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Richard Lounello

Actor, Director, Producer and Screenwriter

New York City, New York

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About Richard

Richard Lounello has been a professional actor for over 20 years alternating between film and television work with work in regional theatre.

He has a lead role in the upcoming Lifetime movie “Accidental Switch” opposite Jamie Luner
“ (“Melrose Place”) and the independent feature film “4th Man Out” opposite Kate Flannery from “The Office”. He is also the star of the Emmy nominated docudrama “Prohibition Story: Legs Diamond”. Richard has worked along side other such notable actors like Acadamy Award winners Charles Durning and Robert Loggia.
Richard is also an award winning writer and director whose first short “The Loop” had a successful run on the film festival circuit and eventually found distribution with 3 different companies, the most prominent being The Spiritual Cinema Circle and Gaia TV.

Richard is also an acting coach whose clients have had guest starring roles on such shows as! “The Americans” “The Knick” and “Nurse Jackie”



  • Key Transitions

    Key Transitions (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor KEY TRANSITIONS explores the universal emotions felt when a sudden tragedy strikes a couple. Their lives are split in two, between the life they could have had but can no longer, and the life they now have to live. Starring Yvonne Perry and David Bunce and lensed by Shawn Schaffer with an original score by Joe Kraemer, writer/director Christopher Schiller weaves an emotional tapestry that will keep the audience thinking long after the credits roll.

  • Accidental Switch

    Accidental Switch (2016)
    TV Movie (Action) Actor Jennifer quickly grabs a black suitcase off the airport luggage carousel. She later discovers she's grabbed the wrong bag. Soon a man calls claiming he will harm her daughter if she doesn't follow his instructions and return his baggage.

  • Joker's Wild

    Joker's Wild (2016)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Ticket

    The Ticket (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actor A blind man who regains his vision finds himself becoming metaphorically blinded by his obsession for the superficial.

  • Bumpin Uglies

    Bumpin Uglies (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Detective Sara Ross leads her misfit Police team on a hunt to find Pinsky, the world's most notorious prostitution ring leader, only to come head to head with Mavis Bonder's FBI team, causing a stir in her case and her short temper.

  • Mortal Kombat Fates Beginning

    Mortal Kombat Fates Beginning (2015)
    Film (Short, Action, Adventure, Fantasy and 1 More) Actor The Fate Of The Realm Is Decided Here..

  • Damsel

    Damsel (2015)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor A coming-of-age story about a tough and troubled little girl who runs away from her self-obsessed father and, in the vast and colorful New England woods, develops a close friendship with an older man who is easily terrified, but who is also the first truly loving person she has ever met. As they hunt through the woods for his late wife's necklace, they soon realize that they themselves are being hunted by a dangerous stranger.

  • Queen Crab

    Queen Crab (2015)
    Film (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor A meteor crashes into a quiet lake in the remote countryside and awakens a centuries-old beast, who tears through a nearby town and its inhabitants, who must fight for their lives and stop this Queen Crab before she can hatch an army of babies.

  • Cold Bloods

    Cold Bloods (2015)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Cold Bloods follows two undercover detectives who don't always get along, but always get the job done. Detective Kate "Jackhammer" Jack, has a short fuse and is very trigger happy. Her partner, Detective Andy Bridge follows the rules, but takes no nonsense, except from his partner. Written by unknown

  • 4th Man Out

    4th Man Out (2015)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor A car mechanic in a small, working class town comes out of the closet to his unsuspecting, blue-collar best friends.

  • Nuclear Family

    Nuclear Family (2015)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • A Prince for Christmas

    A Prince for Christmas (2015)
    TV Movie (Romance) Actor Experiencing cold feet about his upcoming arranged royal wedding, a charming European prince steals away incognito to the U.S. in search of true love. Pretending to be someone he isn't, the prince-on-the-lam meets Emma a diner waitress whose Christmas needs considerable brightening.

  • Rock Story

    Rock Story (2015)
    Film (Drama and Music) Actor Other than his rugged good looks, amazing songwriting and penchant for smashing guitars, Mario Cash isn't the typical rocker. Nor is Danielle Kelly, aside from her massive, national late teens pop music successes. Both are criminal defense attorneys. More so, Danielle, a late 20s girl-next-door beauty, works for Cash (who has no knowledge of her rock n' roll past)-and she's paralyzed from the waist down. The Cash-Money Boys, a regional band of seven with a cult following, were originated by Cash and lead singer, Andre Money. The group, talented to the core, have been a "near miss" through peculiar circumstances, which have always left Cash unfulfilled. Things change after he listens to a series of anonymous - incredible - vocals that are sent to him. Cash learns that the gifted singer is his handicapped associate, Danielle Kelly. However, he is still unaware of her true identity, a secret that is kept only between Danielle and her former manager, Judge Carol Ann Connelly. What ensues ... Written by Kenneth Del Vecchio

  • Price for Freedom

    Price for Freedom (2015)
    Film (Drama) Actor Search Hoboken Film festival Middletown NY to see the trailer.

