challenges.  Now that I have the introduction set here is a little preview of chapter one Kenny Kenny.   Chapter One Kenny is the first born of the entire clan. He is a big brother, friend, marine and all around guy. He set a high bar for the family and by that I mean he was a competitive swimmer, diver as well. Then honorably served a Mormon mission. He then enlisted in the Marines became an officer and then honorably discharged all before 30. So the problems that befell may have seemed small compared to his accomplishments. One way to measure a man is the Benjamin Franklin close lists pros and cons then make a  judgement call. It’s called that because Benjamin carried lists around and used them to rate others around him. Salesmen, diplomats, politicians and such. He would calmly make cuts then walk away waiting for women to towards him. It worked so know it’s called the Benjamin Franklin close. Disclaimer not all historians share my views just like my family is diverse reflect their own views. I have gifted certain members to help with this book as it is a massive undertaking. So back to Kenny he is now 30 and drifting he suffers from severe bipolar which I also suffer more on that in my upcoming chapter. He has a hard one taking his medicine and usually it’s not setup up conveniently it is complicated. It ts much time to get right including the stress from work and school.  Speaking of school , I hold the highest degree in the family MBA,University of Phoenix, online. I say that not to brag but to give some sense of how hard it was to catch this guy. Anyways back to Mom’s role in all this, she was his rock,shield,protector in his right in his battle against mental illness, speaking of which, they are many myths about. When someone says they are not feeling well, it’s cause they are not taking or taking a nap because they don’t want to go to work. I repeat they are sick mentally and physically so stop making them feel bad about doing so. It wrecks lives, marriages and just about human relationship there is. But the reasons are not clear. Despite billions of dollars in research, scientists, have yet to conquer the common cold,lest the scourge of mentally illness. This right this chemical imbalance of the brain, is the least understood area of the brain. Be kind to the mentally ill. Don’t forget them or call them names, yes Jesus did cure demons and such but the underlining weaknesses are still there. Anyways this is the end of chapter one chapter 2 is titled Kevin Chapter 2. Kevin In many ways, Kevin the second born of my Mom's marriage to Alec Johnson, is the complete opposite of Kenny, stubborn and strong willed, he has always carved his own path in life. Perhaps it was the trauma of losing a father young. The story of my Mom's first marriage is a tragic love story, I don't remember all the details but he died way too young. Apparently he was a genius inventor of things and avid motorcycler. One m day in Oregon, because they lived their briefly, he went to execute a back flip his feet slipped and his necked snapped under the weight of the back. My mom was reeling on the news when he passed away from injuries leaving her as a widower at 21 with two kids to feed . Then enters my Father John Henry Crawford or Mr Johnny as they call him in Belize, what can be written about him about him is better left unsaid because of a certain alphabet agency has files on his business ventures. Suffice he is all man of myth, legend and hero status.  I will be writing a companion piece to this book, still that will detail what happened as he is still alive at ,78 years and has an excellent longtime memory which explains my own photographic memory. It’s great for school but wrecks my work and personal relationships. One way to counter that is through the Atonement, a little understood concept in LDS circles. Jesus is literally the savior of this universe and the infinite, galaxies, and accompanying star systems and suns. As explained in the Book of Abraham,the sun itself itself is self sustaining and will burn out one day in billions of years from now. Now some scientists will disagree but our sun is the product of other sun’s long burned out it is these sun’s mentioned not our sun. Any way Christ mention s sheep not of this earth but other Earthlike planets referred to as the isles of the Sea. He suffered for our sins and theirs in the Garden of Gethsamane. Thus he was uniquely qualified to breaks the bonds of death and set in place to restore the Holy Melchezedek priesthood back in the temple. Anyways back to my Mom’s the focus of this book. She and my Dad met at some whole on the wall rock and roll club, she was playing the tambourine in a local band. It went something like this, Dad says,”Hey