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By Jason Kent Nord

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

An abandoned but immensely gifted boy accidently executes a science experiment that brings alien animals to Earth, and now he and his friends must capture or kill all of the creatures before the military eradicates the entire valley.


Cale (14) survives a near-death experience as a young child and is blessed with incredible gifts in math and science. His father, however, struggled with life after this episode and abandons Cale upon a neighboring family. Cale visits the lab of his new father figure and miraculously manipulates a Higgs Particle experiment which causes an ecosystem from a distant world to transport into the facility. Animals and creatures from this other world are unleashed into the valley, and Cale and his friends must stop all the creatures before military powers sacrifice the valley to protect the larger population. To succeed, Cale must emerge from his shell and embrace his gifts.

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