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About Tabitha

I am also a novelist with several novels and novellas on . Some have been published small presses the rest have been self published. I have had one short produced. Its not on line anymore sorry. The link below is my amazon author page. Most of my books have also been adapted to screen. A couple started as scripts then I turned them into books.

I write adventure fantasy, horror, sci fi and anything a little different and unreal. Think Rod Serling only Canadian and a woman. I"ve lived my whole life in Toronto Canada primarliy because I've never had the reason or chance to do otherwize.

Unique traits: I'm a divorced, ex Anglican, Jewish, feminist, secular humanist with wikken leanings. I'm 60 and write fantasy, sci fi adventure stories. Seriously they haven't built a cubby hole to fit me into yet.


  • Birth of the Goddess (feature)

    Birth of the Goddess (feature) Action Adventure Fantasy A thirty year old Canadian actress dies in a mysterious accident and is reborn into the body of an eighteen year old south pacific island princess complete with the powers to right wrongs and bring justice.

  • Elsewhere (feature)

    Elsewhere (feature) Adventure Fantasy Zoe Crane puts her hand on a magic crystal ball and is transported to a planet across the galaxy where she realizes she must solve the murder of her mirror image to get home.

  • Indigo   (feature)

    Indigo (feature) Sci-fi Adventure Family Indigo is alone on earth and running for his life until a chance encounter teaches him the value of family and the strength of friendship.

  • Underbite  (feature)

    Underbite (feature) Horror Adventure Fantasy Tom runs a drive inn that is the home of a very special thirteen year old.She lives off alligator blood slushies and has been thirteen for three hundred years.Of course every diet deserves to be cheated on once in a while.

  • Star Dreams (feature)

    Star Dreams (feature) Sci-fi Adventure Something is coming toward earth.Only a few select people know it is not simply an asteroid due to pass by earth, it’s a visitor, and they will do anything to prevent that news from getting out.

  • Urban Shaman (feature)

    Urban Shaman (feature) Action Thriller Horror Fantasy Forensic artist Darcy Gillium is gifted with the supernatural powers of a shaman but can she master these powers in time to locate a killer and save her best friend.

  • Castle Doom (feature)

    Castle Doom (feature) Action Thriller Horror Adventure Fantasy Army special services agents are tricked into an extra dimensional reality located inside a ruin in the Black Forest and battle an invisible demon for the fate of the world.

  • School or last dance  (feature)

    School or last dance (feature) Thriller Horror Most teens are dying to get out of school. At county high some die before they get the chance because there’s something under the school that’s angry and very, very jealous.

  • Time Walker (feature)

    Time Walker (feature) Action Romance Historical Adventure Fantasy University senior Diane Donnelly is sent against her will into the past to encounter love, adventure and the growing realization that the trip through time has changed her into something much more than human.In the end she is forced to admit that she is not aging and might never die.

  • FeeBee (feature)

    FeeBee (feature) Action Adventure Fantasy A fairy and a gold medal winning middle school gym teacher ride around modern Toronto Canada in a VW beetle battling monsters and earning the right to be with the ones they love.

  • Hey Come Here (feature)

    Hey Come Here (feature) Horror Murder and suicide combined with an alchemy spell place the soul of James Green into the body of a doll inside a vending machine.He is forced to step outside the confines of his new world to protect the girl he loves.

  • The Watcher    (feature)

    The Watcher (feature) Action Other Thriller Fantasy A strange young man claiming to be being from somewhere else stalks an underworld boss.The young man has been serving a sentence and that sentence is almost up.

  • Pocadot Man  (feature)

    Pocadot Man (feature) Thriller Horror A woman her two daughters and her brother share an old house in Florida for the summer only to find their quiet time invaded by resident's long past.

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