Sandy, yeah, you Sandy, “ Mom turned around and followed him to the dance floor and that was it. They celebrated 50 years of marriage before her untimely passing 6 months ago. Now I asked the reader for sometime to ponder these. words I have written, while I shed many tears in her memory. At the time of this writing I am still reeling from her loss, hurt, denial,agony, raw emotion. All the stages of grief, guess I have soldier on with my wife and kids by my side. They will play the lion share in my own chapter, chapter 7 Keith, as the seventh son out of 9 brothers and one sister, karleen, get ready her story could be book on her own. But back to Kevin and Mom's story. Mom and Dad move in together and elope to Las Vegas, six months later. It was a major shock to her own parents, but they begrudgingly came to accept my Dad into the family. My Dad started thinking about his hometown, Orange Walk Town, Belize, Central America and they sold all their possessions and moved into a small farmhouse in a little village outside Orange Walk called Guinnea Grass. These were 7 years of nature, farming, and life lessons for Kevin and Kenny. They were also challenging as there was no running water except for well water and dips in a small lagoon on the property. No electricity except for a small hand cranked generator that was able to produce light enough for the house but no appliances. As would happen to any red blooded American kids, the boys improvised and came up with their own adventures. Such as milking cows riding goats, feeding pigs. They also played cowboys and Indians in a small barn attached to the farmhouse.    They grew up to be fast friends, compadres along with my cousin Magnus Aragon, one of the coolest cats known to man One time he was partying in Orange Walk at the place called the lounge,he was hit over the head with a bottle of belikin. He was bleeding profusely from the head but he showed up at our gate at our house in Orange Walk, “Come Mek weh beat Dem up” and they proceeded to Kick the crap out of 20 Guys with fists flying everywhere. Knees to the groin, John Jr was there he is coming up in Chapter 4 John is the best fighter in the family, he kicked so much ass he used to carry around a championship belt to celebrate beating them down, Him and Kevin fought naturally as brothers tend to do, but neither is proud of it was dumb stupid horse play they have gone on to become good hard working amazing father’s. Their kids are as follows John,s kids Amberly,Cynthia,Angelita,and Alexandria, or Allie for short. Kevin’s kids are Timothy Johnson, a sergeant in the US army thank you for your service by the way and Happy Birthday it was just his birthday at the time of this writing. Ashley Howell through marriage with Miriam Delafuente,a beautiful girl from Benque Viejo a small village on the Western border with Guatemala. Then Jenny Rodriguez nee Howell and finally Tiffany Johnson. I will be consolidating the book now to 25000 words or 250 pages for 25 chapters this is a lot of writing even for me. As I mention the book is to be self published sorry Keidy Keating at Your Book Angel your costs are too high Book baby offer s the same service for only $99. So consider this is our separation date. Now that business has been handled back to the story. Chapter 3 Karleen Her story may take up several chapters in the book, she is my only sister, big sister, friend, confidant of our clan. She is the first born of the marriage between my mom and Dad. She has always been very pretty she takes after my my mom. She has clear skin like my mom and me, plus a great shape when she was younger which made a topic of conversation that continues today good and bad. She was also born in Orange Walk Tower hill where the family they lived in a small house by the river. Let me stop I need to get her to tell me her story, before going any further I owe her the respect and consideration. Spoke to Karleen on 9/21/19 have her blessing to continue the story.  So Karleen was a rebellious but gifted child at St Catherines academy she excelled in many subjects and even got certified for the old short that secretaries used to use back before typewriters.  Many girls were were her friends and many enemies behind her back because of the wealth of my Dad. I remember he had a café that we affectionately called the upstairs café when really it was down stairs. I don’t know why but Dad was not very attentive not because he didn’t love her but because he was about his money making activities. At this time, my story picks up we were visiting the US embassy when we went to get passport pictures it was right by the upstairs café, My Mom and I and my entire class went to get pina coladas that day, I was the man, and no one can dispute even Angela who hungrily gulped them down with a gleam in her eye.  