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By Mercedes Street

GENRE: Action

Let’s flip the super
hero narrative upside down. Shadow is a show following the development of a
super villain, but along the way to becoming a masked wrongdoer we realize that
the line between hero and villain is thinner than we thought.

Kyle Climans

Interesting premise! There would be some difficulty in making sure it isn’t a retread of something like The Punisher or that Lucifer show, but that’s a minor issue easily avoided.

Rutger Oosterhoff

I like the idea but not sure if it works. You're talking our protagonist slowly becoming our antagonist. Or our protag. slowly becomes a 'flawed' protag. However you want to call it. What the in between is all about is going to make or break your story. I'm not really seeing it-yet. I guess you can do good things for all the wrong reasons and you can do bad things for all the right reasons.

Kyle Climans

If Walter White, Tom Kane, or Aetharr can be both a protagonist and also become a straight up villain by the end of their stories, then this has potential.

Rutger Oosterhoff

It HAS potential. I just like her to explain in her logline some of the development of het protag.

Mercedes Street

Rutger, the last sentence of your first comment is the tone that is set. She doesn't become an antagonist..she actually starts as a "flawed protag" (technically she'd be framed as the antagonist but this is her world). Her development isn't one of pro to ant or ant to pro, it's of becoming focused. I've always been more fascinated by the villains backstory.

Kevin Carothers

Just bouncing a Q off of you...

How do you envision this premise as different from an anti-hero?

I mean, I DO like the idea of a "super anti-hero" but I was interested in your idea.

Rutger Oosterhoff

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Rutger Oosterhoff

Would be cool if you read abit of my/Jerel's/Robert's story/screenplay "The Gavel" on this site and tell me if you regognize the feel. Maybe you are talking about a vigilante for the right reasons in the wrong way?

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