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Have worked in the film industry for over 25 years, starting as a Production Accountant. Moved onto Production and have worked on American, British, Italian, French projects in Sri Lanka, Malaysia & the Maldives. Started own production service company, The Film Team (Pvt) Limited with three other professionals in the business.




  • The Good Karma Hospital

    The Good Karma Hospital (2017)
    Television (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Set in a coastal town in tropical South India, THE GOOD KARMA HOSPITAL tells the story of junior doctor, Ruby Walker, who arrives in India looking for a job and a distraction from her heartbreak. She anticipates the sunshine, the palm trees and picture-perfect beaches. She's even prepared for the sacred cows, the tuk-tuks and the Delhi-belly that everyone warned her about. What she doesn't expect are the realities of work, life and even love at an under-resourced and over-worked cottage hospital.

  • Jekyll & Hyde

    Jekyll & Hyde (2015)
    Television (Action, Adventure, Drama and Fantasy) Miscellaneous Crew It's 1930s London and Robert Jekyll is a naive, sensitive young man finding his place in the world and moving away from the protection of his loving foster parents. As he begins to feel himself coming under the power of a darkness he cannot control, he realizes that all this time his parents were protecting him from his true self. Jekyll has inherited the curse of his grandfather, and when angered or in danger he undertakes a graphic and twisted transformation to become Hyde, a shadowy, brooding figure of incredible strength and agility; confident and fearless. As he tries to discover his past and search for a cure, Robert Jekyll is drawn deep into Hyde's world of monstrous creatures and freaks of nature.

  • Bombay Velvet

    Bombay Velvet (2015)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew Set against the backdrop of ambition, love, greed, and jazz - Bombay Velvet is the story of one ordinary man who goes against all odds and forges his destiny to become a 'Big Shot'. Jazz clubs, a passionate love story, a growing metropolis and a phenomenal hunger for a good life. Welcome to the City of Dreams. Welcome to Bombay Velvet. Written by PRC

  • Midnight's Children

    Midnight's Children (2012)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A pair of children, born within moments of India gaining independence from Britain, grow up in the country that is nothing like their parent's generation.

  • Die Männer der Emden

    Die Männer der Emden (2012)
    Film (Adventure and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew In the Great War, the legendary German war ship SMS Emden is sunk by Australian cruisers in the Indian Ocean. Most crew are killed or captured, but some 50 escape and vow to return to Germany, embarking aboard an old schooner. They most dodge the Allies and brave the both sea and desert all the way home. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Das Traumhotel

    Das Traumhotel (2010 - 2011)
    Television (Romance) Miscellaneous Crew Not a continuous series with consistent story continuity, but a number of essentially independent stories, 'Love Boat without the cruise ship'. Each episode is set in another exotic holiday destination, interweaving the adventures of local inhabitants and hotel staff and some of the hotel guests, whose problems usually root at home in Europe, with ample images of the local nature, traditions, monuments, wildlife etcetera. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Chandani: The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer

    Chandani: The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer (2010)
    Film (Documentary and Family) Production manager Chandani wants to become a Mahout as her father. Her father decides to give her a chance and gives her responsibility for an elephant calf. Chandani is a girl in a male profession. Everyone doubts her abilities. The ranger Mohammed becomes her only supporter and shows her the world of elephants in the jungle. Here they save an elephant baby from its death. Strengthened by this, she makes progress in the work with her little elephant Kandula. But when Kandula is taken away from her, also her path changes. Written by Anonymous

  • Machan

    Machan (2008)
    Film (Biography, Comedy, Drama and Sport) Miscellaneous Crew A group of desperate slum dwellers, living on the margins of society under impossible pressures, find an invitation to a handball tournament in Bavaria to be the answer to their prayers, a one way ticket to the West and the wealth that will solve all their problems. Written by Anonymous

  • Water

    Water (2005)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew A thesis picture. In 1938, Gandhi's party is making inroads in women's rights. Chuyia, a child already married but living with her parents, becomes a widow. By tradition, she is unceremoniously left at a bare and impoverished widows' ashram, beside the Ganges during monsoon season. The ashram's leader pimps out Kalyani, a young and beautiful widow, for household funds. Narayan, a follower of Gandhi, falls in love with her. Can she break with tradition and religious teaching to marry him? The ashram's moral center is Shakuntala, deeply religious but conflicted about her fate. Can she protect Kalyani or Chuyia? Amid all this water, is rebirth possible or does tradition drown all? Written by <>

  • The Sleeping Dictionary

    The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew John Truscott goes to Borneo to work with the Iban. He reports to Henry Bullard, who gives him a "sleeping dictionary"--one of the locals who teaches him the local language and culture. And who he gives John is Selima. And while teaching him, John finds himself attracted to her. And we says it's not allowed, both the locals and Bullard forbid him to be in a relationship with Selima. But he defies them which has dire consequences. Written by

  • Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa (2003)
    TV Movie (Biography and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Mother Teresa - the movie: the inspirational portrayal of Mother Teresa, a simple nun who became one of the most significant personalities of the 20th Century. Armed with a faith that could move mountains, Mother Teresa followed her calling to help the poor, the lepers, the dying and the abandoned children in the slums of Calcutta, challenging many authorities - including the church - along the way. Written by Con Dios Entertainment

