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Moved to LA in 77 with a manuscript treatment in hand with the intention to move it over into a screenplay. It was made into a movie. The overall experience was brutal for a small town greenhorn like myself. After being invited to an acting class I began studying with a few notible teachers and had a reasonable acting career for twenty years. However, I always kept my interest in writing alive. Over the last number of years, I have been focused on my writing…but do continue to audition and perform when calls come in.

Unique traits: Professional Tennis Player


  • Dreaming Don't Make it So

    Dreaming Don't Make it So (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama and Musical) Actor A singer/songwriter fights her father, her boyfriend and her own self-destructive tendencies in Chillicothe Ohio. Maxx and Jerry perform at a local bar, but that is as far as they get. Leaving seems to be the only option, but dreaming don't make it so.

  • The Divide

    The Divide (2013)
    Film (Short, Action, Drama and History) Actor As a retired rancher living on the US border of Mexico, Russell's only desire is to protect his own family. But, when he crosses paths with a young woman during his patrol, borders are crossed and lines are blurred. With just the pull of a trigger, Russell must discover what it takes to hold onto his humanity when every choice has a consequence. Written by The Divide Team

  • The West Wing

    The West Wing (2003)
    Television (Drama) Actor When the erudite Democrat Josiah "Jed" Bartlet is elected U.S. president, he installs his administration. He places confidants from his electoral campaigns in the White House. Each of these people play a significant role in the Washington power game: the Chief of Staff (Leo McGarry), his deputy (Josh Lyman), Communications Director (Toby Ziegler), deputy (Sam Seaborn, and later, Will Bailey), and press secretary (CJ Cregg). Also in key positions are the assistants of each of the power players. We follow these people through many political battles, as well as some personal ones. Also playing roles are the First Lady (Abigail Bartlet), the President's daughters (Elizabeth, Eleanor, and Zoey), and the personal aide to the President (Charlie Young). All make this series, which supposedly follows the political events (often paraphrasing historical reality) almost day by day, more than merely a political soap. The demands of office on each character show the personal sacrifice and the ... Written by KGF Vissers

  • Fishes

    Fishes (2001)
    Film (Drama) Actor As fish swim and survive between the glass walls of an aquarium, so does our motley group of misfits attempt to stay sane while being trapped during a major rain storm in Tom Dowtin's home on stilts in the Hollywood Hills. Tom was unable to attend his "big break" studio game show pilot, where he was to be the host, due to the storm and subsequent mud slide, which has closed the road in front of his home. Tom and his group of friends, attempt to salvage the aborted night. After a decision to hold a mock game show on this night, to pass the time, they find out less about hosting and winning and more about themselves and each other. WWW.BLISSING.COM Written by Stefan Lysenko

  • Critical Mass

    Critical Mass (2001)
    Film (Action and Thriller) Actor Jeffers works security at a nuclear power plant. The plant is being decommissioned, and a politician is touring the plant and videotaping his comments regarding the closing. A terrorist group led by Samson gets inside the gates, with their ultimate goal the detonation of a nuclear bomb inside the plant. After local policemen and the other plant workers are killed, Jeffers and Janine alone must confront and halt Samson and his terrorist squad. Written by Ken Miller <>

  • Party of Five

    Party of Five (2000)
    Television (Drama and Family) Actor Five siblings are left to find their own way in the world when their parents are killed by a drunk driver. The series revolves around the struggles of raising each other and the struggles of life in general. Written by <>

  • Invisible Mom II

    Invisible Mom II (1999)
    Video (Comedy, Family and Fantasy) Actor A young orphan, heir to a vast fortune, is fostered into a somewhat bizarre family, primarily due to the fact that his foster mom can become invisible. When the child's cousins show up to get a bit of the youngster's fortune, his foster mom saves the day. Written by Dylan Conner

  • Snoops

    Snoops (1999)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor In this detective series with a comical note, Glenn Hall runs an unconventional flashy Private Detective's agency in LA, and means business above all, never mind the rules if she can get around them. Although her ex, police Detective Greg McCormack, now has a dim view of her and her operations, his LAPD connection often come in handy. Investigator Manny Lott (not the only one) is young and charming enough to get where a regular P.I. wouldn't, but often wrestles with his sensitive conscience. The quite varied cases often lead to crime connections, so danger is on the lurk, and some clients are at least as shady as the suspects, partners etc. they want investigated. Written by KGF Vissers

  • V.I.P.

