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Actor, Assistant Director, Comedian, Location Scout and Screenwriter

Portland, Oregon

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Radio Show Co-Host - “Inside The Ring” live with Billy Jack Haynes & CJ O’Malley. Produced and scripted show outlines to include personally contacting and recruiting all advertising sources and sponsors and handling all monies. Also coordinated with advertisers and sponsors concerning their advertising materials while also creating new materials and usually in the form of a commercials or live plugs. Handled all aspects of making the show happen to include appearances at sponsors establishments and remotes.

Radio Show Host – “Let’s Talk Boxing” with CJ O'Malley. Produced and scripted show outlines to include personally contacting and recruiting all advertising sources and sponsors and handling all monies. Also coordinated with advertisers and sponsors concerning their advertising materials while also creating new materials and usually in the form of a commercials or live plugs. Handled all aspects of making the show happen to include appearances at sponsors establishments and remotes.

Referee Watchdogs – Created and hosted Referee Watchdogs on Blog Talk radio. This show was created as a mechanism for the fans to be able to create checks and balances that the leagues and referees and judges would have to answer to. Referee Watchdogs was also offering a public soap box for troubled athletes to stand on and give their side of an incident that could have happened both on and off the field without being attacked and criticized. The show was also exploring all sports globally and bringing them to a higher level of exposure so that we might understand how different cultures assisted in creating and developing different sports.

“Fire Dancer” – Light Rain Productions - Low budget indie film in which I played a role and assisted with script re-writes and editing.

“Pretty Dangerous” – Moonlight Productions - Starring Sherrie Baxter. Played a role, worked on script re-writes, action choreography and editing.
“Ironheart” – Morning Calm Entertainment Group - Starring Britton K. Lee, Richard Norton, Bolo Yeung, and Karman Kruschke and directed by legendary director Robert Clouse (Enter The Dragon). Was very fortunate to work with Robert Clouse as an assistant director and personal assistant and also worked on script re-writes, fight choreography and was featured/stuntman.

“Kindergarten Cop” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed, Richard Tyson, Kathy Moriarty and Linda Hunt. While working on “Ironheart,” was called to Astoria, Oregon at the request of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold did not like the ending of the movie and did not think there was enough action so he wanted to fight me in the bathroom of the school to the death at the end of the movie and I would assist with the script rewrites and fight choreography. Due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that I was already signed with the “Ironheart” movie project and in the middle of filming, I was forced to return to the “Ironheart” set in Portland, Oregon. Before departing I assisted Ivan Reitman in set and backdrop corrections and doing a short conflict scene with Arnold in the bar but this scene was left on the cutting room floor but I am seen moments before Arnold and Pamela bump into Penelope and her son Joseph/Christian in the restaurant. I do not think most people know that the character of Dominic Crisp was actually played by two different characters, Joseph and Christian Cousins who are obviously twins. (Real names used in above reference)

“Back In Action” starring Billy Blanks (Tae Bo), Bobby Phillips and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Worked on script re-writes, fight choreography, was featured and did my own stunts and was a personal trainer and script coach to Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks. Also assisted with editing and sales and distribution.

“Immortal Combat” starring Meg Foster, Sonny Chiba, Tiny Lister and
Rowdy Roddy Piper. Worked on script re-writes, fight choreography, played a role and did my own stunts. Also worked as personal trainer and script coach to Sonny Chiba and Roddy Piper and assisted with editing.

“Jungleground” starring Rowdy Roddy Piper, Torri Higginson, and Peter Williams. Worked on script re-writes, fight choreography and was featured and was a personal trainer and script coach to Roddy Piper. I did my own stunts and assisted with sales and distribution and assisted with editing.

“No Contest” starring Shannon Tweed, Robert Davi, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Nicholas Campbell and John Colicos. Helped with all aspects of production and worked as a personal trainer and script coach to Andrew “Dice” Clay and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

“Cyber City aka Shepherd” starring David Carradine, C. Thomas Howell and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Worked on script re-writes, fight choreography and was featured. I also did my own stunts and was a personal trainer and script coach to Roddy Piper. I later assisted with editing and sales and distribution.

