Andrew Salerno

Andrew Salerno

Art Director, Crew, Director, Filmmaker, Leadman, Production Designer, Prop Master, Screenwriter, Set Builder, Set Decorator and Set Designer

Los Angeles, California

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About Andrew

My name is Andrew Salerno. I studied filmmaking at Temple University and Loyola Marymount University. I've built sets, production designed, directed stuff, written stuff. I love all those things and would like to continue doing them. I'm most interested in directing work but am always happy to contribute what I can to cool and interesting projects. Let's talk.




  • Cowgirl's Story

    Cowgirl's Story (2017)
    Film (Family) Art department Dusty Rhodes is new at Jefferson High, and she sticks out like a... well, a cowgirl. Dusty is a real cowgirl from Texas. Her parents are in the U.S. Army: her mother a helicopter pilot and her father a Special Forces Army Ranger. At first, Dusty is an outcast, but eventually she makes friends with a group that includes Savanah, a girl whose father was killed while fighting in Iraq three years earlier. Even though Savanah is kind of Goth and Dusty is all cowgirl they have a special connection and they bond. Dusty gets the school to agree to an Equestrian Drill Team and she enlists her new city slicker friends to join the team. As Dusty and the team practice, Dusty deals with the fears that come with her mother fighting in Afghanistan. Written by Unknown

  • Winter Games 2016

    Winter Games 2016 (2016)
    Television (Game-Show) Production designer After the amazing time that was Smosh Summer Games, we're back with the Smosh WINTER games.

  • Game Bang

    Game Bang (2015 - 2016)
    Television (Game-Show) Production designer The whole Smosh Games crew gets together to play in an EPIC CHALLENGE every Friday. The price for failure? Humiliation.

  • The Brits Are Coming

    The Brits Are Coming (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Art department In an effort to avoid paying off a massive gambling debt to a notorious mobster in England, a couple flees to Los Angeles and hatch a jewel theft plot.

  • Amateurs

    Amateurs (2015)
    Television (Short and Comedy) Production designer When there is a shakeup at a small B-movie production company, the assistants and interns reevaluate their career goals against the ticking time bomb of their waning twenties.

  • Wild West Fan Co.

    Wild West Fan Co. (2015)
    Film (Short, Action, Comedy and Western) Production designer In Scorchville, the hottest town in the Wild West, a Chinese fan peddler tries to cool down a family of hot-headed notorious vigilantes, who are caught in a 3-way draw.

  • Madden Rivals

    Madden Rivals (2015)
    Television (Game-Show) Production designer A bracket tournament of Madden 15 where Smosh Games takes on The Warp Zone.

  • Total Awesome Viking Power

    Total Awesome Viking Power (2015)
    Film (Short, Action, Comedy and Fantasy) Production designer An epic comedy about Live Action Role Players where Vikings, Ninjas, and Norse Gods battle so that our hero can learn the true meaning of Total Awesome Viking Power.

  • A Guy's Musical

    A Guy's Musical (2015)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Musical) Camera and Electrical Department After being ousted from the lead role of his college's big musical production for not being "man" enough, the young and boyish Ryan - with the help of his best friends - attempts to discover what being a "man" means on his college campus.

  • In Zugzwang

    In Zugzwang (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Art department After undergoing an experimental procedure, a loyal son is haunted with visions of an unsettling future that becomes too real to ignore. As he attempts to alter his destiny, he discovers that fate is merely a consequence of our choices, but is it too late?

  • A Man Before His Time

    A Man Before His Time (2015)
    Film (Documentary) Set decorator Chronicles the life of the revered Freydun "the Assyrian," unearthing the remarkable story of a man whose love for his nation was so strong, he would die for it. In addition to leading a successful military and political career, Atouraya was a respected physician, writer, and thinker. More than anything, he was a revolutionary. His passion for the Assyrian nation was evident in all of his works, and ultimately led to his wrongful arrest, imprisonment, and execution. He died with the unrealized dream of a free Assyria. Director Henri Charr captures the essence of Atouraya's true character in this riveting account of the life of one man fighting for the future of his people. The film documents the Assyrian struggle for autonomy as they faced annihilation at the hands of the Ottoman Turks and their Kurdish allies during the Assyrian Genocide of 1915. The docudrama is based on archives from the Soviet Secret Police who were responsible for Atouraya's imprisonment and death.

  • Starlight

    Starlight (2015)
    Film (Short, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Director During a mission to colonize an alien planet, Officer Emma Fremont discovers that her crew have had their memories of Earth and their families erased. Determined to keep her own memories of her son and husband intact, Emma must fight back against her brainwashed crew. Written by Anonymous

  • Lockdown

    Lockdown (2014)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Perennials

    Perennials (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Production designer After tragically separated, soul mates reunite in another life.

  • Martin

    Martin (2014)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Production designer Martin, an assembly line worker, must compete with a new and improved employee after his co-worker gets fired.

  • It Only Happens with Rose

    It Only Happens with Rose (2014)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Dream of a Lullaby

    Dream of a Lullaby (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department A pregnant young woman, Alexandra, who begins to notice clues, which indicate the existence of another woman in her marriage, finally finds the mysterious woman is her younger self when their love was still fresh and vivid.