  • Bleeding Hearts

    Bleeding Hearts (2015)
    Film (Horror) Actor Captured Hearts, an insane serial killer/horror film, is a heart-jumping, heart-crushing - truly demented - roller coaster ride of mystery, violence, sex and gore. With a raging, climatic twist, all hearts end up in one place. And it's not where they're supposed to be. Written by Ken Del Vecchio & Rachael Robbins

  • Far from the Heart

    Far from the Heart (2014)
    Television (Drama) Actor Killian is immortal, or at least he thinks he is based on the fact that he has been killed by gun, sword, choking, drowning... and he is still alive. The problem with immortality is hiding it from your enemies, and your friends.

  • A Grim Becoming

    A Grim Becoming (2014)
    Film (Action, Comedy and Horror) Actor Raphael, a young executive who is on the verge of losing a multimillion dollar architectural deal with a large distribution company lead by the awkward Stanford(s). Raphael suffers a sudden death in his family and has to immediately leave to go to the funeral in his home town of Metzburgh. Seeing this as his big chance to get ahead is Wayne, a jealous co-worker who is in competition with Raphael. As Raphael returns to Metzburgh, he experiences a life changing event: witnessing a Grim Reaper taking a soul. This sighting results in Raphael becoming a Reaper and having to explore his own conscience and the lengths he will go to get his own life back. But Death, has other plans for the naive young executive.

  • Scavenger Killers

    Scavenger Killers (2014)
    Film (Crime, Horror and Thriller) Actor 'Bonnie and Clyde' are reinvented in SCAVENGER KILLERS, where a charming judge and a hot criminal defense attorney go on a maniacal killing rampage. With bizarre, yet somehow believable, FBI agents (a physically powerful, condescending mute with wooden legs, and a Tourette's Syndrome introvert with psychic abilities) on the hunt, the deranged duo amp up their rampage, never murdering with the same method but always with same untamed ferocity. Written by Anonymous

  • Nobody

    Nobody (2014)
    TV Movie Actor Add a Plot »

  • Battledogs

    Battledogs (2013)
    TV Movie (Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor A werewolf virus is unleashed upon New York, and Major Hoffman looks for a cure while Lt. General Monning wants to establish a new canine army.

  • Dark Secrets

    Dark Secrets (2012)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor Couples therapy takes an unexpected erotic detour for a group of sexy mates in this adults-only tale.

  • Impossible Choice

    Impossible Choice (2012)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Actor For the minister's son, this is a summer of awakening and acceptance of his homosexuality. For his father, this is a challenge to his roots in the bible as he interprets its posture on sexuality that drives him to 'save' his son by killing his lover. In a broader exploration of 'acceptance', a play-within-the-film recalls two landmark tragedies in the history of gay culture: the murder of Mathew Shepard, and the suicide of Tyler Clementi. An intertwined story traces an Erie Canal cruise operator's challenges in starting a 'gay' cruise in conservative Upstate New York. The message, 'Accept what you can't change.' Written by Anonymous

  • You Have One Message

    You Have One Message (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Fantasy) Producer A young man gets a message that changes his life.

  • William Kennedy's Prohibition Story

    William Kennedy's Prohibition Story (2011)
    TV Movie (Biography) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Virgin Alexander

    Virgin Alexander (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Alexander is a 26 year old scrap hauler who is facing eviction. In a last ditch effort to save his house from the bank, he turns it into a brothel - even though he has never had sex before. Written by Anonymous

  • Orphaned

    Orphaned (2011)
    Film (Drama) Actor After missing for almost a year, Allen McAvoy returns home to find a family falling apart, and his adopted brother Steve taking care of his wife. The death of his adopted parents sparked his disappearance, and now everyone wants answers, including his biological sister. As a fight over the family inheritance brews in the background, both brothers are thrust into a world where their loyalties to one another and their country are ferociously challenged. Will they be able to mend their own small world, or be a part of the destruction of the world at large? Written by Anonymous

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Curb Your Enthusiasm (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actor He's got it all: a loving wife, good friends, a successful career, a great home...what could possibly go wrong for Larry David? Seinfeld co-creator Larry David stars as himself in this hilarious, off-kilter comedy series that presents an unflinching, self-deprecating depiction of his life. Written by Penske

  • Beneath the Same Sky

    Beneath the Same Sky (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama and Family) Actor Many American children struggle with having loved ones deployed to war. For ten year old James, the distance separating him from his mother becomes a lesson in sacrifice, and a test of courage as the Fourth of July approaches.

