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Rebecca Gibson is an award-winning actor, producer, and writer, a director. Having started as an actor in the theatre, Rebecca moved to film and television, though she continues to work in the theatre including her award-winning script The Naked Woman, and productions of The Normal Heart (producer), Rent (producer/director), and Sweeney Todd (producer/director). Rebecca won a Blizzard Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Murdoch Mysteries: Except the Dying, the film that launched the long-running series.

Rebecca was a writer/lead actor on the award-winning series Tipi Tales (Parent’s Choice Gold Medal Awards; Blizzard for Best Children or Youth Series), which ran for three seasons and brought Indigenous spiritual teachings to children around the world. She has several projects in development as a writer, including the feature film Skinner (for which Rebecca was invited to attend the prestigious eQuinoxe summit in Austria), and Vulnerable Persons (with Kyle Nobess, star of Mohawk Girls, which Rebecca will also direct). Rebecca's film Sea Legs (director), which was an Official Selection of the Gimli Film Festival and the National Screen Institute Online Film Festival. Rebecca will soon premiere her short film Hard Way Girl at the Bridge of Arts International Motivational Film Festival in Russia. Rebecca is a co-creator, writer, director and is creative producer on Eagle Vision’s Taken for CBC/APTN, and is an associate producer/lead actor on their 2016 Spotlight Award-winning feature Lovesick.

Rebecca co-wrote and produced the feature film H&G, which premiered at VIFF, and was an Official Selection of the LA Femme Film Fest, the Canadian Film Fest in Toronto, the Women’s International Film Festival in Miami), and the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Canadian Feature at the Female Eye Film Festival, and won several awards. Rebecca wrote, directed, and produced the digital doc series Child First, which premiered at the Understanding the Disability Trajectory of First Nations Families of Children with Disabilities National Summit. Rebecca produced and starred in the film Q&A, which had its world premiere at the Whistler Film Festival, was Best of Fest at the Muskoka Film Festival and recently Winner of the Gold Remi for Best Original Comedy Short at Worldfest Houston. Rebecca wrote, directed, and produced the documentary Daphne Korol: The Drama Queen of Winnipeg which recently earned her a Windy Award nomination for directing. Rebecca is an alumna of the prestigious Women in the Director’s Chair Program, which took her to the Banff Centre. Other training includes a CFTPA International Intership to Los Angeles, and graduation from the New York Film Academy.

Rebecca is a devoted mentor to emerging filmmakers, and has supported and continues to support people of all ages in their passion for the arts.



  • Burden of Truth

    Burden of Truth (2018)
    Television (Drama) Actress Big city lawyer Joanna Hanley returns to her hometown to take the case of a group of girls suffering from a mysterious illness.

  • The Corruption of Divine Providence

    The Corruption of Divine Providence (2018)
    Film (Drama) Actress When a sixteen year old Stigmatic Metis girl is kidnapped from a small French Canadian town different religious factions vie for control over her upon her eventual return. Set in western Manitoba The Corruption of Divine Providence explores what happens when a messenger from God tests the character of humanity. Written by Writer

  • Taken

    Taken (2018)
    Television (Action, Drama and Thriller) Writer The series follows a former Green Beret, Bryan Mills, as he deals with a personal tragedy that shakes his world. As he fights to overcome the incident and exact revenge, Mills is pulled into a career as a deadly CIA operative, a job that awakens his very particular, and very dangerous, set of skills. Written by Simon Ceder

  • Lovesick

    Lovesick (2016)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Actress Dash has nothing figured out. He's 33, broke, depressed and still in love with his ex, Lauren. Dash's world explodes when Lauren gets engaged to a man she barely knows. Life looks pretty hopeless for Dash until he meets Nora van Denbrock, a spontaneous, unforgettable woman. However, timing is everything, and Nora is not the type of woman who is going to wait around for Dash to figure out his life. Dash desperately needs to change. With his life crumbling around him, he does what every neurotic, immature, hopeless romantic, male would do. Dash goes for psychotherapy. Under the guidance of Dr. Goldberg, he navigates through the confusing labyrinth of love and faces the harsh realities of growing up. Unfortunately Dash is trapped in a perpetual state of unrequited love. He can't let go of the past. At the end of his rope, he is forced to make a huge decision that will change his life forever. And so the story goes: boy loses girl, boy meets new girl, boy loses mind, boy finds himself ... Written by EV Staff

