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By Jason Kent Nord

GENRE: Thriller

When a primatologist reluctantly agrees to participate in a Bigfoot expedition, harrowing encounters put more than her career in jeopardy.


DR. LAURA NAGLE’s path is on the rise. Her new study on infrasound has put her up for an award. Tides turn when her mentor, DR. KENNETH JEFFRIES, reveals that he is dying and asks Laura for a favor. He wants Laura to complete a book about evidence of Sasquatch, and to fulfill his obligation to a related documentary expedition. Laura’s boss, DEAN SHERMAN; her self-absorbed fiancé, BRIAN; and DR. AULT, the president of the organization granting the award, are all vehemently opposed. Still, Laura honors her late mentor’s request upon his passing. On the expedition, Laura squares off against SLAVEN DOYLE, an unscientific and unstable Bigfoot guru, and his annoying sidekick, BILLY. The team’s charismatic producer, SCOTT, and attractive cameraman, GUY, round out the team. Laura struggles to hold on to her skepticism in the face of a series of compelling and dangerous encounters. Nearby, a remote construction crew, working for the wealthy MR. MILLS, is also under a series of deadly attacks. Slaven viciously turns on Laura when she attempts to prevent him from killing a Sasquatch, but it is the beast that kills Slaven and carries Laura away. Laura’s ends up in the hospital with only the support of Scott and Guy. Much of their evidence is lost and they certainly lack the one thing that would sway the thinking of both her detractors and the scientific community at large -– a type specimen. Laura salvages the opportunity to receive her award but only with stern warnings that her career will be over if she mentions Sasquatch at the awards banquet. With the media and her scientific peers on hand, Laura is posed a question about her ordeal, spawning a crossroads moment. Laura chooses to assail the faulty presumptions and biases of the scientific community. She owns the moment as she defends that for which ultimate proof is lacking. Renewed, Laura ditches Brian in favor of Guy. And thanks to financial support from Mr. Mills, Laura sets off on a new path of pursuing life’s elusive mysteries.

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