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By William Young

GENRE: Other

Celebrities eat custom dishes with two lucky contestants prepared by a Chef on a hip-hop cooking show that has a live audience and DJ.


The Hip Hop Flavor show will begin with the theme song and cut into some Hip Hop music as the DJ displays her remarkable skills on the turntables. The DJ will introduce herself as she has the crowd screaming in anticipation for the hottest and flyest Chef on the networks. The Chef will enter onto the stage introducing himself, the dish, and the guest Celebrity. From there the Chef will take the viewing audience through the food’s inspiration, preparation, and stages of cooking as he prepares a dish that is healthy and tastes delicious.

Hip Hop Flavor will then introduce the Celebrity by first showing past clips of the Celebrity accolades. The Celebrity will enter into the kitchen, sit down, and watch the Chef as he concludes the cooked meal. The Chef will use this platform to delve into the Celebrities eating habits and secrets into staying in shape and eating healthy. The DJ will spin the theme song as she prepares to introduce the two lucky contestants from the audience who will have the great pleasure of sitting down with the Celebrity to eat. This will be one of the highlights of the show as the two guests are able to sit down with the celebrity and dine in front of millions. The Celebrity as well as the guest will provide comments and compliments on the delicious plate that was prepared for them.

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