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By Gary G. Tavares

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama, Family, Romance, Thriller
LOGLINE: Patricia Robinson, an abused woman, must tell her terrifying story of physical and mental abuse she experienced at the hands of her abuser, Andre Robinson, while serving time in prison for killing him.


Tavares Entertainment, LLC. has released a powerful and thought-provoking screenplay written by Gary G. Tavares and entitled Deceptive Vows. Gary is a Screenwriter, Playwright, Author, Publisher, Poet and Speaker. Deceptive Vows is a hard-hitting and educational screenplay, based on Gary’s play entitled, “Until Death Do Us Part.” The play was written, directed and produced by Gary. It was performed in Oakland, California in 2000 and brought back for an encore presentation in 2001. The play was given a good review by Portia Anderson of the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper. (National black newspaper of the year, best of the bay and best newspaper) Gary finished the Screenplay version in 2005. The novel version, also called Deceptive Vows was published and released by Tavares Entertainment, LLC. September 22, 2010 Gary has certainly hit the nail on the head with this screenplay. You will take a rollercoaster ride through hell with Patricia Robinson. Patricia Robinson is the wife of Andre Robinson, who is her abuser. We start out with Patricia in prison for killing her abusive husband. She has to go through a state mandated program with other inmates who have killed their abusive husbands. They all must tell their horrible stories of abuse in group therapy sessions. The sessions are headed by a Doctor Morgan, who is wellrespected by the inmates. At first Patricia refuses to tell her story and shows a lot of resentment. When she does tell her story, we flash back into her very frightening and compelling story of abuse. This screenplay is a fictitious, but very realistic, view of what happens in an abusive relationship. Deceptive Vows will take a hard-core, raw and in-depth look at the issue of domestic violence. It is on the level of a “Fatal Attraction” or “The Burning Bed.” The purpose of this screenplay is to educate victims of domestic violence, bring awareness to this issue and possibly save lives. I certify that I am the sole Screenwriter and Deceptive Vows is an original work by me.

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