    V.I.P. (1999)
    Television (Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama and 1 More) Actor Campy syndicated series about Vallery Irons, a girl working at a hotdog stand who accidently saves a celebrity and is mistaken for a bodyguard. She and a team of beautiful bodyguards form a bodyguard agency called V.I.P. which stands for Vallery Irons Protection. Written by Joseph Elm <>

  • ER

    ER (1999)
    Television (Drama and Romance) Actor Michael Crichton has created a medical drama that chronicles life and death in a Chicago hospital emergency room. Each episode tells the tale of another day in the ER, from the exciting to the mundane, and the joyous to the heart-rending. Frenetic pacing, interwoven plot lines, and emotional rollercoastering is used to attempt to accurately depict the stressful environment found there. This show even portrays the plight of medical students in their quest to become physicians. Written by Tad Dibbern <>

  • The Landlady

    The Landlady (1998)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actor In Sunshine, Nevada, the middle-aged housewife Melanie Leroy sees her husband Ralston Leroy shagging her neighbor and she freaks out. Then she poisons Ralston, who is allergic to seafood, in the dinner. Melanie travels to the California to the apartment building that she has inherited from her aunt and when she meets her tenant Patrick Forman, she believes that he would be a perfect husband for her. She uses her maiden name, Melanie Leroy, and becomes obsessed for him, killing anyone that might interpose between Patrick and her. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • JAG

    JAG (1998)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actor Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. and Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie are JAG lawyers, who together investigate and litigate crimes committed by Navy and Marine personnel. Occasionally, they engage in adventurous activities in order to solve their cases. With Rabb's fighter pilot background, and MacKenzie's good looks, they are a hot team both in and out of the courtroom. Written by Brian Michael <>

  • American Perfekt

    American Perfekt (1997)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Criminal psychiatrist, Jake Nyman is taking a much needed vacation from responsibility. An experimental road trip during which ever decision will be made on a flip of a coin. Meanwhile, Sandra Thomas, disenchanted professional, is en route to pick up her flunked out sister, Alice, at a cheap motel before continuing on to visit their ailing mother. After being forced off the road by a mysterious assailant, however, Sandra is picked up by Jake, who's coin flipping amoral attitude quickly excites her own desire to break a few rules. Or worse. Jake and Sandra's romance is soon driven by chance acts of crime and kindness, all governed by the flip of a coin - at least until Sandra mysteriously disappears and Jake unwittingly picks up her suspicious sister, Alice ... Written by Filmfan

  • Courthouse

    Courthouse (1995)
    Television (Drama) Actor This series portrays every-day life in one courthouse, mostly dealing with trials and tribulations of people who are employed there - judges, district attorneys and public defenders. Written by Dragan Antulov <>

  • Melrose Place

    Melrose Place (1995)
    Television (Drama) Actor The lives and loves of a group of young adults living in "Melrose Place" in California. Each with their own dreams and drives, the inevitable conflicts, conquests, and consummations ensue. Written by Murray Chapman <>

  • Murphy Brown

    Murphy Brown (1994)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Murphy Brown is a very selfish, stubborn, extremely hot-tempered but also talented, resourceful, clever and caring middle-aged reporter who works for FYI News Network and at the same time tries to raise her child as an unmarried, working woman. Her friends and co-workers, Corky, Jim, Frank and Miles, try to balance between her outbursts of anger and her family, personality or even financial crises. It's a difficult life for Murphy but she's got the guts to live it... Written by Xenophon Tsakanikas <>

