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About Lucy

Produced and optioned screenwriter.
NICHOLLS FELLOWSHIP quarter-finalist.
Known for writing stories with heart.



  • The Good Book

    The Good Book Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama In a society of castaways, whose religion is based on a book of nineteenth century poetry, the religious leader struggles with his faith when a shipwrecked fisherman casts doubts on their beliefs… starting a religious war that threatens to destroy them all. (2017 Nicholls quarter-finalist, 2107 PAGE Awards quarter-finalist, Best Screenplay 2017 George Lindsey UNA FF).

  • She Dared to Dream

    She Dared to Dream Budget: $100K - $1M | Historical During the Great Depression a young woman struggles to overcome social expectations and poverty to obtain a college education. A true story told in part through letters between the woman and her mother. (This script is making a strong early showing on the festival circuit taking Best Screenplay at the 2018 Headline International Film Festival, 2nd place in the Feb/Mar 2018 The Monthly Film Festival, a Finalist in the 2018 Bucharest ShortCut CineFest, and a is 2018 Finalist in the Christian Family Film Festival.)

  • Bigfoot the Impaler

    Bigfoot the Impaler Budget: $0 - $100K | Horror Five teenagers go into the woods looking for Bigfoot and find his pantry; dozens of dead or dying animals impaled on trees. Terrified and lost, the teens must find a way out of the woods before joining Bigfoot’s menagerie of death.

  • The Adipose Virus

    The Adipose Virus Budget: $1M - $5M | Thriller In the near future, a mother and daughter must rely on their ingenuity and intelligence to survive a virus that has already decimated half the Earth’s population. (Script took 2nd Place in The Monthly Film Festival AprMay2018)

  • Dr. Needmore

    Dr. Needmore Budget: $1M - $5M | Historical In 1945 a small-town veterinarian provides for the county’s medical needs when the area’s last medical doctor is drafted. After a child dies in the veterinarian’s care, he must choose between exposing his tortured past while fighting criminal charges or living out his remaining years in prison. NOTE: Veteran actor Michael O'Neill would like to play Dr. Needmore and has signed a loi. Veteran actor Alpha Trivette has signed an loi to play Brian Talmadge, the Dr.'s friend. "Dr. Needmore" has won 1st Place or Best Screenplay in three contests and placed seven contests/festivals.


    MY CORPSE Budget: $0 - $100K | Horror A time rift brings a man face-to-bones with his murdered corpse. His efforts to discover his killer and change the future keeps bringing him back to his new wife and their disturbing past. 

  • Frogranhas: They Want Flesh!

    Frogranhas: They Want Flesh! Budget: $100K - $1M | Horror An exotic animal biologist and her ex-fiancé battle to stop genetically engineered frog-piranha hybrids before they eat their way through a major city. (Finalist in 2018 Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest and 2018 Oaxaca Film Fest.)

  • Miss Winn's Garden

    Miss Winn's Garden Budget: $0 - $100K | Family A former social worker disillusioned with the system, but not with the children, takes in foster children who have run out of options. (Miss Winn's Garden is a dramatic series, with comedic overtone, that explores real-life problems and situations faced by foster parents, foster children, social workers, and families.) Pilot, treatments for next six episodes of first season (co-written by Lucy A. Fazely and Chris Bieszk), and series bible available.


  • Seagull Stories

    Seagull Stories (2019)
    TV Series Writer

  • Goldie

    Goldie (2018)
    Film Writer

  • Limbo

    Limbo (2018)
    Film Writer

  • Miss Winn's Garden

    Miss Winn's Garden (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama and Family) Producer As a foster parent, Miss Winn opens the door to a life of hope and possibility; but not every youngster is convinced that Miss Winn's intentions are pure . Some must be prodded and cajoled to take a chance... to take a chance on finding what just may become their forever home.

  • The Hereafter Hotline

    The Hereafter Hotline (2016)
    TV Series Producer

  • A Cup of Tea

    A Cup of Tea (2014)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Producer Amy is dumped by her boyfriend and finds herself heartbroken and, suddenly, sick. As she tries different remedies from a traditional medicine store, she fails to realize that her sickness is a product of her emotions. She comes to realize this only when trying to translate her problems to the Chinese lady who tries to helps her. Written by Anonymous

  • Passive Fist

    Passive Fist (2011)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime and Drama) Producer It wasn't easy for John Moon to let go of violence when he left the force 5 years ago but now back in the town he hates, searching for a partner he's lost, he learns it's even harder for violence to let go of him.


  • Quarter-finalist - NICHOLLS FELLOWSHIP (The Good Book)

  • Quarter-finalist - PAGE AWARDS (The Good Book)

  • Best Screenplay - George Lindsey UNA FIlm Festival (The Good Book)

  • Best Screenplay - Skyline Film Festival (Dr. Needmore)

  • 2nd Place - Switzerland International Film Festival (Dr. Needmore)

  • 3rd Place - The Monthly Film Festival: Jun/July (The Good Book)

  • Semi-Finalist - Omaha Film Festival (The Good Book)

  • Selected, awarded "GRIN" - Global Grit Film Fest (The Good Book)

  • Finalist - Oaxaca Film Festival (The Good Book)

  • Finalist - Alaska International Film Awards (The Good Book)

  • Selected - Neu World Studios Film Festival (The Good Book)

  • Quarter-finalist - Shore Scripts (The Good Book)


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