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Sharlot Chi

Artist, Author, Mental Specialist at The Voice of Evolution
Graphic Designer, Songwriter, Author, Concept Artist and Other

Brussels, Belgium

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YouTube: The Voice of Evolution by SharlotChi

= The Return into Light Earth Consciousness and remembrance of our Original roots, the repair kit from Soul into Spirit & finally the Great Gathering.


Studying anatomy, biology, physics, and research within geometrical patterns that alter the chemistry of the cellular structure gave me knowledge of how to alchemically decode and re-encode the body/brain/mind with a deep observation of its behaviour and attitudes towards transmutations. As a teacher of Light-Technology, counsellor, Author, , Poet, Artist, Spiritual Scientist, my Spark – inspired by many musical charts and their cellular output – made me understand I could make life a passionate journey into many dominions. Self education-exploration & Universal science fascinated me in many ways and took me through a laboratory of in-depth studies to discover our Original Essence & a lot of disciplinary determination to ride the fearless tracks of wonder & integrity. It required a certain level of alienation and many years of intense studies to open & understand what it takes to open the pathways for ascension globally everything was birthed on the mechanisms of inversion as massively seen in todays' economics/politics. I have no artistic background but felt there was more to discover in Self then exposed through the means of the internet and written materials which information deck has not been upgraded for decades. As I sourced from deep insights into other realms of shared consciousness I found techniques inspired by unique experiences to construct a gateway to other worlds where the possibilities are infinite. From there on, I started to work with languages of light, grid systems, ; and discovered a way to assist people on their journey back to disease free & control free enjoyable original lifestyles but with modern day tools & apps throughout many seminars & gathering sessions and individual consultations; apart from my creative outlet via art, fashion & alignments. Present Field or Sprit Consciousness

My work joins visionary architecture with mundane interpretations. So working on opening many new blueprints created an explosive desire to paint my information in a way that my designs were born by alignments throughout the cosmos. Design became a strong expressive treasure chest where science, spirit and the modern rebel meet under the same roof in order to create instant changes on any level of consciousness and shake that into a new born omnipresent “I AM PRESENTATION”, not of yesteryears but as is required in the world we are living in. When I offer my services, I explore myself, it is like giving answers to self and all nations sourced from so many sources/forces, it is rather exposing a consciousness that is valuable for the time we are living and what can be done to assist humanity to shift consciousness multi dimensional as a daily elixir. There is a plethora of ways to explore or expand on my work through seminars, alignments and artwork. It is like morphing through universes and giving some understanding and/or remembrance to ancient technology knowing there is something greater that pulses, streams, morphs through our plasma to assist our individual journey & transformation. I consider myself a creator investigator working for new truths which is a most powerful expression in my art. Breaking the Sound Barrier of the electromagnetic field & moving through that gives options for dialogue with other Star systems. These dialogues open the Living Libraries filled with massive data that comes into expression while doing the work I do.... THE VOICE OF EVOLUTION
Let’s make it a passionate quest!
I currently wrote 'THE I AM FACULTY": Wise mentor cards for modern day ascension.
I AM writing modern day songs that changes consciousness;
I AM writing a true FB story: Between the Moon and the Sun" which was a FB chat of 6-7 hours a day during 2 years about our Universal Essence and how to ascend. It takes massive work to put 40.000 pages together . Any help is welcome.
I provide my Art for film production





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