“Last To Surrender” previously titled “Yin & Yank” starring Rowdy Roddy Piper and Ong Soo Han and featuring “IRONFIST” Master Pan Qing Fu. Worked on script re-writes, acting and script coach to Rowdy Piper while also assisting with production.

“Tuff Luk Klub” starring Al Leong, Tara Rosling, Ron Lea, Rob Moses, and Brian Adams. Executive produced, co-starred, worked on script rewrites and did fight/action choreography.

“Dawn of The Dead” starring Ving Rhames, Jake Weber and Sara Polley. Worked as a script coach to Ving Rhames and was safety diver.

TV Series – Gloria Monte who has executive produced such soap operas as “General Hospital” came to Portland, Oregon to launch her new TV Series. I was cast in a major role and while we were preparing for
principle production to begin most of us found out through the news that Gloria had returned to Hollywood while also receiving a rather substantial
salary increase. All suspected this was her primary agenda in creating the Portland project.

TV Movie – “The Favor” – by Orion Pictures starring Brad Pitt, Bill Pullman, Harley Jane Kozak and Bill Price. Worked on locations and was a character and script consultant to Brad Pitt and Bill Pullman and also a stand in for Brad Pitt.

TV Movie – “Fatal Exposure” by NBC starring Mare Winningham, Christopher McDonald and Nick Mancuso. Was featured and contributed to
set preparation and choreographed scenes.

TV Movie - “Cops & Robbers” aka “Good Cops Bad Cops” by NBC starring Ed Asner, George Kennedy, Stacey Keach, James Keach and Ray Sharkey. Was cast to co-star when last second changes brought in one of the producers family to replace me minutes before rolling on my intro scene at the poker table. The entire cast stood up for me and in the end when we lost but James Keach was kind enough to give me the job as his script advisor and stand in.

Live Weekly Television – World Wrestling Federation (WWF) – Created tour themes, vignettes, dialogue/monologues, scripts, creative ideas and
character themes for the World Wrestling Federation, (WWF) owned by Vince McMahon. Also worked on marketing and advertising and product rollout. This also included Pay-Per-Views.

Live Weekly Television – “The Bottom Line” – Wrote, directed, produced, was director of photography and did appearances. The show played internationally during World Wrestling Federation (WWF) broadcasts
in over 80 countries. The WWF was owned and operated by Vince McMahon.

Live Weekly Television - Time Warner – TBS - “REALITY CHECK”. Wrote, directed, and produced and did personal appearances. It played internationally during World Championship Wrestling (WCW) broadcasts. TBS and WCW were both owned by Ted Turner.

Live Weekly Television – Time Warner – TBS - World Championship Wrestling (WCW) owned by Ted Turner – Was one of the spearheads in taking the federation from mediocrity to one of the highest rated shows in
television while also leading the ongoing war with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Monday Night Wars was a result of the WCW going head to head with the WWF’s Monday Night Raw and this was one of the
greatest feuds in TV history. Created tour themes, vignettes, monologues, dialogues, scripts, creative ideas and character themes. This included involving major motion picture as well as sports celebrities i.e. David Arquette, Reggie White, Kevin Greene, “The Mailman” Carl Malone, Dennis Rodman, etc. to the creation of the NWO and WCW magazine. Coordinated with marketing and advertising and cross marketing with other major companies and or corporations while also being involved with product creation and rollout and marketing and merchandising. This also included creating and producing Pay-Per-Views as well as videos and their sleeve creation and design as well as editing and distribution.

TV Series – “Starhunter Transformation” with Starfield Indie – www.starfieldindie.com - Currently working on script development and co-producing. Starring talent will be Michael Pare and Tanya Allen which is a
continuance of the original “Starhunter” TV Series which starred the same cast. We are considering myself playing a recurring role.

