Chance Muehleck's Reel

Advent Trailer

Anthony Czara plays other people. But when he impersonates the missing teenaged son of a dysfunctional small-town family, this bold con artist gets more than he bargained for. Advent is a short film that introduces us to Anthony's world. The feature-length version, The Vultures, is currently in development. Writer/Director: Chance D. Muehleck Producer:...

The Attendants

"What would you think about a performance that runs continuously for six hours and costs nothing? Well, with the folks at Nerve Tank, you will be in good hands with their production of The Attendants. This unique, afternoon-long interactive performance invites audience members to send text messages from their cell phones to communicate to the performers; the messages will appear on two plasma screens surrounding the eight-foot Plexiglas cube in which the two actors are encased... Bypassing...

Sponge Trailer

Sponge is a short independent drama about a homeless girl who secretly lives in the closet of a wealthy doctor's apartment. Inspired by true events and shot in a surprisingly minimalist style, Sponge is a poignant look at the distance and connection found between two solitary people. Writer/Director: Chance D. Muehleck Producer: Melanie S. Armer Cinematographer: Brian Wengrofsky Editor: Flavia Fontes Featuring: Molly Camp, Jason Howard Gaffer: Marshall Coles Sound Mixer: Matt Geldof

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