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By James P. Neblett

GENRE: Drama

A novice screenwriter turns to drugs and alcohol, loses his family, and eventually ends the misery of his life after an egotistical film exec steals his romantic screenplay and the film becomes a huge hit.


DANIEL SULLIVAN is the devoted husband of ANNA, and father of their two young kids JACK and AIMEE. Things haven’t been going well for the Sullivans with an unsettled Dan bouncing from job to job, often leaving Anna as the main breadwinner. Dan wants to follow his dream and become a screenwriter -- Anna wants security. That creates conflict.

Dan’s first and only screenplay is about his and Anna’s love affair, and he titles it 'FOREVER MORE.' He writes while trying to hold down several failed jobs. This job version of musical chairs eventually leads to resentment from Anna, tiring of his neglect, and expecting her to hold everything together.

Eventually, Dan finishes the screenplay, and his friend GARY FLETCHER, a corporate lawyer, is the first to read it. Gary thinks it’s brilliant and informs Dan that one of his firm’s clients is BRUCE RESNICK, a very successful film producer, and that Gary could possibly persuade him to take a look.

Meanwhile, Dan and Anna are growing further apart. Out of money, and fast running out of patience, Anna applies for welfare. This is the last thing Dan wants, but with two kids to feed, Anna’s not taking any chances.

Gary soon informs Dan that Bruce Resnick has read his script and loves it - impressed that Dan has nailed it first time out. Dan is over the moon! This is exactly what he and Anna need to mend their relationship. Bruce convinces WALLACE KEATON, head of WONDER FILMS, to read Dan’s script and Wallace likes it.

Once a contender, Wonder Films now struggles to find a hit. So Wallace agrees to make a film of Forever More. But the celebrations are short-lived when Bruce informs Dan that Wallace has changed his mind, and decided to invest the money in other areas. Dan now has to seriously find work and he does, as a custodian, a job he loathes.

Months later, Wonder Films releases a new movie titled ‘SWEPT AWAY’ a love story. Mildly curious, Dan and Anna go along to see it. By the film’s end they are both left feeling sick. They’ve just watched their story. Daniel’s story!

Gary and Bruce agree to help Dan try and receive compensation as the movie is a huge hit, earning millions, and saving Wallace his job. The case goes to court but gets postponed several times. This sets Dan on a self-destructive path of drink, drugs and a short-lived affair. When he ends up in jail, it’s the last straw for Anna.

To Dan’s horror, she takes the kids and moves out. Suddenly, everything Dan ever cared about is all but deleted from his life. Depression sets in, and he searches for comfort in the only way he knows; on the inside of a bottle, and at the end of a crack pipe.

But it all becomes too much, and in the end, Dan does something no one ever expected. He tragically ends his sorry life. But there’s a happy ending to this sad and woeful story... for Dan has left a brilliant light shining for Anna and the kids, at the end of that long dark tunnel.

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