TV Series - “Wrestling With Stars” - I created this series which is based on the real life adventures of professional wrestlers turned Hollywood bodyguards. It was going to star such wrestling superstars as my X partner and dear friend Rowdy “Roddy” Piper who passed away suddenly and this put a slight damper on production scheduling.

TV Pilot – “Heavy on a Harley” aka “Acting American” – by Starfield Indie starring British star Stephen Marcus. Co-starred and choreographed all action to include story content and script writing. Will also assist in distribution.

Film and Television Consultant - Starfield Indie - www.starfieldindie.com
Entertainment consulting and business introductions to SPACEWORKS
(Now Starfield Indie) since 1997 to include creative collaborator and
marketing structure and strategies. Currently working with them on the writing of a slate of motion pictures as well as co-producing starring talent such as Michael Ironside, Graham Greene, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Pare, Jeff Wincott, etc. Also doing on screen appearances, directing, distribution and production. I created “The Conspiracy Show” starring Richard Syrett who is a friend of George Noory who hosts the world’s largest radio broadcast titled “Coast To Coast” with George Noory. Richard sometimes guest hosts the show for George. “The Conspiracy Show” was
originally going to be a TV Series but scheduling and production conflicts slowed progress. Then suddenly “Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura produced by Braverman/Bloom whom I had worked with for many years prior sprung up out of nowhere. Instead of fighting them and getting involved in an expensive and nasty mess we instead launched “The Conspiracy Show,” hosted by Richard Syrett, on radio out of Toronto, Canada in order to salvage what we could out of situation that did not go exactly how we had wanted it to.

In January of 2016, is being recruited to partner with “Netslingers” out of Toronto, Canada – www.netslingers.com - They are consultants to Fortune 500 companies to help them enhance their revenue. One of the tools that I will be assisting them with in this venture will be creating and producing mini-series type commercials for their clients. Here is one for BMW starring Clive Owen - http://netslingers.com/social-selling/.

Film & Television & Marketing & Distribution Consultant
www.netslingers.com Entertainment & creative consultant to include marketing and the distribution of products.

Purify Power Inc. – Ouroboros Power
www.ouroborospower.com Fund raising consultant to include investor references and assistance to include marketing and creative director as well as public relations. I will also be overlooking their documentary, marketing, PR, and promotional film division.
Other Creative Ventures

“Ted’s Montana Grill” - While with the WCW owned by Ted Turner,
submitted the concept of “The Montana Grill” to Mr. Turner as an avenue for
him to promote and market the sale of his buffalo burgers and steaks as he
raises bison on the Flying J ranch just outside of Bozeman, Montana. Making
bison as popular as beef was one of his goals at the time. Then, in January of
2002, Mr. Turner opened the first “Ted’s Montana Grill”, in Columbus, Ohio,
with his partner, George W. McKerrow Jr. who is the founder of the
Longhorn Steakhouse chain. Today Mr. Turner owns 46 of these restaurants

Recently published two books on Amazon for Kindle. The first one titled
“Unlikely Crusaders Journey Through Hellfire” and the second one titled
“The Halloween Adventures of Billy The Little Kid.” “Unlikely Crusaders
Journey Through Hellfire,” is currently being considered by several motion
picture production companies to be made into a feature film.

Movies In The Works
Currently finishing up on several motion picture scripts that I will be
presenting to Sylvester Stallone. One will be ROCKY 6 and the other will be
the motion picture version of my book, “Unlikely Crusaders Journey Through

Starfield Indie – www.starfieldindie.com
Global Genesis Group – www.globalgenesisgroup.com
Scatena & Rosner Films – www.snrfilms.com
702 Productions - www.702productions.tv
Netslingers – www.netslingers.com
Trevor Loudon – www.trevorloudon.com
AFX Studios – www.afxstudios.com


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