  • Juliana & the Medicine Fish

    Juliana & the Medicine Fish (2016)
    Film (Family) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Taken: Emily Osmond

    Taken: Emily Osmond (2016)
    TV Movie (Documentary and Crime) Writer Emily Osmond was 78 years old when she was last seen by her nephew on her property on the outskirts of Kawacatoose First Nation, Saskatchewan, in September, 2007. Her family believes she was taken, because Emily's beloved dogs were abandoned, and she told no-one she was leaving. This peaceful woman vanished without a trace, becoming one of Canada's many missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

  • Hard Way Girl

    Hard Way Girl (2016)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Writer What if you could go back for one night to when you ate all the candy, climbed all the monkey bars, scrapped, swam, slept in the sun, acted stupid, and had all the fun? Hard Way Girl is an anti-coming-of-age story. Briony McGovern used to be a hard way girl. Then she grew up. Can one dreamy night reconnect Briony with who she really is? Written by anonymous

  • The Singing Bones

    The Singing Bones (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Producer Inspired by the fable of Bluebeard, The Singing Bones tells the story of a young woman who attends the party of a famous producer named Derrick Blue. Over the course of one evening, through seduction, confession and battle, both their worlds change forever. Adapted from the story by Francesca Lia Block.

  • Borealis

    Borealis (2015)
    Film (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Actress JONAH, an unemployed gambler, takes his estranged pot-smoking teenaged daughter AURORA on a dangerous road trip to Churchill, Manitoba to show her the magnificent Northern Lights - before her vision disorder renders her completely blind. With a volatile bookie in hot pursuit, Jonah and Aurora are forced to finally confront each other, and their complicated pasts.

  • The Pinkertons

    The Pinkertons (2015)
    Television (Crime and Western) Actress A father and son team up with America's first female detective to solve crimes in the Wild West.

  • Q and A

    Q and A (2014)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actress A frazzled indie director struggles to answer strangely honest questions when her film is screened at an arthouse theater. Q&A is a short comedy about the disconnect between polite public discourse and the true motivations that drive us.

  • WindCity

    WindCity (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Actress When Dylan Brady embarks on a mission to reclaim his business and the love of his life, he finds inspiration in the most unlikely place.

  • Daphne Korol: The Drama Queen of Winnipeg

    Daphne Korol: The Drama Queen of Winnipeg (2014)
    Film (Documentary and Short) Writer For the size of its population, Winnipeg is an unfathomable hub of arts and culture, and one of the reasons for that is the great work of a few passionate people. Daphne Korol is one of them. The Drama Queen of Winnipeg is a celebration and tribute to this woman, and the gifts she has shared. Written by Ashley Hirt

  • Psychic

    Psychic (2013)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actress A notorious mob boss(Mr. Zambrelli) takes a gifted psychic hostage. Mr. Zambrelli wants the psychic to help him find his kidnapped daughter. It's life or death. The psychic will have to give the reading of his life.

  • Saige Paints the Sky

    Saige Paints the Sky (2013)
    TV Movie (Family) Actress Meet nine-year old Saige, a talented artist with a passion for horses, in this modern-day story about finding your voice! Saige is excited about the new school year, until she discovers that art-her favorite class-has been cut. On top of that, her best friend, Tessa, seems to be spending more and more time with another girl. For help, Saige turns to her grandma Mimi, a well-known artist and horse-woman, who inspires her to take action. Can Saige find the courage to overcome her fears and save the art program-and her friendship with Tessa? Heart-warming, empowering, and fun, it's a movie for every girl who has ever dreamed big. Written by Anonymous

  • Jack

    Jack (2013)
    TV Movie (Biography and Drama) Actress NDP Leader Jack Layton was fluently bilingual, glib, sometimes flashy, full of energy and always media-friendly. He loved to entertain and uplift his co-workers with a strum on his guitar and spirit in his voice (which wasn't particularly good but he sang with gusto). Growing up in a political family, Layton was a left-wing Toronto city councillor for 17 years and spent a year as head of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. He became leader of the federal New Democratic Party in 2003. In his first election as leader the NDP won 20 seats and in the 2008 election the NDP was up to 37 seats. Jack was a happily married man, with wife Olivia Chow who stood by his side, and together they were a political dynamo couple very much in love to the end. Things changed late in the 2011 federal election when a surge in polls in Quebec held and the NDP won 103 seats, 59 of them in Quebec. The NDP became the Official Opposition for the first time in history. Going into the 2011 federal election... Written by (STAFF)

