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Actress, animal advocate and LLS volunteer. Have worked on films, commercials, theater, modeling, and shoe fit. Love all genres of the business but my main focus is film. Please visit my website at for the most up to date information about me.



  • The Manor

    The Manor (2016)
    Film (Thriller) Actress Six college students decide they are going ghost tracking in the long-abandoned and storied Williams Manor, to present their end of term thesis on paranormal activity - all with terrifying results.

  • Max Has a Date

    Max Has a Date (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Actress This is a story about an elderly man and woman, who meet in a cafe after not seeing each other for 50 years. They begin to talk about the past and how they were once lovers. Then their emotional conversation turns toward the present and you get a sense they're in a different time, way in the future. Strange people start to arrive into the cafe, which makes you think just where is this couple and what's happening to mankind. Written by Anonymous

  • Ned Rifle

    Ned Rifle (2014)
    Film (Drama) Actress NED RIFLE is the third and final chapter of Hal Hartley's tragicomic epic begun with HENRY FOOL (1997, TIFF) and continued with FAY GRIM (2007). At once a saga concerning the Grim family of Queens and how their lives are turned upside down by the arrival of the self-proclaimed genius Henry Fool, the trilogy is also an illustration of America's grappling with ideas, art, politics, and religion over the course of 20 years. In this swiftly paced and expansive conclusion, Henry and Fay's son Ned sets out to find and kill his father for destroying his mother's life. But his aims are frustrated by the troublesome, sexy and hilarious Susan, whose connection to Henry predates even his arrival in the lives of the Grim family. Written by Anonymous

  • Scavenger Killers

    Scavenger Killers (2014)
    Film (Crime, Horror and Thriller) Actress 'Bonnie and Clyde' are reinvented in SCAVENGER KILLERS, where a charming judge and a hot criminal defense attorney go on a maniacal killing rampage. With bizarre, yet somehow believable, FBI agents (a physically powerful, condescending mute with wooden legs, and a Tourette's Syndrome introvert with psychic abilities) on the hunt, the deranged duo amp up their rampage, never murdering with the same method but always with same untamed ferocity. Written by Anonymous

  • Wish You Were

    Wish You Were (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actress The story revolves around the world of two men sitting a bar, enjoying some free time all while one of their worlds are being torn apart. This psychological thriller with take you through a myriad of emotions and accusations and leave you guessing up until the last second. Written by Born Young Productions

  • The Jersey Devil

    The Jersey Devil (2014)
    Film (Comedy) Actress When his term limit comes up, Lucifer, the original Devil, must turn the reigns of Hell over to James Burnett. But Burnett has new plans for Hell that includes changing its' image and relocation. He enlists his Advocate, Richard Cooper and his beautiful sidekick Tori to find a new home for the damned. After an extensive search, they settle on New Jersey. As construction begins, James implements his plan to gather as many souls as possible so he can challenge the Kingdom. Meanwhile, Lucifer, with his wife Eve and Advocate Judas have arrived in Jersey to put an end to James' plans. After several failed attempts to stop him, Lucifer turns to a higher power for help. Written by Diamond Jesus Productions

  • Meanwhile

    Meanwhile (2011)
    Film (Drama) Actress The funny and moving tale of Joe Fulton who can fix anything for anybody but he can't achieve success himself. But maybe today will be different!

  • Stuck in the Middle

    Stuck in the Middle (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actress A mail room slacker accidentally kills himself in a bizarre experiment and finds himself sentenced to Purgatory...working in the mail room. There, he falls for his beautiful manager and to win her heart he must stop a greedy real estate mogul from selling Purgatory and sending everyone to Hell. Written by SITM Productions

  • Madcap Mabel

    Madcap Mabel (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress The life of silent screen star Mabel Normand (Penelope Lagos) is seen through the repentant eyes of a Reporter Charlie Craig (Rudy Cecera), whose scandalous stories of Mabel's private life helped contribute to her career's downfall. Thanks to his articles, Mabel...once considered the "Queen of Comedy" who made history by being Hollywood's first female Producer, Director and Stunt now considered Hollywood's First Party Girl. Her health soon takes a similar downward spiral and as she lies near death, Charlie finally gets a conscience and embarks on a quest to report all the positive aspects of her life. Through the stories of her friends and associates, Charlie's journey not only enlightens him as to Mabel's accomplishments but gives him hope that he'll vindicate her to the public and earn her forgiveness before it's too late. Written by Anonymous

  • WildFlower Webseries

    WildFlower Webseries (2009)
    Television (Adventure) Actress The adventures of "Lacy Phacelia" a young dancer who has move to the city to pursue her dream of dancing on stage and to learn secret martial arts techniques from obscure masters.

  • Perception

    Perception (2009)
    Film (Drama) Actress One man walks into a party and sees the art on the walls, the books on the shelves, the bold color that the man by the window is wearing. Another man enters the same party at the same instant and sees the chandelier, the way a shadow falls through the back of a chair and casts bars of light onto the floor behind. If asked to describe this same moment in time to a stranger, that stranger would no doubt conclude that these two men were in two completely different places. When in fact, they were in the same place at the very same instant! Perception explores this breach of experience by glancing into the lives of three individuals: Clarissa, Ralph and Tobias. After the typical college experience, Clarissa moved to NYC. She quickly became jaded, and in time, working her job as an Administrative Assistant came to compromise her self-respect. She felt as one of the common many--a "sell out." And she quit. Today, she lives as a homeless person on the streets of New York. Her brother Ralph--a... Written by Wade Wofford

  • Mary's Laughter

    Mary's Laughter (2008)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Actress Welcome to Amwell County, a little place that time has forgotten about. God couldn't have painted a more beautiful canvas but as with all beauty it's more important to know what is on the inside, even though most people don't care to always investigate that fact. Those who flock to this little piece of the world come to bask in its peacefulness and solitude, completely unaware of the area that is no longer on the map. Amwell County has a secret, the one that the developers of Serenity Hills forget to tell their patrons about. The Mitchum Family has watched as their once prosperous lifestyles have been extinguished and the town they once controlled slip into the hands of greedy northern interest. Since the major diversion of the main road, they have been left to wither away. You can have all that you want in this burg if you actually make it to your destination. It is a place for reflection and a timeout from all the madness that world can bring. But madness can be derived from ... Written by Julian Patrick

  • Hit N' Run

    Hit N' Run (2007)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress A young runaway is sexually assaulted, then left for dead by her attacker. He left his wallet, which has his home address. She acts out her revenge by visiting his clueless family and befriending his innocent teenage daughter.

  • Muse

    Muse (2007)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Noted Playwright Otto Finch gets in over his head when, on the strength of his reputation, he is given the head writer position for a network sitcom. The problem...although he is a great Writer he knows absolutely nothing about comedy. However for pride and money Otto takes the job and instantly develops writer's block. While mulling over his dilemma Thalia, the immortal and mythical "Muse of Comedy" appears to give him inspiration. Unfortunately she herself develops insecurities about her power. The two immediately become smitten and believe they could help solve each other's problems by having someone who knows nothing about comedy write a sitcom with someone who's not funny. All the while dealing with Otto's suspicious co-workers who would love to expose him as a no-talent hack, Thalia's magical sisters (the other Muses) and at times, perhaps even her father...Zeus. Written by Rudy Cecera

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