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Morgan Summerfield

Screenwriter and Author

Atlanta, Georgia

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About Morgan

“What are you?” A question I am often asked. The question is driven by my bone structure and coloring, my visible heritage—not European. My top two go to responses, depending on who the person is and how they approach me with their question, are: a human being and an alien from the planet Dragonus…and I bite. So, now I have revealed some core components of my inner self. I am a citizen of the world, I have a sense of humor, and I have a low tolerance for people who put too much emphasis on race, religion, sex, or other divisive categorizations. With all that said, for the purposes of this bio, I will share the things less visible about the being I am.

One part of me is a storyteller and a creator of characters, in particular, potent female characters. It is my goal to show that women are strong, capable, and far more than window dressing for a sexy movie scene or expendable fodder in horror stories. I suspect this penchant comes from growing up with a strong female figure in my life, though she was sorely oppressed by the environment in which she lived where women were considered little more than property. Every time she was knocked down, she found a way to get back up. My book, Blood and Magnolias, was my first ‘rescue’ of a female character in a precarious position and my short story Adella is a tribute to my mother.

Another part of me is an advocate for change—for all, not just women. As a species, we must evolve and change our thinking, or we are doomed. Instead of trying to change the world, we should try to change minds and hearts one at a time, starting with our own. One small step can lead to many big ones. This belief led to the creation of the Modern Epic Fantasy, The Colony Series, Among Us, Awakenings, Setting Seed, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Colony, and Falling Fallow due out in May 2017. The story starts in a very dark place. Then, as with most epic fiction, my heroine discovers her true calling, and the quest begins. Along the journey, the codex of Colony—respect and appreciation of differences—is woven into the tale.

Now meet the creative who just can’t sit still. I have been called a da Vinci child by some, not that I would ever compare myself to him. In this use of the term, they define me as a high creative, one who must be in a constant state of change and progression. One who must be learning and creating to remain ‘sane.’ This drive to learn and create has given me many skills. I can help you build an addition on your house, including finishing the drywall and picking just the right wall color. I can teach you how to bake a pie, improve your conflict management skills, build a fire, solve problems, lay tile, or a passel of other practical skills. I can paint you a lovely painting to go over your couch, create music by ear, or offer you calm in a storm.

I believe in compassion and caring. I believe in standing up for what is right. I believe sarcasm is not a productive form of communication. To tell me I can’t do something is simply a challenge. I was told that because I write novels, I could never write a viable screenplay. HA! I’ve written three and one was optioned in under six months of completion.

I don’t judge, though I am judged. I believe people should strive to be the thing inside them that makes them happy and not be overly pressured by others into doing things that stifle the person inside. It took me many years to reach this understanding and when it finally struck home my life changed for the better.

I am an author, a screenwriter, a painter, a teacher, a coach, and a motivational speaker.

If you find me interesting, you will find my writing even more so. I write gritty and real world, but not mean-spirited (though some characters are), and I attempt to be diverse. I write for women who know and accept themselves or want to.

So, there you have me in a nutshell.

Why would you want to know me? That would depend on you.

Best wishes for the success you desire.

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