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By Kuhle Sikota

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

What if there was energy in the core of all life supporting planets? What if a vicious Evil King destroys planets for a living in search of that energy what would happen if our Earth was next in line?

Daniel and Lisa our (protagonists) are tangle up in a retaliation cycle formed by Cesar our (antagonist) after his father is killed by Daniel’s father in the war. Just before their planet is destroyed, the couple is sent to earth to save it and its people from the hands of Cesar who is on his way to earth. This love duo has to fall in love and become one before Cesar arrives, a deadly war in near.


Kingdom Of Azol” is a modern science fiction/thriller set in a present day Lost Angels.

After an invasion on planet Nathan by the Dark warriors led by the EVIL KING and the falling of the EVIL KING from the hands of the protector, King AZMAN. CESAR, son of the Evil king vows to destroy planet Nathan and all that lives on it. AZman dies of wounds after the war.

At the birth of DANIEL, son of AZman and LISA, a revenge driven Cesar appears on Nathan, only to find out that the king died. LASwoman, the Kings’ wife is killed by Cesar minutes before Nathan is destroyed. Daniel is taken to Earth with Lisa.

After living on earth for 25 years without knowing each other, they receive their calling. Daniel’s ‘overly Good heart’ is tested. His quest for good deeds results in him loosing his sight.

Following a frightening earthquake that tears their town to shreds, LAZman, the brother of LASwoman appears to Daniel for the first time.

The earth is being destroyed and

the soldiers of the late planet Nathan appear and clash with the Dark Warriors. The duo of Lisa and Daniel have to fight as King and Queen one of the greatest war earth has to bear to save it’s fragile nature and it’s people from Cesar. At the other side a huge machine made of steel is grilling the earth, who is going to get there first?


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