As of this writing she has not responded to my emails or friends requests so that story is down for now to be buried with all my exes memories.  As I will show in my upcoming 7 chapter Keith.  Anyways my dad let Karleen dance with limeys because they thought she was British not a hooker you numb skull.  She then continued living in the city with my Aunt Dina at a beautiful house in Kings Park and John Jr was there too and we would come visit them on the weekends. Update as this writing on 9/25/19 now Dina has passed and the whole grieving process has started all over again. Thank goodness she is buried right next to my mom so they can rise together in the first resurrection.  In LDS theology, the first resurrection is when the worthy dead will be resurrected by Christ when he returns during the Second coming. Not judgement day but not to far in the distant future, they don't have to wait 1000 years in spirit prison. Surely that applies to these two great women There are so many cherished memories of mom from that house, the best would be hanging out with Mom and Dad on the veranda while the soft yet strong cool Belize breeze would wash over us. I don’t care how many times u bribed some one to tell u the old tales Nick.  So my sister continued school until she met a nice boy from OW named Marlon Fabro aka Drake, Jig or just Fabro. He and her had a whirlwind romance followed by the birth of of nephew Hussain David Fabro who I am very proud of and I still remain proud of him to this day.  Then the ultimate tragedy happened, sorry Andy Garcia, Karleen’s current husband but he remains her one true love.  They were doing a deal for a cane farm back in the woods of Northern Corozal when those nasty bastards turned their back on him and shot and stabbed him to death, can you imagine the shock and trauma caused by this incident.  But the savior has paid for it Nick, not Karleen she remains a great Christian to this day. Triumphant and shining having moved on with her life. Then she moved to small apt in Exeter California with Hussain to spend some years in the hometown of Kirk. But more on that’s right, this was the second time Exeter not the first time Nick. I win again.  So she gets to California to go the nice singles ward then she gets hit on by some guy name Brent or Bryce, not sure. So anyways he just won’t let up and drove her crazy with his incessant calling and cat calling at church what a wierdo I don’t care if he is a returned missionary.  There is a certain way that you treat a lady and that is my sister a lady through and through not someone to be messed with Nick as you allege in your book, gimme a break Nick she would never give you the time of day Mr Nick Usburne of Memphis, Tn, that’s right you thought I didn’t know about you in the cafeteria, you taught you were slick taking silent notes for your book well guess what you just got busted.  Chapter 4 Karleen Continued Now I can either sue you in local government,federal or state court and I would when ask my brothers if you think I lie but I won’t, my therapy has taught me to let go of material things, because I unlike you, don’t only enjoy material things but spiritual things not evenings with beautiful women as you snidely allege in Command, but I crave quiet time with my wife to just contemplate our marriage and our life. If you call me a creepy old guy I will punch you right in the face, don’t do again. That was meant for nIck and not the reader as you allege.  Nick you are the sick puppy, get help before its too late, Dr Green signed off on my health just this past Thursday.  Don’t come near, me or my family and certainly you cannot be friends with Ana on Facebook, you creep.  Take your dirty crusty Cheetos stained handsoff the key board warrior I don’t care how many battles we had on the battlefields of  You google them Im fine with my legacy and I trumped you dude not the other way around Christ is coming back and there is nothing you and your scientific buddies can do about it, real or not real.  One way you can tell a fraud he is always narcissistic, self absorbed, and loathsome, he thinks its all about him like her third husband Victor Bobadilla and I do remember you nigga from the early days of Game Works sitting at the bar eating chicken wings despite your claims not to.  Whats that you think I don’t recognize man what ever you got spotted even at the Paradise Strip club in Palatine,, creep.  