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By James P. Neblett

GENRE: Thriller

A lonely and frustrated wife traps her domineering and cheating husband inside a coffin-like box, where she torments him and steals his money until, ultimately, she accidentally kills him. 


Imagine awakening only to find the life you once knew had drastically been altered. A claustrophobic blackness now envelops you, thrusting your fright-meter way up into the stratosphere.

You have no idea where you are but you are immediately aware of two things; cold steel ratcheted around your wrists and ankles; and some kind of insect is crawling across your skin.

Then it hits you... you’re lying inside a box, completely trapped! How did you get here you ask yourself? Your last conscious thought was having dinner with your wife.

Ah... now you remember...

You told her you wanted a divorce, though you can’t remember when because you’ve lost all perception of time. What you do remember is her response, which was no response at all, just a chillingly-cold silence accompanied by a deadly blank stare.

Did she put you here? Would she do that? Let’s consider the possibilities with a few solitary words:

Divorce. Infidelity. Betrayal!

Yes, there’s the itchy matter of your affair with her best friend. Add to that, all the money you’re worth, and that should leave you with the distinct impression that the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

Anyway, you’re about to find out, because now you hear footsteps moving toward you. And one thing is for sure... whoever or whatever is approaching you didn’t put you here to celebrate your birthday.

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