  • H & G

    H & G (2013)
    Film (Drama) Writer A girl and boy. Brother and sister. Living in poverty and neglect. Lost in the woods. They see a house, rush toward it... it is magical. Full of good food, soft sheets, love and care. But in this house, danger lurks. And all they have is each other. The Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel takes a modern, neorealistic twist in H&G. Written by Rebecca Gibson

  • Sea Legs

    Sea Legs (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Director A lonely boy is drawn from the monotony of waiting on his alcoholic father by the lure of a forbidden trunk in the basement.

  • We Were Children

    We Were Children (2012)
    Film (Drama) Actress For over 130 years till 1996, more than 100,000 of Canada's First Nations children were legally required to attend government-funded schools run by various Christian faiths. There were 80 of these 'residential schools' across the country. Most children were sent to faraway schools that separated them from their families and traditional land. These children endured brutality, physical hardship, mental degradation, and the complete erasure of their culture. The schools were part of a wider program of assimilation designed to integrate the native population into 'Canadian society.' These schools were established with the express purpose 'To kill the Indian in the child.' Told through their own voices, 'We Were Children' is the shocking true story of two such children: Glen Anaquod and Lyna Hart. Written by EV Staff

  • By George

    By George (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actress A man is being driven insane by the idea that his neighbor is Star Wars creator George Lucas.

  • Passionflower

    Passionflower (2011)
    Film (Drama) Actress On the brink of puberty in 1962 suburban Winnipeg, Sarah Matthews is increasingly challenged and confused by her mother's instability and sexual power. While her father refuses to acknowledge that the family is fracturing under the stress of his wife's mental illness, Sarah uses her creativity, inner strength, and a new friend to discover her own identity. With courage, Sarah bears witness and demands truth from the adults around her, demonstrating love's capacity to endure. Written by Anonymous

  • Bad Meat

    Bad Meat (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Actress Ordered to a delinquent camp by their exasperated parents, a group of wayward teens fall foul of a deadly virus that infects the guards and turns them into flesh-eating monsters! Gristle and gore are on the menu-as are the kids in this Brat Camp slaughterhouse massacre. Written by Anonymous

  • The Trials of Rasputin

    The Trials of Rasputin (2011)
    Film (Drama) Writer Add a Plot »

  • Bullies - Not Cool!

    Bullies - Not Cool! (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Writer Set in 1986, the six-part series focuses on a group of teenagers who bully and are bullied, get revenge, forgive each other, call each other out, and suffer in silence - all the while trying to figure out the right thing to do.

  • Less Than Kind

    Less Than Kind (2010)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actress 15-year-old Sheldon Blecher is overweight, with a self-destructive driving instructor father and pyromaniac mother who never quite seem to fit into their community. His egotistical failed-actor brother has just returned home and taken up residence in his bedroom after marking the territory. His family business is on its way down the toilet, and under investigation for tax evasion. AND, on top of all this, he lives in Winnipeg. Written by Breakthrough Films & Television

  • Suddenly Ever After

    Suddenly Ever After (2010)
    Film (Comedy) Writer The movie follows a quirky group of seniors in their last year of high school. A modern take on classic fairy tales, each student represents a character from childhood stories such as Hansel & Gretel and The Three Little Pigs.

  • Rising Stars

    Rising Stars (2010)
    TV Movie (Music) Writer Rising Stars is a live music showcase of young Indigenous talent, featuring performances by Ghostkeeper, The Bastard Fairies, Blair Goudie, Evan Reeve, Sonia Eidse, Jasmine Netsena, Darrelyne Bickel, DJ Madeskimo, cellist Cris Derksen and hip-hop artist Lakota Jonez. Hosts Crystal Shawanda and George Leach bring backstage to life, with behind-the-scenes interviews, and rock the stage with live performances of their own. Written by Anyonymous

  • The Christmas Hope

    The Christmas Hope (2009)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actress When lives intertwine during Christmas, hope is the only unifying gift. After suffering a personal tragedy, a social worker throws herself into finding homes for children in need.

