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About Lit

I am a screenwriter who has written on military comedy series and developed a non-fiction, re-creation series about real-life North Korean defectors, among other projects that relate to my background working in the military, in intelligence, and in international relations.

I am also a script reader, analyst, and consultant for various web-based script service companies and small streaming series, as well as for contests, producers such as Simon Taufique (Imperium; Lemon) and others.

I started and co-host the COVERAGE REPORT for S32 Writers' Room members, alongside our other awesome co-host Kay Ross (you might know her as the community manager for Stage 32). The Coverage Report gives WR members a chance to exchange scripts or synopses with their fellow WR members, practice giving written coverage on them, and then meet on zoom to discuss the coverage notes and the script. The intent is to exercise and grow our story analysis capabilities as well as to help our fellow writers move toward writing improved drafts of their scripts. It's a fun and relaxed group that has built real relationships since its inception in late 2020. See posts in the Writers' Room lounge for more info.

I was part owner of a small commercial production company in NYC, where I also worked in various roles as a producer, writer, director, location manager and scout.

Fun fact: I also co-owned a popular international bar with a South Korean business partner in Seoul.

Prior to my foray into screenwriting, I was a (civilian) Senior Intelligence Analyst at the United Nations Command Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. I lived in Seoul for over five years and speak and read Korean at an intermediate level. I specialized in understanding the North Korean regime, its military and economy, its grand strategy, and its own view of its place in the world. I also specialized in getting to know the experiences and perspectives of North Korean defectors (those North Korean citizens who have escaped from North Korea). With that, I was tasked with forecasting some of the most likely and most dangerous potential developments on the Korean Peninsula. Prior to that I served in the Army, in Army Intelligence.

I earned an MA in International Relations from Georgetown University, as well as a 1-year Master's Certificate in Asian Studies. Both from Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

I am happy to accept network requests if you include a brief message or we have interacted somewhere on Stage32 or IRL.


  • My Naughty Cult Kid

    My Naughty Cult Kid Budget: $5M - $10M | Comedy When COVID eliminates the jobs of two down-on-their-luck parents and they are forced to move in with the mother's parents in Monterey, California, a wealthy and powerful cult identifies their young daughter as their messiah and the parents go along with it for the money and connections, until their child with a new messiah complex uses the cult to disobey and publicly humiliate them. 

  • Mother Defector

    Mother Defector Budget: $10M - $30M | Thriller Drama A former North Korean prison warden who defected to the U.S. atones for her brutal past by supporting an underground railroad that helps other defectors and refugees escape from North Korea. But when North Korean agents threaten to hurt her captured son if she doesn’t help them destroy the underground railroad, she tries to save both the network and her son by double crossing them.

  • The Defectors

    The Defectors Thriller Drama North Korean siblings, who were separated when they fled North Korea, struggle to find one another as North Korean agents seek to control and silence defector-refugees. One set of North Korean agents attempt to recruit and use the brother as he becomes a radicalized student and artist in NYC; while another team of agents attempt to capture the sister as she escapes a forced marriage in China and searches for the underground railroad that can deliver her to freedom. 

  • Progeny

    Progeny Sci-fi Adventure After conflict and climate change have killed off 99% of the population, two rival societies in the former United States are on the brink of war over technology that will forever alter what it means to be human. But when a top strategic mind who boarded a ship to flee Earth decades ago erroneously wakes up from space-flight in the U.S., she finds that 15% of adults have been born from her stolen DNA, making her dangerously influential, and responsible for saving her progeny.

  • Do-gooders

    Do-gooders Budget: $5M - $10M | Sci-fi Comedy In an inept and overwhelmed future America struggling with overpopulation and climate disaster, the government has banned pregnancy and childbirth for being dangerous, sexist, and backward; so when a loving but hapless couple who work for the government can't help but get pregnant the old fashioned way, they are labeled as 'Naturals' and must hide from a society that is as confused and contradictory as they are.



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