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By Derek Allen Hammer

GENRE: Comedy

A bored wedding videographer is suddenly tasked with filming suicides by an anonyous customer. When he saves an attractive news reporter from her own suicide, they work together to confront the mysterious client.


Tom is a newly hired wedding videographer. Lured into the position with the hope of shooting exciting and shocking videos for a youtube channel, Tom is disappointed and bored. That all ends when he opens an email inviting him to document a suicide for money. Tom secretly agrees to the job.

Tom is given the exact time and location of where the victim will supposedly commit suicide. His client is mysterious and communicates by text. Intrigued with a new sense of excitement, but feeling like a fool, Tom obeys instructions to film the victim. Sure enough, the described victim is there in a subway platform, distraught and on the brink of self-destruction. Although a few passengers attempt to save the victim, he succeeds in his own suicide and Tom captures the event on his cell phone.

Back in the office, Tom sends the video and is delighted to find a large sum promptly transferred to his account. Furthermore, he uploads the video onto his own Youtube channel and delights in the number of views it's getting. With the news playing in the background, Tom is shocked to hear that the video was aired on tv by Denise, a beautiful reporter for the local news station. Just shortly after the program finishes, Tom receives a phone call from an unknown caller: the client! In a surprisingly friendly tone, the client asks Tom to shoot yet another video, to which Tom promptly agrees.

When Tom arrives at the destination of the next suicide, he's amazed to find the next victim to be the reporter from the news program the other day. He follows the reporter and witnesses a sudden change of her mood to despair. At the critical moment before her suicide attempt, Tom decides to save her. Immediately afterwards, Denise goes on a spree of flirting with every man she comes across as Tom follows to make sure she doesn't attempt anything rash.

Tom sends the client an edited video, making it look like Denise succeeded in suicide. He gets another deposit from the client, but no call or message. He meets with Denise, who insists on joining Tom to get to the bottom of that night, as her lewd behavior was recorded on video, tarnishing her reputation.

When Tom and Denise meet the next victim, they manage to save him and question him. He gets a call from the man who claims to be Tom's client. He agrees to lead Tom and Denise to the client. However, when they arrive, answers are scarce and vague, and they begin to realize impending danger from the suspicious group.


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