  • The Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards 2007

    The Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards 2007 (2007)
    Television (Music) Writer Add a Plot »

  • Vinegar Hill

    Vinegar Hill (2005)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actress Jake Grier left his domineering father Fritz's farm in small-town Grumbach to try making it as painter in Chicago, but has to move back when his wife Ellen looses her city teaching job and another in the high-school where they met. The move is resented from the start by their children, pre-teen Bert, whom grandpa scares, and rebellious young teen Amy. Fritz also bosses and humiliates Jake constantly, while his brother Mitch, who died in a car accident years ago, is idolized. Grdaually, a dark past lurks back, while Jake's marriage starts falling apart as both spouses are irresistibly attracted to earlier local lovers, in her case sheriff Tom Welton. Written by KGF Vissers

  • A Bear Named Winnie

    A Bear Named Winnie (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama and War) Actress It's 1914, the beginning of WWI. In White River, Ontario, en route to a training camp in Valcartier, Québec, with the Winnipeg section of the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps, Army Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, who has a natural rapport with animals, saves a black bear cub from being killed by a hunter, who killed the cub's mother. Not knowing what else to do with the cub, Harry brings her along to camp to act as the unit's mascot, who he names Winnie - short for Winnipeg. Most of the men in the unit bond with Winnie, but having such a mascot is against the wishes of the head of the Canadian Expeditionary Force's veterinary division, Colonel Barret. Barret is a tough but fair man, who may have more problems than Winnie in the form of the Expeditionary Force's commanding officer, General Hallholland, a dipsomaniac who uses his position in the army for his own vainglorious purposes. Winnie's stay with Harry and the unit is not always a smooth one, especially in trying to stay under Barret's... Written by Huggo

  • Category 6: Day of Destruction

    Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004)
    TV Movie (Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actress Tornado in Las Vegas. Heat in Chicago. Hail in Illinois. A snowfall and a storm force flows towards Chicago. It's just the beginning of a series of weather anomalies. The lights go off. People panic. A few courageous people are trying to solve the riddle of the infuriated nature and prevent mass destruction. Written by David Shahoumian <>

  • The Murdoch Mysteries

    The Murdoch Mysteries (2004)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Set in the gritty back streets of 1890s Toronto, Detective William Murdoch employs the latest in forensic science to solve the city's most gruesome murders. While his superior, Inspector Brackenreid, doubts the validity of Murdoch's methods -such as fingerprints, he finds allies in Dr. Julia Ogden and Constable George Crabtree. Through his investigations, Murdoch is also drawn closer to the street-smart prostitute, Ettie Weston... The series encompasses three dark and twisting feature-length episodes: "Except the Dying," "Poor Tom Is Cold," and "Under the Dragon's Tail." Written by L. Hamre

  • The Winning Season

    The Winning Season (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama, Family, Fantasy and Sport) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Shields Stories

    The Shields Stories (2004)
    Television (Drama) Actress One day, Tracey hurts her leg dancing, is dumped by her boyfriend, finds out her parents -- a deaf father and a sex-starved, dipsomaniac mother -- are seperating, and gets hit by a harp that falls out of a window.

  • Killer Instinct: From the Files of Agent Candice DeLong

    Killer Instinct: From the Files of Agent Candice DeLong (2003)
    TV Movie (Crime and Drama) Actress Based upon the book and real-life story of FBI profiler Candice DeLong, "Killer Instinct" chronicles DeLong's (Jean Smart) pursuit of a serial killer (Robert Joy) who, after attacking her close friend, chooses her as his next victim.

  • Cowboys and Indians: The J.J. Harper Story

    Cowboys and Indians: The J.J. Harper Story (2003)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actress Winnipeg, March, 1988. In the dark wee hours of the morning, the police, with only vague descriptions of the suspects, are in active pursuit of two perpetrators of a robbery. In that pursuit, Constable Robert Cross confronts a native Indian man who ends up having nothing to do with the robbery, but who Cross shoots dead in the ensuing confrontation. That man is John Joseph Harper - J.J. - who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time as he was walking home from a night out with friends at a bar. The problem for the police is that J.J. is the well respected Chief of the Northern Lakes Reserve and recently named Executive Director of the Aboriginal Tribal Council. However, there are no eyewitnesses to the actual shooting, and thus Cross is able to have his account as the one and only in the public consciousness, which he states includes J.J. grabbing for his gun, which resulted in the shooting for Cross to protect himself. In private, Cross is slowly unraveling mentally about his ... Written by Huggo

  • Life in a Nutshell

    Life in a Nutshell (2003)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company'

    Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company' (2003)
    TV Movie (Drama and Comedy) Actress 'Three's Company', the comedy centered on two attractive, young women who made the rent on their Santa Monica beach-side apartment by taking in a third roommate - a male forced to pretend he's gay to fool the landlords and the girls' parents. The series rocketed in the ratings as an instant hit - despite the outcry of critics and moralists - who objected to the double-entendres and quasi-sexual hijinks on the show. However, the true behind-the-scenes story of 'Three's Company' will expose a once idyllic workplace that deteriorated into a battleground beset by business dealings, contact disputes, cast rivalries, clashes between producers and network executives and finally, a round of cast replacements which hastened the demise of the show. Written by PB

  • One Last Dance

    One Last Dance (2003)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Casting director When a New York dance company's brilliant artistic director dies, three former stars of the company are brought back in hopes of saving the company by resurrecting a dance piece that was created for them years ago, but never performed - the very dance that ended all their careers in a heartbreaking way. Given one last chance to discover a dream they lost, the three dancers battle against time and damaged relationships, finding they must first face themselves before they can face the dance. Written by Lisa Niemi

  • Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay

    Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay (2002)
    TV Movie (Biography, Comedy and Drama) Actress The film is about two companies who are battling it out for customers, Mary Kay, and one of her workers Lexi Wilcox are fighting it out with Jinger Heath. Who will win? You will have to see.

  • Tipi Tales

    Tipi Tales (2002)
    Television (Family) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Many Trials of One Jane Doe

    The Many Trials of One Jane Doe (2002)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Leaving Metropolis

    Leaving Metropolis (2002)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Casting department David is a painter with painter's block who takes a job as a waiter to get some inspiration. He falls for hunky diner owner Matt, who falls just as hard back. But Violet, Matt's wife is a complicating factor! Toss in David's best friends a dying pre-op transsexual best friend and an aging, bitter, fag-hag journalist. Will David break up Matt's marriage? Will Violet learn the truth? Will David or Matt learn the true meaning of love? Written by Tim Evanson <>

  • We Were the Mulvaneys

    We Were the Mulvaneys (2002)
    TV Movie (Drama) Casting department Based on the novel by the same name, We Were the Mulvaneys is a sensitive portrayal of one family's journey as they face conflict, fear, tragedy and ultimately, themselves.

  • The Nature of Nicholas

    The Nature of Nicholas (2002)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Romance) Casting director The Nature of Nicholas is a surreal fable that follows twelve-year-old Nicholas as he struggles with an intense attraction to his best friend, Bobby. Nicholas is obsessed with his friend Bobby. Bobby's feelings are less clear. At times he seems to share Nicholas's fascination, but then appears more interested in making inroads with the girls at school. All this leaves young Nicholas very confused. When images of Nicholas's absent father start to appear to him, the boy is understandably frightened. This curious figure gives Nicholas the impression he is pressing his young son closer to the girls in his life and away from Bobby. This only leads to increased anxiety and fear in Nicholas. Fearing that Bobby is drifting away from him, Nicholas takes a chance and kisses him. Bobby is taken aback and storms out. Because of his shame, Bobby undergoes a type of 'splitting' where a decrepit, ghoulish version of him is separated from his healthy self. Nicholas is immediately drawn to this ... Written by Anonymous

  • My Own Partridge Family

    My Own Partridge Family (2002)
    Film (Comedy and Short) Casting director Add a Plot »

  • Another Day

    Another Day (2001)
    TV Movie (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Casting department A woman's boyfriend dies in a fire after a fight over the couple's unborn child. After the woman is involved in a drowning accident a few years later, she wakes up on-shore to find that she's living two days before her boyfriend's fatal fire. Written by <>

  • Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell

    Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)
    Video (Fantasy, Horror and Thriller) Casting department For the third time, the evil Wishmaster returns with more evil and grotesquery to wreck the life of more innocents. This time, his victim is a beautiful, innocent and studious teenage girl named Diana Collins who accidentally opened up the Djinn's tomb and released him. After gaining his freedom, the Djinn goes into a murderous frenzy though her college campus while trying to find Diana to fulfill her three wishes. While Diana is on the run, she must endeavor to prevent the Djinn from subjecting the entire world to Hell's wrath. Written by Kevin <>

  • Acceptable Risk

    Acceptable Risk (2001)
    TV Movie (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Casting department An ambitious medical researcher discovers a mold that he believes could be the foundation of a miracle cure for degenerative diseases.

