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By Geoffrey Edwards

GENRE: Sci-fi
LOGLINE: A one act, participative opera based on my own science fiction opus currently under development, dealing with a young woman in a distant future whose body is undergoing a series of transformations that will result in her emergence as non-human, and the intolerance she encounters as a result. The main character is loosely based on the Greek mythic figure of Hermione. The opera under development will permit public participation during the staging. The first public presentation is scheduled for June 23, 2017.


The opera is presented to the audience as a historical re-enactment of events that took place in the distant past, before humanity had expanded beyond the confines of one galaxy. It deals with a young woman, Relliana Sapuro, who is in considerable pain as her body is changing in ways she cannot easily understand. In the distant future, humans may have one of seven genders. Relliana's friend, Aki Oneya, is a gender morph, one of the neutral genders, and Relliana draws on her friend's experience to help understand her own. The floating city high up in the atmosphere of a remote planet, Pinnacle, which is their home, is characterized by a conservative society that values homogeneity over diversity. Their young people gather together into roving gangs that "police" the city - both Relliana and Aki run afoul of one of these gangs. In the final scene, the audience is given the opportunity to assist Relliana as she emerges from her transformation into someone clearly non human.

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