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By Kevin Bolger

GENRE: Crime, Drama

A detective struggling to conceal what he believes to be Alzheimer's discovers that body parts in the river Mersey are linked to his very first case.

Script by request only.


DI Cal Lockwood has self-diagnosed Alzheimer's. Using copious notes, his smartphone and utter determination he is sure he can keep the condition hidden from his colleagues.

However, cracks begin to show when a case from his early years as a DC, resurfaces in the river Mersey. Assisted by DC Mapenzi Murray, DI Lockwood will need to revisit the world of drugs and gangs to find the killer, of the killer.

Doctor Marcie Grainger becomes his prime suspect, the sister of Lee, murdered by one of the Tilly brothers in 1993. More body parts turn up while Marcie is in police custody. Although the evidence shows Marcie is responsible for the abduction and beating of Paul Tilly, she didn't kill him.

Gradually his condition deteriorates; more gaps appear in his memory. Mapenzi begins to take notice, firstly when Cal refers to her as Mak (short for Makena) her previous male persona, then to comments regarding his deceased wife.

The first episode ends with a gruesome and revealing discovery. The second episode deals with finding the real killer, firstly by visiting the darker side of Liverpool, the traffickers and the dealers.

Vince, a physiotherapist who takes care of Marcie's father works at the same hospital as Marcie. By chance, he visits Marcie to ask her on a date and finds her dragging Paul's drugged body to her car. He knows Marcie's history through treating her father, and who she's drugged.

Vince is related to one of the local drug kingpins, although he has abandoned the family business, he is responsible for the death. Vince has to turn himself in to save Marcie's father from being killed by Paul's brother.

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