I can hear your words right now ringing in my head from your seminar on Webex from   I am fine get out of my head, I don’t need as you allege but my Savior and Heavenly Father by my side. Karleen you talk way too much but I forgive you again and again I don’t care how many times it takes. T Sio what ups dude. Chapter 5 John Jr John or Johnny Crawford Jr as he is known is the coolest of the cool. Save me from a beat down many times because I was a little sore loser punk kid who always wanted to win . We bear a striking resemblance so much so that cousins are confused friends confused you name it. He always had my back  and still does to this day. He gives good advice in a quiet effective manner. He had clashes with Mom we all did. It was a rite of passage, fight with mom consoled by Dad fight with Dad consoled by Mom. He had lots of girlfriends but Sally Grajalez remains the one true love of his life he sets a good example for me to follow on my own life. Righteous in spirit absolutely devoted to his wife and kids . Mom taught him well. She always wanted us to treat the women in our lives with the utmost respect. She didn’t mince words “ honor your mother and father so your days may be longer on the earth. So of course it was a shame when she passed away early but she was the good one while he has to stay longer to pay for his sins.  So more on John, Although he was born in Belize, he spent extensive time in California, Missouri, Miami and Waukegan. Indeed he has spent more time in America than Belize, not that it matters, he is more Belizean than most Belizeans and has a heavy Kriol accent that gets higher as he gets more irie, if you know what I mean.  His parties are the best in the family with everyone of the 37 grandkids getting together in the summer months to have grilled aracheras, carnitas or pibil tacos. He is also known for his cheese dip that is velveta cheese with salsa casera thrown in. Also he knows to make the best chicken soup in America, ha ha.  I am not going to give out the secret so that it stays in the family for generations. As I said before a certain Alphabet agency tried to trap him in Miami but he is too smart for them but unfortunately Kevin got caught in their false flag operation. Grandpa was right in Belize when it happened but they claimed that he ran all of the Belize marijuana operations in Belize, maybe in the 80s but certainly not in the early 90s when the sting happened. By then due to the Reagan War on Drugs eradication efforts, buyers dried up and where moving on to harder drugs like cocaine and crack. My Dad prided himself in only dealing marijuana now the irony is it becoming legal all over the US and the world. He is a pioneer and an innovator as discussed before. So after John left Miami he moved to Waukegan Illinois in a small 1 bed apartment at Colonial Park apts at Park City. This is where my story and those of Kevin, Karleen, Kris,Kirk,Me,Kraig,Jeffery and Jeremy pics up again and continues to this day. Thanks to God we survived those years of struggle, Mom kept us in line as only she could. Chapter 6 Kris Kris is my older brother, protector, friend, coolest of the cool, we look so I like that people called me John and Kris triplets separated by birth. He knows martial arts from watching the old kung fu movies on the Old kung fu theatre in the 80s.  He would kick the ass of any bully kid in the neighborhood who happened to go to our house to mess around. He also knows wrestling holds like the figure 4 leglock made famous by nature boy Rick Flair. He would also break dance and ride his bmx bike on bmx ramps made famous by the bmx bike of the day.  Now Nick Usborne stop talking crap about my family in your stupid book Command. It makes you look weak and pathetic, there are no parallel universes, the incident that you indicated happened the summer of 2005, you were known as Randal Emmett then the star of Something about Mary (1999) the real stars Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller may disagree with you. Since it was your one and only starring role that leaves a lot to be desired. Anyways check my short story on @medium to know the full story of what happened that day, suffice to say I apologize for recognizing you from Something about Mary, it was really popular on those days and we watched it a bunch of times. Its correct you were trespassing on private party, I was there to go the temple with my family with a valid temple recommend, its true Bishop Sperry did not want to help us with a rent check for the house on Massena, that doesn’t mean you had the right to follow me down route 294 in a taxi screaming at the top of your lungs hey its me recognize me randall Emmett like a Mad Man, you followed me all the way to the house 732 massena and hid in the bushes like a madman with your camera cackling like a mad man just you show in the movie, it was a real condition you had just hurt yourself in bad motorcycle accident 1 month prior to filming and they had to reshoot scenes so their