  • The Loop

    The Loop (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Romance) Actor Rose and Joe are driving home from a trip in which they're celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Car troubles force them to stop. In this detour on the road home, Rose comes to discover she could have had a different path. We come to learn that Rose was once a nightclub singer in NYC. She was starting to make a name for herself and was on the way to great success. Destiny, on the other hand, had other plans for Rose...or so it would seem. Written by Anonymous

  • Detour

    Detour (2010)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor 27 year old surgical resident, Kendal Lawrence is living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She is abducted, on route to meeting her same sex partner, Lauren Stevens and their mutual friend, female police officer, Maria Rossetti. The question of terrorism arises several times throughout the story, with an unexpected medical twist, to the plot. The FBI and the New York Police department work closely together, to determine the reason for the abduction. Sensing a lack of interest, on the part of the police authorities, because of her sexual orientation and her partner's Middle eastern heritage, Lauren decides to launch her own investigation. When you least expect it, your life can take a detour that may in fact, change your world forever. Written by Anonymous

  • Winter of Frozen Dreams

    Winter of Frozen Dreams (2009)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Actor Barbara Hoffman is a University of Wisconsin science student. She is a part-time employee at a local massage parlor. She is also a killer. Now all Detective Lulling has to do is prove it.

  • Stephanie Daley

    Stephanie Daley (2006)
    Film (Drama) Actor Pregnant forensic psychologist Lydie Crane is hired to learn the truth behind the case of 16-year-old Stephanie Daley, who is accused of concealing her pregnancy and murdering her infant.

  • The Last Round

    The Last Round (2005)
    Film (Drama) Actor A cryptic message stenciled on graffiti covered walls brings six strangers together at a desolate location to play Russian roulette. The rules are simple... one spin, six pulls. William B. Davis (The X-Files) portrays the catalyst to this game of desperate souls. In finding men willing to put their lives on the line, six distinct stories unfold. At the table is a troubled, Gulf War veteran; a reckless racecar driver; a self-made millionaire; an elderly man who has lost his wife; a recluse who is afraid to live; and a young man whose life is upended when the unthinkable happens. Weaving between past and present, The Last Round takes us into the darkest, most personal memories of each player. Written by Dan Masucci

  • The Producers

    The Producers (2005)
    Film (Comedy and Musical) Actor New York, 1959. Max Bialystock was once the king of Broadway, but now all his shows close on opening night. Things turn around when he's visited by the neurotic accountant Leo Bloom, who proposes a scheme tailor-made for producers who can only make flops: raise far more money than you need, then make sure the show is despised. No one will be interested in it, so you can pocket the surplus. To this end, they produce a musical called Springtime for Hitler written by escaped Nazi Franz Liebken. Then they get the insanely flamboyant Roger De Bris to direct. Finally, they hire as a lead actress the loopy Swedish bombshell Ulla (whose last name has over 15 syllables). As opening night draws near, what can go wrong? Well, there's no accounting for taste... Written by rmlohner

  • Forbidden Fantasies

    Forbidden Fantasies (2005)
    TV Movie (Drama, Mystery and Romance) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Stepford Wives

    The Stepford Wives (2004)
    Film (Comedy, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor Joanna Eberhart, a wildly succesful president of a TV Network, after a series of shocking events suffers a nervous breakdown and is moved by her milquetoast of a husband, Walter, from Manhattan to the chic, upper-class and very modern planned community of Stepford, Connecticut. Once there, she makes good friends with the ascerbic Bobbie Markowitz, a jewish writer who's also a recovering alcoholic. Together they find out, much to their growing stupor and-then horror, that all the housewives in town are strangely blissful, and somehow... doomed. What is going on behind the closed doors of the Stepford Men's Association and the Stepford Day Spa? Why is everything perfect here? Will it be too late for Joanna and Bobbie when they finally find out? Written by Miguel Cane <>

  • The Sopranos

    The Sopranos (2004)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor An innovative look at the life of fictional Mafia Capo Tony Soprano, this serial is presented largely first person, but additional perspective is conveyed by the intimate conversations Tony has with his psychotherapist. We see Tony at work, at home, and in therapy. Moments of black comedy intersperse this aggressive, adult drama, with adult language, and extreme violence. Written by David Fowler

  • Naked and Betrayed

    Naked and Betrayed (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor Hard-partying friends Talisa, Cory and city council candidate Mike Finnegan (minus wife Stephanie) celebrate with Claire and Jason on the eve of their wedding. The genders separate for stag and spa parties and the friends swing, but a tragic death closes the stag party, and relationships are troubled while police investigate. Written by mbrow