  • Inside the Osmonds

    Inside the Osmonds (2001)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama and Music) Casting department The story of the personal lives and professional careers of the show-business family The Osmonds, and how the stresses and strains of their careers and the turbulent '70s and '80s affected their relationships with each other and their families. Written by

  • Desire

    Desire (2000)
    Film (Drama and Short) Actress A somewhat unhappy man and wife are touring New York's Prospect Park, when they encounter a pair of sailors on shore leave. The wife and one sailor give in to their desire and tarry a bit. Later, after they all get back together, the wife realizes she is not the only one with unsatisfied desires. Written by <>

  • Scalpers

    Scalpers (2000)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Who needs two? Who needs tickets? Scalpers, following Joey Grey, a newcomer fighting for his place in the territorial ticket trade.

  • The Law of Enclosures

    The Law of Enclosures (2000)
    Film (Drama) Casting department Set in Sarnia, Ontario in 1991, teenage Beatrice is a cashier at a supermarket. One night while waiting in line at a drugstore, she notices a large lump on the back of the bald head of a boy her own age. Intrigued, she follows him and he eventually and reluctantly introduces himself as Henry, explaining the lump is a malignant tumor causing his rare form of cancer. They fall in love, their passion intensified by Henry's impending surgery and the strong possibility of his death. Meanwhile, Bea and Hank have been married for 40 years with two adult children and live for the sole purpose of hurting each other. Their love burned out long ago; they're bored, bitter, depressed, and argue constantly. With nothing left but routine and resentment, Hank decides to buy a retirement home without consulting Bea, and she gets back at him by incurring financially ruinous construction and decorating expenses. Both couples are one and the same, at the beginning and end of their relationship, ... Written by pr1mal_1

  • Cord

    Cord (2000)
    Video (Thriller, Crime and Drama) Casting department A desperate, childless couple kidnap a pregnant woman and lead her husband to believe that she is dead.

  • Secret Cutting

    Secret Cutting (2000)
    TV Movie (Drama) Casting director Dawn Cottrell (Peterson) seems like a typical sixteen-year-old girl, but she has a very dangerous secret. Unable to express her true feelings, whenever Dawn is upset she grabs a knife and cuts herself.

  • Heater

    Heater (1999)
    Film (Drama) Casting director Two homeless men try to return a recently stolen base-board heater for the refund. Unsuccessful, they must find other ways to survive the night.

  • Hand

    Hand (1998)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Three young friends--Hart, Dean, and Chad--defend a hot young ice cream parlour employee, Brooker, from her abusive boss, Mikey, but inadvertently kill him in the process, forcing all of them to go on the run from the law in the form of Mikey's father, Police Chief Benton. Written by Edgar Governo <>

  • Gideon

    Gideon (1998)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Casting department Gideon Dobbs is young, simple-minded man who checks into a retirement home where he finds the residents have lost their lust for life. Through his innocence he changes their lives and teaches them that each day is a precious gift. Written by Anonymous

  • Nights Below Station Street

    Nights Below Station Street (1997)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress Adele Welsh is an eccentric, articulate teen living on the wrong side of the tracks in a dead end town in the late 70's. To add to her struggles, she now has to hide her pregnancy from her already fragile family. A coming of age story based on the novel by David Adams Richard. Written by chelka from canada

  • The Adventures of Shirley Holmes

    The Adventures of Shirley Holmes (1997)
    Television (Mystery and Family) Actress A teenage girl named Shirley who, with her 'side kick' Bo, (think Sherlock Holmes and Watson) are always in the middle of a new crime that needs solving, and who better to do it than the legendary Sherlock Holmes grand-niece Shirley? Written by Natalie <>

  • Careful

    Careful (1992)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress In the Alpine village of Tolzbad in the 1800s, the townsfolk talk quietly and restrain their movements lest they incur avalanches. This atmosphere lends itself to repressed emotions - shown through the parallel stories of butler student Johann lusting after his mother (an old flame of the mysterious Count Knotkers) and Klara's attraction to her father (who lusts after his other daughter), leading to duels and suicidal plunges galore. All this is shot in the style of an early German sonal film, complete with intertitles, crackly sound-track and 'hand-tinted' colour effects. Written by Michael Brooke <>

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