reactions, Cameron, Matt and Ben was genuine. Now normally I woud never make fun of the generally sick, but here are we the details get fuzzy, it wasn’t me sitting at the computer, it was my brother Jeffrey and you can confirm with him, his email is, yes the same original email he was checking on that fateful night, I did come home and shew him off the computer but not for the reason you believe, I was tripping from another bipolar psychotic experience, if you don’t understand then let me explain, it is ritualistic unstoppable behavior, meaning I lose all control of my own emotions and actions, this is a relatively new condition, just  recently diagnosed by Dr Allen Herschel, who I understand is your friend at LBH hospital at Waukegan, oh wait you mean CVH, Waukegan hospital is only 1 year in operation at the time of this writing , the phone is 847 3652047 in case you want to call and verify my case with Dr Herschel himself, he is a very gifted psychiatrist and neurologists, made famous by the Tom Brady Super bowl commercial, I would post the youtube video but I don’t want to come off as creepy. He and Steve Jobs connect on a pass and then the credits role, Steve comes to the stage and announces a new insurance program GDERP or General Dynamics Employee Repair Program or in IL is it known as JENSEn , not sure what the acrononym means. Anyways he offered 1 million dollars in insurance to any apple employee that got sick on the job because of an apple products. This just happened to me on the Mini Mac, now Mr Usburne, there is no way you knew about this in the summer of 2005 as it just came summer 2019 not 2005 as you claim at the bar on a napkin by a disgruntled apple employee.  Now back to the story, the actions I took were uncontrollable and so I did some shameful things I am not proud of but you didn’t need to go in to exhaustive detail like you did and discuss it with the actual stars of the movies who will remain nameless for now as they know refer to themselves as candy representatives or technical advisors. He was not illegally downloading via limewire, we had comcast cable internet, what you couldn’t have known that as it was cutting edge at the time I don’t care how good you are at making predictions in command. Anyways I did chase you down the street because you had no right to be taking those pictures on that night as the DMRCA was not yet signed by bush sr because it was actually signed by President Clinton in 00 as one of his last acts of executive authority.  The internet google searches saved my butt many times over the years. Now here is where the story gets really interesting. What really happened that day, who really knows but my lord and savior and angels and Heavenly Father whose love and spirit and not the actual physical bodies exist as you ran screaming down the halls of the temple that day. So that’s why you got taken to CVH as you well know not LVH not as you predicted by 2018 in the crazy book . now back to the story of Kris, oh yes, the secret to the time algorithms, as you claimed with we erroneously in the book, we are not twin souls from parallel universes randall or nick Usborne as you call yourself these days. So you are licensed psychiatrist and therapist at the teen center at LVH teen center, those boys are young and impressionable, I don’t care how many AWAI 10,000 checks you cash through out these years. Leave them alone stop spying on their internet and personal hygiene habits, your sick yourself, not the other way around. You could not have known of my recent diagnosis as you erroneously claim in the book. No way no how. The book was Pathway to Perfection by Thomas Monson who was not prophet but is prophet until 2018 january yes its true the senior apostle gets to be prophet that is a tradition that goes back to Joseph Smith. And there is a false wall that rotates due to pressure points in the Chicago temple wall to allow for families to go safely to their to avoid the hecklers at the gates that there every day all since the 80s in Glenview correct very good. I trust Dr Clay Green, a former colleague of yours from your CVH days together till you had a falling out right emett, oh you were still emett then, I win, nick Usborne was only created from false memories of the night in 2005 led by the therapist Lisa Schofield, who planted false memories that night to get you to calm down dufus. She is not to the therapist to my future daughter Lindsey Rose as you falsely claim in command but Dr Clay Green, there is simply no way you could have known those things in 99 as you claim Nick/Randall. Just no way. Jesus lives he saves, believe put away your pride and be free. It is amazing what a feeling can do for the heart and mind. Not bitterness and hate. Now back to Kristien full story yes that is his real name, not Christopher as you falsely claim. Randall how could you have those memories from the 80s those are Lisa Scofields memories not your she probably dreamed it herself as explained in the book Catch Your Dreams by Karlyle Tomms who is a whole another story into itself.  