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By David V. Pyle

GENRE: Fantasy
LOGLINE: A seer must destroy a dangerous witch, who happens to be her friend, and a deadly vampire to gain freedom and spiritual redemption.


Samantha Collins is a future seer for a local coven, keeping them apprised of threats and valuable information. But, she wants out; she hates the coven’s murderous vampire who prefers a diet of young girls, and the interested the coven has in her confused friend Cecile. Samantha sees her chance to break the coven in the arrival of a new preacher, one of the few who her powers cannot read, which intrigues her. Samantha secretly helps the preacher save a child from the coven’s clutches, and the witches plan revenge against him, she has to find a way to gain his trust, and summon her own internal strength to resist the coven, and their vampire. A demon in the mirror prods her along by revealing that the high witch was responsible for her father’s death. Her friend Cecile talks with Samantha and the preacher about dealing with the beast inside her, comments misunderstood by everyone as they fail to understand she means it literally. After several failed attempts at killing the preacher, the witch’s lead him to their house by kidnapping Cecile; they plan to slaughter her at the rising of the full moon. Samantha also goes to the house, where the vampire plans to kill her as he has always suspected her of treachery. As the moon rises, the Cecile becomes a werewolf, killing the high witch, and Samantha kills the vampire, and helps the preacher in his escape.


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