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By Jason Kent Nord

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

When a remote lakeside town disappears for a day and his grandparents remain missing, a young man must confront his insecurities and father issues to solve the mystery and save his friends and grandparents.


RYAN is a no-nonsense guy -- a stark contrast to his absent, UFO-obsessed father who has recently died. He is eager to escape to his grandparents’ cabin in the remote lakeside town of Indian Point for a getaway with his girlfriend, SARAH; goofy best friend, MIKE; and Mike’s ditzy date, NIKKI. The group heads up north only to find that the road into town has disappeared! Their nav screen, watches, and odometer all jump ahead with each passing attempt. They succumb to an unknown force and pass out on the side of the road. The next day the road is back, but the townsfolk seem to think it is Saturday, not Sunday. More importantly, some -– including Ryan’s grandparents -- have gone missing! Ryan and his friends begin a search only to confront more strange happenings. They capture videos of strange figures; assist a disoriented boy; discover a scrap of memory metal; encounter a night-time intruder; and observe lights in the sky. Mysterious agents dressed in black arrive, led by the cool and cocksure AGENT HARRIS who brashly confiscates their discoveries and orders quarantine restrictions. Ryan resists any notion of alien forces at work but the stakes continue to rise and they ultimately witness a saucer rise up from the lake! Agent Harris returns to offer a natural explanation -- a new gas escaping from beneath the lake that causes people to hallucinate and pass out. Ryan has a rational out, but now stubbornly holds to the alien explanations, and the hope that his grandparents remain alive as abductees. Now ordered to evacuate, Ryan deduces the truth during a chat with the SHERIFF. The aliens react in full force and violently pursue the group through the woods and into an underwater cavern where they find Ryan’s grandparents. Trapped by alien agents, Agent Harris, in a twist, enables an escape. Weary of his counterparts, Agent Harris submits to making amends and reveals some complicit role in a past event that took the life of Ryan’s mother and touched off his father’s paranormal pursuits. Ryan gains a new life perspective -- one more accepting of the crazy encounters it brings.

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