  • A Day of Havoc

    A Day of Havoc (2014)
    Film (Animation, Short, Comedy, Drama and 1 More) Camera and Electrical Department A DAY OF HAVOC is a Drama/Comedy short film that combines live-action and animation to tell the story about a guy with a strong passion to follow his dreams and to prove himself to his father. In this case, Havoc dreams of becoming a Super Villain and lives under the shadow of his preeminent Super Villain father, Doom. Taking place in a fantastic world where Superheroes and Super Villains live among us and are both treated as Celebrities with fans around the world, Havoc has the opportunity to show everyone what he can do as a villain by taking part in Mark Stewart's 'Day in the Life of' news segment. In his quest to prove his villainy, Havoc must confront his father for the first time in his life to legitimize himself as a Villain and as his son. Playing on the stereotypical Asian antagonist roles still commonly found in our films today, A DAY OF HAVOC comments on the difficulty for further advancement of emerging artists of color and/or gender to have a place at the table, without ... Written by Clarence Ma

  • Nightmare U

    Nightmare U (2013 - 2014)
    Television (Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Nightmare U is a genre-bending narrative show that brings equal parts chilling horror and campy comedy together as we follow the adventure of a monster hunting class in the University. This rag tag group of classmates is the only thing standing between the school and a host of monsters, zombies, and demons straight from your worst nightmares. Written by Anonymous

  • Zombi

    Zombi (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama, Family and Thriller) Art department Set in rural Louisiana, Dale a kindhearted man, who has a complicated family, receives a cryptic message from a Voodoo priestess about his lover Josephine. He is so shaken by this message that he attempts to plan their escape immediately. But before the two can find a safe way out, Josephine's other lover Sammy 'The Snake' (Dale's uncle and enemy) murders Josephine. Consumed by grief at her loss, Dale enlist the dark powers of voodoo witch, Rosalyn, to attempt to resurrect Josephine. He finds out that only by avenging Josephine's death by slaying his uncle will bring her back to life. Written by Anonymous

  • Ham & Cheese

    Ham & Cheese (2013)
    Film (Short, Action and Comedy) Production designer "Ham & Cheese" is a short action comedy about two dim-witted gamers that desperately venture into real life crime in order to settle a gaming debt. After a robbery gone-bad they must seek the help of a wannabe British gangster in order to blackmail a sadistic sect leader and his monstrous bodyguard. "Ham and Cheese" is a fast paced ride with two guys that survive with the help of naivety, coincidence and a tandem bike. Written by Morten Forland

  • The Gods of Garbage

    The Gods of Garbage (2013)
    Film (Drama, Musical and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Stranded on a garbage dump - of all places - for their first date, two lonely souls are forced to risk everything to find true intimacy and companionship.

  • Confidence Man

    Confidence Man (2013)
    Film (Short, Crime and Drama) Art department A washed up con artist attempts to reconnect with his deceased mother, while attempting to locate the riches from her final con. This draws in his reluctant father and estranged wife over a battle against time for second chances and unfulfilled dreams. Written by Anonymous

  • The Adventures of the West Brothers

    The Adventures of the West Brothers (2013)
    Film (Short, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Director The West Brothers face the technically terrifying Moldon and the highly hypnotic spell of the Galactic Ruby.

  • Multiple Choice

    Multiple Choice (2012)
    Film (Short, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Eric is a average office worker, but all the tiny decisions in his daily life is a multiple choice test which will be evaluated and rated every year by a mysterious system. If he fails, he has to relive the year.

  • The Axe Gang

    The Axe Gang (2012)
    Film (Short and Action) Camera and Electrical Department Three sexy ladies save a pretty girl who is being harassed by some bad guys. They lure the bad guys away from the girl with their seductive dance. When they successfully make the bad guys come into a blind alley, they change into assassin suits and kill the bad guys with axes. Written by Anonymous

  • Virtual Inc

    Virtual Inc (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Sci-Fi) Camera and Electrical Department 'Virtual Inc' takes place in the near future, where down and out citizens now use virtual worlds as escapism. Arthur, a new user, enters into his virtual fantasy in search of intrigue and hope. However, his virtual world is not all what it seems. Written by Anonymous

  • Go Go Crazy

    Go Go Crazy (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Welcome to Go Go Crazy: a contest where talent and ambition take a backseat to speedos and desperation. Five shameless contestants with little to gain and nothing to lose take to the stage in a gay nightclub for a chance to achieve go go boy glory and a $1000 cash prize. On the judging panel are a burned out porn star, a Celine Dion "embodier," and the raunchy nightclub owner - all of whom threaten to steal the spotlight from the fame-hungry, back-stabbing contestants. Starring iconic drag comedian Hedda Lettuce, gay adult film star Jake Steel, and some sexy broadway actors, Go Go Crazy is a hilarious, outrageous mockumentary from director Fred M. Caruso (The Big Gay Musical). With a little sex, sabotage, and dirty tricks, this movie will turn you on, bend you over with laughter, and then give you a happy ending. Written by Fred M. Caruso

  • How Do You Know

    How Do You Know (2010)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew Star softball player, Lisa, has just been cut from the national team; Scholarly business man, George, has just been indicted from his father's company. With everything that they know in their lives taken from them, Lisa and George attempt to find romance. Lisa's potential boyfriend, Matty, however, is as clueless and perpetually single as they come, and George's girlfriend just dumped him. A chance hook-up through mutual friends, Lisa and George may be able to form a friendship, or more, that can help them climb out of the piles of lemons that life has handed to them. Written by napierslogs

  • Night Catches Us

    Night Catches Us (2010)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew In 1976, complex political and emotional forces are set in motion when a young man returns to the race-torn Philadelphia neighborhood where he came of age during the Black Power movement.

  • Dangers of Honesty

    Dangers of Honesty (2009)
    Film (Short) Editor Sean remembers what it was like being a drug addict, struggling to find the right balance between being honest with his girlfriend, and being honest with himself.


  • Best Production Design - Skyline International Film Festival


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