Kris met a beautiful girl from El Salvador Marleni Miranda and they became madly in love and had a daughter Gianni Crawford, that is true but their now way in hell you could have predicted my kids names yet as Keith Jr, Jessica Crawford, and Lindsey Crawford were still spirits in heaven you dumb ass. Non believers like yourself aren’t subjected to the special requirements to enter the temple, so you had no right to be there as you cunning lies where exposed by the security guards that day. You stole a temple recommend, but you got exposed that night didn’t you Nick, yeah I am talking directly to you the reader and Nick because I have writing skills like that. Not because I wanted to brag as you falsely claim, just ask my son. Mom loved Kris a lot and of course I did like I said he stuck for me then things went really bad in 1992 and we had to move back to the states so that we could survive. He had to stay behind because Marleni was already pregnant with Gianni and so he had to work to survive. Everyday they would pass by the gates to pickup Gianni because of late night dances not abuse. One day one the maids was scolding Gianni and Kris did jump over the fence with a knife but not to kill just to scare. Now I don’t care what Junior lopez told you, yes I know about Junior lopez in the upstairs building in the 90s, there was pornography at the house but it was junior’s nasty habit of reading the magazines not John jr as you claim in command.  I will be speaking to Junior soon about this very issue and if he got paid to tell those lies against our family and hold by the throat if I have to get him to confess, he doesn’t know yet.  So years pass by then Kris and Marleni move to the states with Gianni to live in Waukegan with John Jr and Sally in a small one bedroom apt at briar wood apts that much is true, but they did not get kicked for fighting but because there were too many people in the apt as Waukegan has a strict 2 bedroom policy. Years later in 2008 I would move into those same apts on my way to Genoa City, WI. Kris and Marleni eventually moved to their own apt in Colonial Park apts in Park City then moved to the house on Lloyd avenue that she and her new husband not Kris as you wrongly predicted in Command.  Christopher lives on his own and so those Gianni in Round Lake Beach.  One thing I can say for you Nick you are extremely talented in your predictions but they are correlation not empirical evidence as you stated. Funny part of this whole thing is that I am connected on Twitter as KCR1182799 as your friend and just sent you a twitter last night on 9/15/19 not 2018 so I win again Nick. Plus you keep trying to add Ana as a friend not me, so stop adding her, she is not interested you old pervert. She has been faithful to me this whole time not like her sister, Sindy, although that is not her fault either. I suppose everyone has their own issues and habits that they need to repent and not be judged but as an Atheist those concepts are foreign to you. As they are to my brother Jeffery, even though I still love the guy very much and Nellie not hate them Nick, I couldnt hate them. One way to tell if someone is telling the truth is to test them by the power of three witnesses and my bros Kris, Kirk and Kraig will tell you I rarely lie but when I do it is usually about money as those the rest of America. Right now I want to log on FB messenger real bad but am not doing out of respect for my bro, as he recently took care of me for being homeless for a month at this house, him and his wife Nellie are some of the most decent, caring human beings that you could ever meet, just talk to them. Brandon is a very lucky kid not a spoiled kid as you falsely claim Nick.  Jeff if you are reading this right now know that you are loved bro, I don’t judge for your decisions just don’t judge for mines, as we will be meeting at Van Patten Woods in Wadsworth, IL on Oct 12, 2019, I win again Nick. Don’t test me Nick I am a genius, a real one, not a fake one so you betta come correct. Jeff we will all laugh about this later, I promise. Its just this nick character making money off the name that really pisses me off.  Let sleeping dogs die Nick, or I will just have to let it go, because I am mature enough to do so. Now I got log off the computer right now because Lindsey needs to use the computer but that its, you have been warned.  

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