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By Josiah Olson

GENRE: Drama

Young and restless, Benjamin Vesi is the epitome of what it means to be a teen. A tragic accident leaves him with feelings of guilt, especially when he is pardoned. The misfortunate Thomas Mathers still remembers though, and he wants justice at all cost. Hate is a dead end, revenge is sweet, and peace is fleeting in this troubled world.


BEN is a 20-year-old average working class man in present-day suburban Minnesota, USA. TOMMY lives in the same city as Ben and works several small jobs as he tries to save up enough money for college. A year earlier Ben killed Tommy’s girlfriend in a drunk driving accident. Ben’s rich FATHER paid him out of jail. A year after her death the two of them encounter at her gravestone. The hurt all comes back and Tommy devises a plan to bring the justice that didn’t come to Ben the first time around. He steals Ben’s car and robs a gas station, making sure the license plate is seen by security cameras and leaving the evidence in Ben’s trunk. Ben is falsely arrested but is able to go home while he awaits trial. Ben pays a visit to Tommy’s house, knowing that he is responsible. Ben manages to nab the evidence he needs to prove his innocence and Tommy is given house arrest for a year. Ben leaves town to stay with his grandmother and cousin.

Tommy struggles with depression and family issues during his year at home and finally finds how to accept and love himself. Ben meets LYDIA, a beautiful girl in the new town who he begins to date. Tommy’s father dies in an accident, Tommy is crushed and overcome by the unfairness of life and he chooses to blame the one person he can- Ben, he runs away from town to get his revenge. Ben and Lydia are on a date at a pub when Ben spots Tommy sitting there, watching them. He knows a storm is coming. The next day Tommy knocks on Ben’s door. The two of them go out on a boat ride to talk things out. Tommy pulls out a gun and tells Ben that he has killed Lydia. Ben, enraged fights against Tommy and ends up killing him.

Ben flees across the border to Canada with the help of his father. In the woods he confronts his own guilt for the people he has let down. Ben’s father lies about Ben’s fate to the police to protect him. Ben’s father comes to visit Ben in the woods and brings supplies and news from Ben’s mother. Lydia comes out of the car- she had found out about the scheme and talks to Ben, trying to convince him that there is something worth living for, despite the consequences. Ben agrees and together they head back to face the world.

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