  • Raising Hell

    Raising Hell (2003)
    Video (Horror) Actor An incumbant governor, facing possible indictment for racketeering and steadily slipping numbers in the polls, sets upon ensuring the upcoming election. Using an object of religious might, the Keys of Solomon, he compels a demon to eliminate all those who oppose him. The Keys, once a gift bestowed upon Peter by Jesus Christ, hold the strength to bind the forces of heaven and hell. Lost for centuries, they have been the most sought artifacts by the church, since the Ark of the Covenant. The Jesuits, the defenders of the faith, have been entrusted with the task of reattaining these prized any cost. To this day, cloaked in secrecy, they scour the earth in search of the lost artifacts. Present, now......unbeknownst to anyone, the governor lays siege to the city. As violent deaths slowly stack up, the connections begin to point to their source. Caught in his wake of bloodshed is Zack Alder, a press representative for the governor. He, with the help of ... Written by Brandon Bethmann & Eric Szmyr

  • Behind Bedroom Doors

    Behind Bedroom Doors (2003)
    Video (Drama) Actor New-girl-in-town Abby is already dating two guys--one's a doctor, the other is running for district attorney... See full synopsis »

  • Nate Dogg

    Nate Dogg (2003)
    Film (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Murphy's Law

    Murphy's Law (2002)
    Film (Comedy and Short) Actor Tad doesn't think his day can get worse when his fiancée breaks up with him, but he is about to find out otherwise. We all know what it is like to have things go wrong in our lives: car trouble, problems at work, difficulty with relationships... But all in one day? Murphy's Law is when anything that can go wrong will and for Tad Murphy, things can only get worse. Written by Anonymous

  • The Time Machine

    The Time Machine (2002)
    Film (Sci-Fi, Adventure and Action) Miscellaneous Crew Based on the classic sci-fi novel by H.G. Wells, scientist and inventor, Alexander Hartdegen, is determined to prove that time travel is possible. His determination is turned to desperation by a personal tragedy that now drives him to want to change the past. Testing his theories with a time machine of his own invention, Hartdegen is hurtled 800,000 years into the future, where he discovers that mankind has divided into the hunter - and the hunted. Written by Tim1370

  • Desire and Deception

    Desire and Deception (2001)
    Video (Drama, Mystery, Romance and Thriller) Actor After succumbing to a night of passion with gorgeous Kate Collins, married Eric Roarke discovers the mysterious temptress won't give him up easily. Eric's life spirals out of control as Kate's increasingly possessive behavior threatens his marriage and his life.

  • All My Children

    All My Children (2001)
    Television (Drama, Romance and Mystery) Actor Set in the fictional East Coast suburb Pine Valley, All My Children is the decades-old, risk-taking soap that centers around Erica Kane and her long line of husbands.

  • Vanilla Sky

    Vanilla Sky (2001)
    Film (Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Miscellaneous Crew Incarcerated and charged with murder, David Aames Jr. is telling the story of how he got to where he is to McCabe, the police psychologist. That story includes: being the 51% shareholder of a major publishing firm, which he inherited from his long deceased parents; the firm's board, appointed by David Aames Sr., being the 49% shareholders who would probably like to see him gone as they see him as being too irresponsible and immature to run the company; his best bro friendship with author, Brian Shelby; his "friends with benefits" relationship with Julie Gianni, who saw their relationship in a slightly different light; his budding romance with Sofia Serrano, who Brian brought to David's party as his own date and who Brian saw as his own possible life mate; and being in an accident which disfigured his face and killed the person who caused the accident. But as the story proceeds, David isn't sure what is real and what is a dream/nightmare as many facets of the story are incompatible to ... Written by Huggo

  • Saturday Night Live

    Saturday Night Live (2000)
    Television (Comedy and Music) Actor A late-night comedy show featuring several short skits, parodies of television commercials, a live guest band, and a pop-cultural guest host each week. Many of the SNL players have spun off successful independent comedy and/or movie careers from here. Written by Tad Dibbern <>

  • Sex and the City

    Sex and the City (2000)
    Television (Comedy and Romance) Actor A sexual and ironic sitcom about four young, virtually inseparable New York bachelorettes who lead and confide in each-other their ever changing and confusing sex lives, as different as their natures. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a charming, petite columnist, and often the narrator of the story, either writing her copy or off screen, constantly tossing up and rejecting different views on just about anything that does or might impact modern women's sex lives; she tries almost everything, is constantly disappointed, but always seems to return to a certain Mr. Big. Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is a red-haired lawyer, determined to score professionally and to be tough in love, too, yet her only faithful lover is an insecure nerd. Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) is a gallery-managing WASP from a prestigious, super-rich family, with high, old-fashioned moral standards for her lovable but insecure self, but, unfortunately, almost impossible to live up to for any lover, when she... Written by KGF Vissers

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