  • Offroad TV

    Offroad TV (2001)
    Television Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Un dono semplice

    Un dono semplice (2000)
    TV Movie (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Successful businessman Thomas (about 55), who has chosen to live in Rome, has dedicated his whole life to his work. When his kind and understanding wife Elisa dies, however, his life takes a turn for the worse. His daughter Beatrice, who has broken off her studies and is now living in a mission in India, is more eager than ever to stay there now that her mother has died. Thomas, who always pictured a sensible life for his daughter, decides to go there himself and fetch her back. The chaotic conditions in India and the misery in the streets is all too much for him, however, as are the charitable nuns who receive him at the mission. When Beatrice realizes why he has come, father and daughter have a fierce argument. Sister Beth, who supports Beatrice's decision, is a thorn in Thomas's side. Defeated, he leaves the fray # only to find he's missed his flight home. He has to wait a few days more for the next one, and during this time he changes his plans. Dressed in Indian clothing, he ... Written by Anonymous

  • Iqbal

    Iqbal (1998)
    TV Movie Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • D'or et de safran

    D'or et de safran (1998)
    TV Movie (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Alex, an ambitious photographer, is visited by her friend Bernard, who asks her to help him finding his wife, Soon Yin, accused of conspiring against the Burmese regime and who disappeared a month before. Alex accepts helping him because of their friendship, but also because of the professional possibilities of the trip. After finding out some information, she finally finds Soon Yin and they both escape towards the frontier with Pakistan. In the jungle they have to overcome all kinds of difficulties: hunger, fighting against Burmese soldiers, injuries. Finally they meet the Karen guerrillas, an ethnic group who struggles against the regime. But, even if they seemed to be of help in the jungle, the women finally realizes that they have become their prisoners. Alex and Soon Yi have to gamble their freedom on the roulette with Khun Sa, and they win. Unharmed, they will finally be able to leave Burma, and Alex will have a good collection of photographs. Written by Anonymous

  • Il figlio di Sandokan

    Il figlio di Sandokan (1998)
    Television (Adventure and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Les mystères de Sadjurah

    Les mystères de Sadjurah (1997)
    TV Movie (Adventure) Miscellaneous Crew Shabby Parisian nightclub singer Marguerite hides the rebel from the autonomous southern provinces who failed to kill the maharajah of Sadjurah. Next she's offered money to impersonate Rose, the daughter of the late French archeology professor Laurant, who discovered the treasure of the ruined ancient capital Changa. The club is torched and her unschooled preteen son Gustave 'Gus' kidnapped by a traitorous socialite arms dealer, Schwartz, and his secret accomplice, a rebel leader, to force her so as to steal the known pieces from the ruler. The real Rose offers to show them the rest of the treasure. After the switch and another bombing succeeds. The new maharajah Nadjah, mistaking her for the Rose that taught him at the Sorbonne, is spared under his enthronement pardon but Colonel Taradjahi orders her shot. Rebels attack, prevent her execution, bring her to their HQ in the lost city where she is discovered to be Rose's twin. Clever Gus mistakes Rose for Marguerite and helps her escape... Written by KGF Vissers

  • Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor

    Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor (1997)
    Film (Biography and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A story of Mother Teresa, beginning in Calcutta, India, where she faces adversity from every direction and where she lays the foundation for her crusade to help the poorest of the poor.

  • Der Kapitän

    Der Kapitän (1997)
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  • The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo

    The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo (1997)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy, Drama and Family) Miscellaneous Crew Pre-teen jungle boy Mowgli gets to human world and is pursued by P.T.Barnum circus scout Harrison who wants to take him to circus as curiosity. Harrison hires local grandee Buldeo for help in tracking Mowgli down. It turns out to be that Mowgli is Buldeo's nephew, and the only obstacle for him to take his late brother's rich estate. Written by Anonymous

  • Bloodsport III

    Bloodsport III (1996)
    Video (Action and Sport) Miscellaneous Crew Bloodsport III brings us back to the world of Alex Cardo. This time he must battle in a fight to end all fights - The Kumite, the most vicious warrior alive - Beast. He must not only battle for his own honor, but also avenge the death of Sun, his mentor, teacher, and spiritual "father", when Sun is spitefully killed by crime boss Duvalier. In order to defeat Beast, destroy Duvalier, and avenge Sun's death, Alex turns to Leung, to whom he was indebted in Bloodsport II. Leung directs him to the great shaman, Makato "the Judge", to whom Alex must turn for guidance. The judge teaches him to fully channel the energy in his mind and body, in order to rout the Beast in the Kumite. Written by <>

  • L'enfant des rues

    L'enfant des rues (1995)
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  • La porte du ciel

    La porte du ciel (1993)
    TV Movie (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Ordinary Magic

    Ordinary Magic (1993)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew When his father dies, Jeffrey (Ryan Reynolds) is sent to live with his aunt Charlotte (Glenne Headly) in Canada. Once there he leads his aunt and his friends in staging a non-violent hunger strike to try to save his aunt's house from being demolished to make room for a ski resort. Written by Ellen Davis

  • Fifty/Fifty

    Fifty/Fifty (1992)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Two bickering mercenaries are hired by the CIA to overthrow a South East Asian dictator.


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