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Paul is the middle child of two sisters and was born in Landstuhl, Germany due to his dad serving 24 years in the United States Air Force. He lived the first 14 years of his life growing up and traveling around Europe and Asia before settling in Utah at the age of 14, but his heart is in Louisiana where his parents and most of his family is from.


  • Soul Eclipse

    Soul Eclipse (2019)
    Film (Drama) Actor After a gold-digger's second attempt of marriage to a successful wealthy entrepreneur goes tragically wrong, she comes to consciousness in a sacred place of a mysterious shaman who believes he's able to heal her wounded body and restore the fabric of her lost soul.

  • Meanwhile in New York

    Meanwhile in New York (2019)
    Film (short) (Musical) Actor A New Yorker and an aspiring Broadway actress attempt to make their careers in New York City.

  • Dwight in Shining Armor

    Dwight in Shining Armor (2019)
    TV Series (Adventure) Actor Dwight, a 21st century teen, falls into an ancient, underground chamber and lands lip-to-lip with Gretta, a gothic princess who has been magically sleeping for a thousand years.

  • Papercutter

    Papercutter (2019)
    Film (short) (Drama) Actor An MMA fighter is sent to an atypical therapy group to help deal with his anger issues.

  • Dead Tired

    Dead Tired (2018)
    Film (short) (Comedy) Actor A woman comes home to find her husband dead in the middle of the house, left there by the man she hired to kill him. Now she must find a way to get rid of the body.

  • Star Wars: Dresca

    Star Wars: Dresca (2018)
    Film (short) (Sci-Fi) Actor When Dresca - an injured Imperial pilot - is rescued by rebels after the Battle of Endor, she must choose between her loyalty to the Empire and the kindness of strangers she once thought of as monsters.

  • Extinct

    Extinct (2017)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actor In a world set 400 years into the future, humans are now the creatures who are extinct. An unknown alien race have worked tirelessly in reviving a group of human beings; a race that they themselves had extinguished centuries before. As only some of the aliens want this experiment to succeed, the group of humans are given very little information about what the aliens actually want or what happened in the past. They now must work together as a unit, armed with only their honesty and ingenuity for their very survival. In the event that the experiment fails, mankind will again find itself "Extinct". Written by Frosty Carver

  • Mosaic

    Mosaic (2017)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor Plot kept under wraps. Described as a show with an interactive element where the audience can determine the outcome of the story.

  • Secrets Within

    Secrets Within (2017)
    Film (short) by Chaz Evans Cameron

  • For Family

    For Family (2017)
    Film (short) by William Knowles Thomas

  • Safe & Sound

    Safe & Sound (2017)
    Film (short) by Clark Davis Officer 1

  • Nighthawk

    Nighthawk (2017)
    Film (short) by Oscar Sanchez Reed Dobbins

  • Call of The Void

    Call of The Void (2017)
    Film (short) by Dave Moppert Stewart

  • The Tale of A Corporate Slave

    The Tale of A Corporate Slave (2017)
    Film by Molly Jacobs (Drama) Max A people pleaser, with doormat tendencies, struggles to be healthier after learning she has diabetes. Her television and the donuts at work try to deter her, but a spiritually enlightened homeless woman helps her find her way.

  • Unseen

    Unseen (2017)
    Film (short) Nolan Scott

  • The Legacy

    The Legacy (2017)
    Film (Drama) Actor A terminally ill, abused boy chronicles his life on an online message board.

  • Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear (2017)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children's TV show produced for an audience of one: James. When the show abruptly ends, James's life changes forever, and he sets out to finish the story himself. Written by Brigsby Bear Productions

  • Q Wunder

    Q Wunder (2016)
    Television (Animation and Family) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Swerve

    Swerve (2016)
    Film (short) by Spy Hop/Katie Beacom Caleb A girl finds herself questioning her faith about going on a LDS mission. She reconnects with a ex boyfriend and friend to go on a trip during the 4th of July weekend to see if she can find the answers that she's looking for.

  • G.I.F.t.D.

    G.I.F.t.D. (2016)
    Film (short) by Red Kite Films/Jon Olson Detective Jerome Busco A mysterious woman seeks out a private eye to help solve a murder, but what the private eye doesn't know at first is that he will be solving her murder along with his.

  • Lost, but Not Forgotten

    Lost, but Not Forgotten (2016)
    Film (short) by Kees Limburg (Drama and War) Sergeant Harrel In the final stages of the second World War, a young soldier goes missing while a Graves registration unit deals with the aftermath of the war.

  • Christmas Land

    Christmas Land (2015)
    TV Movie (Drama and Romance) Actor Jules Cooper is a successful New York businesswoman who seemingly has everything: a rapidly growing career in marketing and a handsome boyfriend named Mitchell. Jules soon learns her beloved late Grandmother Glinda has left her 'Christmas Land', a magical Christmas-themed village and Christmas tree farm in the countryside. Much of Jules's favorite childhood memories revolve around Christmas Land and the holiday's her family spent there in her youth. Upon arriving in Christmas Land to claim the property, she meets handsome and charming Tucker Barnes, the lawyer handling the estate. Christmas Land has seen better days since Glinda's tragic passing and Jules is forced to make many complicated decisions. Should she sell Christmas Land to real estate tycoon Mason Richards and get back to her busy city life? Or should she stay and bring Christmas Land back to its former glory? With decisions to be made in both life and love, this Christmas for Jules is sure to be both interesting...and ...

  • Blood & Oil

    Blood & Oil (2015)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Romance) Actor The present day oil boom in North Dakota is tempting the young and ambitious to try their luck in the black gold business. Such are Billy and Cody LeFever, a young married couple that's just arrive in a North Dakotan town famous for its rich oil fields. They don't know anyone there, but Billy is ambitious and always has an idea on how to start some small business, while modest Cody makes friends easily and just wants to make a home for themselves there, even if they have to compromise and do something much more common and less glamorous and profitable than partaking in the oil business. While Cody goes to find them a place to live and a job for herself, Billy spends all the money they have, most of which came from their friends back home who pitched in to help them build a tiny starting capital, to buy a modestly lucrative plot of land owned by old and bitter Clifton Lundegren. The deal is made after some tough negotiating, but then notorious local oil baron Hap Briggs offers Billy a ...

  • Being Charlie

    Being Charlie (2015)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Actor Charlie is a troublesome 18-year-old who breaks out of a youth drug treatment clinic, but when he returns home to Los Angeles, he's given an intervention by his parents and forced to go to an adult rehab. There, he meets a beautiful but troubled girl, Eva, and is forced to battle with drugs, elusive love and divided parents. Written by Unknown

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