  • The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

    The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (1994)
    Television (Action, Sci-Fi, Western, Adventure and 1 More) Actor Hired by local robber barons, Harvard Law Graduate Brisco County, Jr. searches for the members of the infamous John Bly gang, the same men who killed his father, a famous marshal and western legend. Accompanied by his one-time rival and fellow bounty hunter Lord Bowler, Brisco rides through the West trying to bring his father's killers to justice. Along the way, he encounters mysterious golden orbs with strange abilities and colorful characters who help or hinder his mission as he hunts down the Bly gang one by one. Written by Kevin <>

  • Staying Together

    Staying Together (1989)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor Jake McDermott, after 25 years running a fast food business, proclaims one morning that he's hated dealing with chickens the entire time and has finally sold the family restaurant. For his three sons, who counted on taking it over someday, this comes as a shock and begins to break apart their family. No longer big, carefree fish in a small pond, will the boys manage to rearrange their lives and reconcile with their parents? Written by Tom Zoerner <>

  • Midnight

    Midnight (1989)
    Film (Thriller) Actor The sultry midnight, late-night horror movie hostess, has the highest rated show on TV. Mr. B is scheming to steal the rights to the show. The tug of war begins and soon escalates into a deadly conflict. will Midnight have to get a day job and change her name to High Noon? Written by Muze, Inc.

  • Knots Landing

    Knots Landing (1988)
    Television (Drama) Actor A popular night time soap opera, it followed the adventures of five families living in a coastal suburb of Los Angeles in California: Gary and Valene Ewing, relatives of the popular Ewing clan of Dallas; Sid and Karen Fairgate, their all-American neighbors; the troubled Richard and Laura Avery; young newlyweds Kenny and Ginger Ward; and divorcee Abby Cunningham, Sid's scheming sister. Written by Phil Fernando

  • Stranded

    Stranded (1987)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Actor A young woman and her grandmother living in an isolated farmhouse are kidnapped by aliens.

  • Warm Hearts, Cold Feet

    Warm Hearts, Cold Feet (1987)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Actor The Byrds are a young couple both working as reporters but for different newspapers. When Mike invents the story of how they had the idea to make a baby his wife at first becomes furious about his article but then she adapts to it and starts to write the story from her side in the other newspaper. Making the articles reality they are now acpecting their first child... Written by Volker Boehm

  • Second Serve

    Second Serve (1986)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama and Sport) Actor Fact-based story about tennis pro Renee Richards, whose player status was challenged in 1976 when it was revealed that she was a transsexual. Flashback to 1964 and meet Richard Radley, a successful New York doctor with a great lifestyle, a flashy girl friend, and a secret life. Seems like the good doctor likes to dress up in women's clothes and visit Manhattan. His psychiatrist mother refuses to deal with him and sends him to a colleague who diagnoses with a psychotic gender confusion, which he says can be unlearned. After a failed marriage and fatherhood, he gives in to the transsexual operation and becomes Renee for good with a new life in California. Written by John Sacksteder <>

  • Stingray

    Stingray (1986)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Ray is a shadowy character with a mysterious 'secret agent' past. People in trouble often come to him for help, since he has a lot of important and powerful contacts. He refuses to be paid for his services; however, those seeking his assistance must promise him a favor. Some time in the future, Ray will come to them and ask to collect on that favor, giving them some task that is often arduous and/or dangerous. The title of the show comes from the vintage Corvette Stingray that Ray drives. Written by Tad Dibbern <>

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1986)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor An anthology series modeled after and frequently based upon the original series of the 1950s-1960s. This version featured remakes of episodes from the original series as well as original stories. Written by Jim Beaver <>

  • Gimme an 'F'

    Gimme an 'F' (1984)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Can a squad of misfit cheerleaders with an over-age trainer possibly win the big cheerleading competition? Looked down upon by the other teams, it will be an difficult. Their lack of skill and talent make it even harder. Written by Brian W Martz <>

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