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By Art Gomez

GENRE: Comedy

A children's superhero show reminiscent of the 60's Batman TV show.


As the bankrupt Smiley Family Circus forever lowers its tents, after its final show. As the many bitter and disgruntled circus performers wander aimlessly into the unknown. But sometimes an ending is a beginning of something entirely different. So bidding a sad farewell to the grease paint and applause...well, at least the applause. A new team of super heroes is born! A trio of do-gooders protecting the innocent! Strong! Agile! Brilliant! The Clownz!

Theo the Clown, technological genius who chose the life of a circus clown to satisfy a lifelong dream of show business.

Sandy the Acrobat, star of the trapeze, being the daughter of a famous magician she is well versed in escape and illusion.

Samson the Strongman, a little past his prime but still a powerhouse, able to go toe to toe with most any adversary.

As our story begins, our newly unemployed trio set up cream shop, that is, in the sprawling town of Crown City. Unbeknownst to our intrepid three, Crown City is a hotbed for a myriad of costumed criminal gangs. The Rustlers! The Dozers! The Lady Cat Burglars! The list is endless and their antics are boundless! Enter the Clownz, with no real "super powers" to speak of, they rely on their talents, abilities and smarts to combat the evil-doers, as they protect the citizens of Crown City and the world!
"Do not fear, Good Citizens, the Clownz are on patrol!"


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